Where Should Bathroom Fresheners Be Placed? Instructive Guide

You’re decorating your bathroom and you’ve placed everything but your bathroom freshener. Because you’re looking for a place to put it in so that it covers the entire bathroom. 

So, now you’re wondering where should bathroom fresheners be placed?

A popular place to keep your freshener is at the entrance of the bathroom. This will assist the fragrance to spread widely through the entrance air. Besides the entrance, you can place the freshener near the bathroom mirror or towel rack. Placing the freshener near odorous spots can help it overpower bad odors.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. We have yet more information to offer! Why not take a few minutes of your time and enjoy this informative read?

Let’s get to the core of the topic!

Where Should Bathroom Fresheners Be Placed

Good placement can always bring up the best out of a bathroom freshener. Taking a number of factors into consideration, you can pick the perfect spot for your freshener.

With that said, here are some of the best places to set down your bathroom freshener-

Bathroom Entrance

Bathroom Entrance

This is the most widely considered choice in many households as well as public places. Setting up the freshener in the bathroom entrance can expand the reach of the fragrance. The air movement during opening or closing the bathroom door helps in this process. 

Bathrooms with poor air ventilation have huge amounts of stagnant air stored in them. Placing the freshener near the door helps to spread the fragrance with air movement. 

However, there’s an increased chance of the freshener getting knocked off the wall due to carelessness. For that, we recommend you place a dispenser above the entrance of the bathroom. 

Looking for bathroom freshener dispensers? Why not take a look at some of these dispensers that we recommend:

Product-1 Glade Automatic Air Freshener. 
Product-2 Glade Automatic Spray Refill. 

These dispensers will fit perfectly with the interior of your modern bathroom. They are sleek, stylish, and safe for regular use.

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Near Toilet


Many specialists suggest that bathroom fresheners should be placed near the spots that emit odor. This can be beneficial advice especially if you have strong odors coming from your toilet.

The toilet is the main source of the majority of the odor in your bathroom. So, you should look to place your bathroom freshener somewhere near your toilet seat

One option is to place the freshener over the toilet tank. However, if your toilet has the flush button above it, you need a different plan. Many toilet tanks also come with curved surfaces, making them unsuitable for placing anything over. 

In that case, consider using a dispenser next to the toilet to place your freshener. This will not only eradicate bad smells but also fill your bathroom with a pleasant atmosphere.

Shower Head

Shower Head

A soothing shower is just the thing you need at the end of a busy day. And if that shower experience can be embellished with whiffs of bathroom freshener, it gets heavenly!

Though unusual, the neck of the showerhead can be a great place to hang your freshener. And if you want a spa-like experience, the freshener’s aroma might just do it.

In Front Of The Bathroom Mirror

Bathroom Mirror

Like spending a lot of time in front of the bathroom mirror?  Then this is the spot for you!

The bathroom mirror is the place where you usually spend the most times. So, a well-placed freshener in front of the bathroom mirror can enhance the experience by thousand folds!

Put the bathroom freshener somewhere water won’t reach. Use a dispenser to hang the freshener near the bathroom mirror. 

Towel Rack

Towel Rack

One convenient place to hang your bathroom freshener can be the towel rack. The towel rack often has a lot of space after hanging your towels. You can take advantage of that space to position your bathroom freshener.

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It requires no extra dispenser to hang your freshener.

Where Should Bathroom Fresheners Be Placed

Choose The Perfect Spot For Placing Bathroom Fresheners

Placing Bathroom Fresheners

Choosing the perfect spot for placing bathroom fresheners requires delicate planning. It all depends on a number of factors that dictate how well your freshener will work. Here are a few major factors that you should consider before placing your fresheners-

Air Ventilation

bathroom air ventilation

Proper airflow helps to establish a perfect balance of fragrance in the room. It makes sure that the air of the room doesn’t remain stagnant and circulates properly. This helps to spread the aroma all around the room equally. 

If you have a bathroom that lacks proper air ventilation, place your freshener near the entrance. It’ll make the aroma circulate around the room every time the door is opened and closed. Otherwise, you can place it anywhere you like.

Odor Problems

Sometimes spare bathrooms tend to form an awful odor for not being used regularly. The P-trap of the toilet can get evaporated, letting the sewer gas spread stench. In this case, placing the freshener near the source of bad odor can solve the problem

Bathroom fresheners usually have a stronger fragrance compared to bathroom odors. Hence the fragrance can easily overpower the bad smells.

Washing bathroom rugs and towels together can create a weird smell. Bathroom fresheners will eradicate the bad smell and leave a sweet aroma with them.

Try going for fresheners that have an intense, yet good smell. This will leave you with one less thing to worry about!

Safety Issue

Oftentimes, manufacturers mass-produce their bathroom fresheners in colorful themes. These colorful themes can attract children who can easily get harmed by its chemical components.  Hence placing the fresheners in a high spot might be wise.

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You can place your freshener, preferably on the showerhead, above the entrance etc. in this way it’ll be out of their reach. 

Size of The Bathroom

bathroom size

Bathroom fresheners usually cover a moderate space. This should be enough to cover a small bathroom. But if you have a big bathroom, you need to explore some alternative options.

There are a lot of bathroom fresheners that boast a larger range. You can try picking one of them. Also, opt for fresheners that have a stronger smell. It will make the presence of the aroma more prominent in the bathroom.

The placement of bathroom fresheners depends on solely your preferences. Pick the freshener that suits your personality and lift up the energy around you.


Question: How long does a bathroom freshener last?

Answer: A bathroom freshener can last from anywhere between 2 weeks up to a month. The lifespan of a bathroom freshener depends on its environment and weather. Apart from that, the quality of air ventilation in the room also dictates its lifespan

Question: How long does an unopened air freshener last?

Answer: A typical air freshener will last for about 2 years unopened. That is the minimum shelf-life of the air freshener. The fragrant components in the freshener deteriorate over time and lose their fragrance.

Question: Why does my bathroom freshener have no smell despite having gel in it?

Answer: The fragrance components of your bathroom freshener have been used up. The smell lasts for 2-4 weeks after being exposed to open air. Unlike the fragrance, the gel inside the bathroom freshener doesn’t evaporate. 


This wraps our article on where should bathroom fresheners be placed. Make sure to replace your bathroom fresheners at the end of every month. 

With that said, hope you had a great time reading this article. Have a good day!

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