How To Get Rid Of Black Soot On Toilet Seat?

How To Get Rid Of Black Soot On Toilet Seat

You need to use the washroom daily, and as long as you use it, you will see some black residue left on the toilet seat after a while. No doubt such blackish intense dust is so irritating and disgusting that no one would want to use the toilet.

Do you ever think, why there is black soot on toilet seat and how to get rid of this?

Probably, your answer is yes. That’s why you are here to know the reasons and solutions. 

The main reasons for this black residue left on toilet seat are using hard water in the washroom, fumes from the gas burner, and blasted pipe of the gas burner. 

Don’t worry. You can easily remove this dust with a cleaning solution and scrubber. Want to know more about this issue and the process of cleaning these black stains on toilet seat? Let’s dive into the article to know everything about this problem.

Black Stains On Toilet Seat?

It is tough to get rid of the problem until you know why the black smudges on toilet seat. For your convenience, we have dedicatedly divided this article into three sections. 

In the first part, we’ll talk about the reasons, the second part will show you how to remove them once they appear, and the third part will help you prevent these black stuff on toilet seat. So that, no matter in which situation you are aligned now, you’ll be benefited from all the perspectives. 

Why Is There Black Soot On My Toilet Seat?

Black Soot On My Toilet Seat

There are some reasons for why you can see the black dust on toilet seat. Let’s see what they are-

Hard Water

Hard water contains different minerals and irons. It may cause black residue on the toilet seat because of prolonged use of this water in the washroom. How? The iron gets mixed with oxygen and forms such black substances on the toilet seat.

Fumes Of Gas Burner

Another reason for this black dust deposit is the fumes of the gas burner or fireplace. The cooking smoke and the fumes of the fireplace get attracted by the plastic-built product of your home. Your toilet seat is one of them. 

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Mainly for the lack of proper ventilation, these fumes come to the touch of the toilet seat. So until you take any preventive steps, it will happen.

Blasted Pipe Of Gas Burner

There are a lot of fumes that remain in the pipes of a gas burner. Unfortunately, the fumes will spread all over your home once the pipes burst. Even if the burner is not around your washroom, it may cause black soot. 

Smoking inside the washroom

If you smoke in the washroom, you are causing blackish marks inside the bathroom. The smoke of your cigarette directly affects the toilet seat. Besides, having no exhaust fan inside the washroom is an addition to causing this problem.

How To Get Rid Of The Black Soot On The Toilet Seat?

If you want to get rid of this disgusting and irritating black residue, either clean it or take preventive measures not to cause it. In this portion, we will discuss how to remove it. 

Method 1: Cleaning black soot With Homemade Remedy

home remedies for toilet stains

To clean the black soot from the toilet seat, you may try several cleaning solutions with bleach and soft water. Even applying a homemade cleaning solution is the cheapest way to clean the black soot from the toilet seat. Here’s the process

  • Make a mixture of bleach and soft water in a ratio of 1:10. To make a more thick solution, you may make it in the 3:10 ratio.
  • Fill it in a spray bottle and apply it to the seat.
  • Wait for 5 minutes.
  • Scrub the toilet seat with a toilet cleaner pad or any non-abrasive scrubber.
  • Clean with soft water and wipe down.

Method 2: Cleaning Black Soot With Commercial Cleaner

commercial toilet cleaning products

If you are busy and have no time to make a solution, you can get a different commercial cleaner to remove this soot/dust. Lysol Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Clorox Clinical Germicidal Cleaner and other liquids can make your task swift.

  • Pour some liquid cleaner into a filled water bucket. You may apply the cleaner directly to the surface for powerful cleaning.
  • After applying it, wait for 2-3 minutes.
  • Scrub with a sponge or any cleaning pad
  • Then, wash with soft water and wipe down.
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How to Prevent Black Soot Of The Toilet Seat? 4 Simple Steps To Follow

Cleaning is the process of a temporary solution to get rid of this problem. For a permanent solution, you need to follow proper steps not to cause this black soot on white plastic toilet seat again. What are those steps? Let’s see-

Step 1: Soften The Water System

Soften The Water System

Using soft water is the first preventive measure that you should take to avoid the black ring on your toilet seat. In that case, you may install a Faucet Water Filter System to soften the water.

Here is a nice video on Bathroom Water Softener

Step 2: Install Exhaust Fan

Install Exhaust Fan

Proper ventilation allows light and air to enter the room. Installing an exhaust fan in the room makes it easy to do. It will help stop black soot and any other infection attack or moisture issue. It blows fumes/smoke out of the room. So, the fumes of the gas burner or fireplace can’t sit on any object in the room. 

Where to install it? First, install the exhaust fan in your washroom. Next, install one in the kitchen if you don’t have any kitchen hood. Moreover, you may install it in every room if there is no air conditioner.

Step 3: Don’t Smoke In The Washroom

Dont Smoke In The Washroom

As smoking directly causes fumes accumulation in the bathroom. Avoiding smoking is the best solution for preventing this black dust. Moreover, for your health concern, you should stop this bad habit.

Step 4: Dry The Toilet Seat

Dry Toilet Seat

Each time you use the washroom, drying the surfaces is a part of regular maintenance, which is very crucial. You may use any disinfectant wipes or dry cloth to wipe and soak the toilet seat.

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What is the difference between black soot and black mold?

Black soot is not the result of any bacterial attack. Instead, it is the fumes or mineral accumulation that looks like mold. To remove this kind of stain, you need a robust bleach solution. On the other hand, black mold results from bacterial or germs attacks. With any regular cleaner, you can easily clean it.

Is black soot harmful?

Yes, it is very harmful in the long run. If you get in touch with this black soot for a long time, it may cause asthma, bronchitis, and other heart diseases. It may also cause lung infection in the long run and finally results in cancer.

What causes black soot on plastic?

If your toilet is attached to your kitchen when you cook, the fumes will easily enter the toilet. The plastic charged by fumes with ease and caused black soot on plastic toilet seat.

What causes black stains on toilet seat?

Black stains on toilet seat can be caused by mold, mildew, or hard water deposits.

How do I get rid of black spots on my toilet seat?

To get rid of black spots on your toilet seat, use a cleaning solution with bleach or vinegar and scrub with a brush.

Does black soot mean carbon monoxide?

Black soot can indicate carbon monoxide, but it is not always the case.

Does black mold look like soot?

Black mold can look like soot, but it also has a fuzzy or slimy texture.


Now, you know why the black soot on the toilet seat and how to get rid of it. Moreover, you know how you can clean the soot, and if you don’t remove them, it will cause significant health issues.

So, go and get the yucky black soot out of your washroom. And if you did it already, then well done. 

Have a good day!

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