Best Bathroom Cleaning Brush: To Provide Added Shine

Every homeowner wants to have a clean and hygienic washroom. This is obvious actually. But, ensuring the ultimate cleanliness isn’t that easy. 

A clean bathroom entails regular cleaning and wiping. It also includes removing skid marks from the corners to give it a mirror-like shine. In this battle against bathroom grime, a brush is probably your strongest soldier. 

You can’t clean the corners and edges properly without a good quality brush. Hence this is compulsory for homeowners to find the best bathroom cleaning brush

But as simple as it sounds, the finding mission isn’t that easy. Rather picking up the perfect brush amidst the countless options is quite baffling. Therefore we thought about helping you a bit here. 

We examined the market very closely and picked up some of the best items that we could find. Afterward, we added their product details and our research-based remarks about them. So stick with us to grab them all- 

Comparison Table For The Best Bathroom Cleaning Brush

Product NameDimensionMaterial
Libman Scrub Kit12.25 x 8 x 2.75 InchesInjection-molded composite (Handle)
OXO Tub & Tile Brush2.24 x 4.24 x 26.4 InchesN/A
AmazonCommercial All-Purpose Scrub Brush5.9 x 3.9 x 2.9 InchesPlastic
Unger Grout and Corner Scrubber8 x 4 x 3 InchesPlastic
MR.SIGA Heavy Duty Scrub Brush6.3 x 2.76 x 3.94 InchesThermoplastic Rubber (Handle)

1. Libman Scrub Kit

Product Overview

Introducing the best bathroom floor cleaning brush on our list is a full kit for overall cleaning. The product name is Libman Scrub Kit. It’s a complete brush set for grout, tile, and bathroom cleaning. 

This is a durable and easy-to-use brush set. They are made of high-quality materials. And, the handle is made of an Injection-molded composite. So they are extremely strong and durable. 

Moreover, the brushes are well-designed. They have an ergonomic upper with hanger holes. Hence, it becomes easier to use them on the toughest corner and to keep them safe after use. 

The specific brush is perfect for cleaning your bathroom. It is made of strong fibers that make it able to remove tough stains effectively. The sturdy body ensures that it cleans the grime without slipping away. 

You can use this brush for toilet and sink area cleaning. It’s tough in nature so can remove the stubborn spots as well. The other brushes that can be used for tile and grout cleaning are also efficient enough. 

Another reason why we prefer this product so much is its producing style. These brushes are directly made with recycled PET bottles. As you can see, it’s a thoughtful process and is completely sustainable. 

So considering the whole, this is a very good quality brush for your cleaning purpose. It will cover a large area with its tough bristles and sturdy materials. So you’ll get a clean and safe washroom, no doubt about that. 


  • Extremely good at cleaning the tough stains
  • Very easy to hold and use, can reach the corners and clean
  • It’s made of superior material hence it’s strong and sturdy 
  • The durability is good and the service is reliable
  • It can clean easily so the total cleaning time gets reduced 


  • The toilet brush handle should be a bit taller than the given size. 

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2. OXO Tub & Tile Brush

Product Overview

Next up, we’ll introduce the best brush for cleaning bathroom tiles- OXO Tub & Tile Brush. The best part about this one is that it long handle and better grip. 

It’s not only good for bathroom cleaning but also perfect for cleaning tiles, narrow spaces, and tubs. 

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This brush is made of sturdy bristles that make the brush strong. Therefore, it can remove stubborn spots effectively. Moreover, the head pivot ensures that the brush reaches the toughest corners. 

So the grime and debris that seems impossible to reach can be washed away with it. It can provide some better angles so that you can reach every nook and cranny. 

Also, the extended handle that ensures the ultimate comfort of the user deserves a huge appraisal. It’s very efficient and long enough to hold it with comfort. 

Furthermore, it has a soft non-slip grip that ensures a slip-free easy cleaning. So, choosing this will be extremely wise that’s sure. Moreover, it’s quite durable and promising in performing well. 

So investing in it will be worth every penny spent on it. Hence we will suggest you give it a try if you find it suitable for your use.  


  • Apart from the washroom, it’s good for other cleanings like a tub or narrow spaces
  • It has sturdy bristles that ensure the elimination of tough stains
  • It can reach tough corners and can clean the edges very well 
  • The extended soft non-slip grip is actually top-notch 
  • Durability is very promising and the service is worth the price 


  • This brush needs an overall quality advancement. It has some portions that aren’t rust-free. 

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3. AmazonCommercial Scrub Brush

Product Overview

Next up we have a plastic-made and well-performing bathroom brush. The name of the product is AmazonCommercial Scrub Brush. It comes in a pack of two brushes of the same size. 

So, the bristles are very firm and sturdy. They can effectively remove the tough stains. The brush is made of polypropylene that is extremely good in quality. 

This particular product is strong in nature and promising at its service. You can rely on its ability to clean the corner area and edges. It can work on the toughest stains and remove the grease and grime from those places. 

The handle is absolutely the best part of this brush. It has a very well-designed handle with a TRP coating. So it can perform well in wet conditions as well. It has a non-slip formula so it can be used on greasy areas without the fear of slipping off. 

The ergonomic design ensures that you can use it on various surfaces and corners. Moreover, you can put proper pressure on it to rinse off the residue from your washroom surfaces. 

Therefore considering the whole, this product seems like a great deal for the price. If you think this fulfills your needs, then give it a try for your washroom. We think you won’t regret investing in it. 


  • The bristles are made of polypropylene, so it’s firm and sturdy 
  • It can strongly handle the grime and remove them from the surface
  • The handle has a non-slip formula and is designed perfectly for putting pressure from the top 
  • Ergonomic design ensures that it reaches the intricate corners and wipe away the filth
  • Easy to use and the value is quite reasonable 


  • The brush isn’t stiff enough. 

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4. Unger Grout & Corner Scrubber

Product Overview

So, this is the time to introduce the most exceptionally designed product that we have on our list. It is also the most thoughtfully designed product on our list. The product name is Unger Grout & Corner Scrubber. 

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This brush is arguably one of the smartest brushes in the market. It is designed with utmost care and understanding. It has V-shaped bristles and a true grip handle that makes it a top-notch brush. 

It can reach the corners and clean them with perfection. It’s comfortable to scrub and it can wipe off the grime very easily. This brush is also useful for cleaning grout, tiles, tubs, and other surfaces. 

The brush is good in quality. It can scrub off grease and scums and leave a glazy shine in the bathroom. This is outstanding in quality and quite reliable at its service. 

Considering the price, its services are really excellent. It is also durable and long-lasting. The handle is so nicely made that it can perform well under wet or dry-both conditions. Moreover, the grip is really comfortable and praise-worthy as well. 


  • Extremely good for corner scrubbing 
  • Can clean grout, tubs, tiles, and others as well. 
  • It’s perfect for multiple uses 
  • The grip is nice and can provide ultimate comfort to the user 
  • It is sturdy, reliable, and durable


  • The bristles come off easily which eventually makes the brush useless. 

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5. MR.SIGA Scrub Brush

Product Overview

Time to introduce our most vibrant-looking brush MR.SIGA Scrub Brush. This is also good in quality, to be honest. As the name speaks, the product is extremely good at heavy-duty scrubbing. 

This time we have a thermo-plastic made brush. The materials are just too good in quality. Hence, the product is strong and durable. Moreover, they are extremely promising at their service. 

It is specially designed for heavy-duty use. Therefore, you can use it for deep cleaning or similar purposes where a sturdy brush is necessary. The bristles are stiff and they can withstand tough cleaning battles with power. 

Besides, this product has an ergonomically designed handle that reaches the tough corners and is clean. This specialized handle ensures that you can clean the edges without putting extreme pressure on them. 

As a whole, the product is top-notch in service. It can provide the best performance that too within a reasonable price. So we suggest this versatile product for your washroom’s hygiene. 

Lastly, yes, this is the best cleaning brush for bathroom, in our eyes atleast. 


  • This brush is extremely durable 
  • Perfect for deep cleaning which is very tough yet necessary 
  • It works great and can reach the toughest of spaces 
  • It deserves a huge shoutout for being immensely versatile 
  • The service is top-notch and considering the price, it’s simply excellent 


  • The handle needs some upgrade.

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Buying Guide

So, we already have the details about the handpicked products. These are certainly the best of their kind. But only knowing about the bests is enough. 

If you’re going to buy bathroom brushes for regular use, then you need to know about them in detail. There are some important buying factors that you must know and consider before buying. 

So we added some of the most important factors here. Go through them to build up a better insight about bathroom cleaning brushes.

Design & Handle Length

The design of your bathroom brush is extremely important to consider before picking. Because not all bathrooms are of the same design or shape. It’s necessary to choose a brush that has a compatible design to match your bathroom’s layout. 

If your washroom has several corners, then you must choose a brush that has v-shaped bristles. It’ll help in cleaning the stubborn filths from the edgy corners. 

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Moreover, the handle design and length are also necessary to consider. Because at times, there are corners that are too far for your hands to reach. For such troubling corners, you should prefer a brush with a large handle. 

So that you can reach the edge and clean it from a distance. Also, for cleaning greasy areas the handle design has a huge impact. Some designs are more suitable for putting pressure to wipe away the grime. For tougher stains, you should choose something like this. 


For any product, durability is an important factor to consider. No rational being would love to invest in something that’s not long-lasting. Hence, you should check the durability of the bathroom cleaning brush before finalizing.

If you buy a brush that has weak bristles that fall off after two or three uses. Then the investment won’t be worth the cost, right? Yeah, this is exactly why you need to check the durability before picking your brush.  


Just ticking the criteria and picking a product isn’t what we do. Before choosing our product, we always check if it’s within our affordability or not. 

Hence we always suggest picking a product after ensuring that it is affordable with our pre-set budget. Otherwise, picking a product beyond your affordability will be a loss for you. 


Question: What happens if you never clean your toilet?

Answer: Never cleaning the toilet and washroom is extremely gross. Moreover, it has high risks of health-related hazards. Leaving an unhygienic toilet without cleaning lets bacteria grow. Therefore, they can cause various diseases like urinary tract infection, diarrhea, and respiratory issues.  

Question: What diseases can you get from a dirty bathroom?

Answer: Dirty bathrooms are deadly. They can cause accidents because of the slimes and residues from irregular cleaning conditions. Moreover, using the filthy washroom can cause some serious diseases as well. A wide range of bacteria and viruses can be produced here. 

Question: What is best to clean bathroom tiles?

Answer: Using vinegar to clean bathroom tiles is actually the best. a 50:50 mixture of water and white vinegar is the best solution for this purpose. All you have to do is spraying the solution on the bathroom tiles and then scrubbing them with a brush. Then you can rinse the residue off with water. 

Question: How often should you clean the bathroom?

Answer: Cleaning your bathroom once a week is just okay. Make sure you’re scrubbing off all the scums and stains perfectly with a strong brush. But some people prefer to wash their washroom twice or thrice a week which is also great. If you have kids and more people use the same washroom then cleaning it daily is necessary. 

Question: Where do you put bathroom brushes?

Answer: The best way is to put the bathroom brush under the toilet seat. The toilet seat helps the brush to dry. Before putting the brush back in its holder, make sure to disinfect it. For doing so, you can spray hydrogen peroxide on it. 

Parting Words

So, this is the end. It’s time to part ways. Before doing so, let’s hope that you have already found the best bathroom cleaning brush for you. 

As this is a very crucial part of your overall cleaning, we understand the pressure that you feel about it. Really hoping that we could come to help in this regard. You’ll even know what is the best toilet cleaning brush

So, pick up the most suitable brush that you found for yourself and make your washroom shiny. Have fun and hygiene time at home with everyone. Until next time, wishing you a happy cleaning experience. 

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