So, if you’re thinking who are these guys and what are they doing in this sea of information (literally: Internet), we are a team who are tech-savvy and love gadgets a lot. The idea of creating HomePander came from our passion for testing new gadgets and stuff. We thought there might be a lot of people like us. So, our team members decided to seek information about new stuff on tech, tools, outdoor and indoor sports and others in the form of Top list of products for helping the consumers to choose the best one for them. Apart from that, we have a rich section of informative articles that will help you to acquire vast knowledge about the products.

We love to analysis new things, test and write comprehensive reviews for new tools and gadgets. We write on our site regularly and we try to give a clear view of the product we review. We assure you that you will find out our site useful and probably you would fall in love with us. ?

There’s no doubt that there are thousands of reviews site like us and most of them write for Search Engines rather than writing for actual human like you. We took it seriously and we only write for people, real people who want to buy quality products.

Home Pander was founded in January, 2018 with the sole mission to provide valuable information on various tools and gadgets to the shoppers. We are including 2 editors, 1 researcher, 1 analyst, 2 writers and 1 web developer. We write every review with proper analysis, research and a lot of tests. Our research includes online resources, searching journal, online magazines on tech and gadgets databases and personal examining of various products and real buyer’s reviews on the product.

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