Can Bathroom Cleaners Kill Spiders?

Yes, bathroom cleaners can kill spiders. In fact, plenty of things kill spiders, such as stomping on them or swatting them with a newspaper. 

Of course, that’s somewhat of a temporary measure. Professional exterminators can do a much more effective job of getting rid of spiders and various pests. But there are methods you can use to at least reduce the chances of spiders getting into your home in the first place. 

It’s fairly common for people to be afraid of spiders. In fact, most experts rate the fear of spiders and of insects as among the most common phobias. So, it’s natural to think about killing then on sight. 

Can Bathroom Cleaners Kill Spiders In 3 Easy Methods

Can Bathroom Cleaners Kill Spiders

Method 1 -Anti-Spider Cleaners

Anti Spider Cleaners

So, which cleaners can you use against spiders? Here are some cleaners you can buy from your local grocery:


You can use Windex to clean your bathtub regularly. Just spray it on the tub, then use a microfiber cloth or a sponge to wipe and scrub the bathtub. Rinse afterwards, and you’re done. 

But Windex also works for spiders, even while it’s very safe for people. Spraying Windex on a spider will kill it instantly. It’s also great for a large number of ants. 


Borax is also great for your bathroom, as it cleans mildew stains and prevents mildew buildup. You just need to dissolve a cup of borax in a gallon of warm water. You can then spray this on your bathroom tiles to prevent mildew buildup. To clean mildew stains, spray the borax solution on the bathroom tile and let it sit for about half an hour. After that, just use a damp rag to wipe away the mildew stain. 

Method 2 -Natural Spider Repellants

Natural Spider Repellants

You don’t even have to use chemicals to deal with spiders. You can instead use natural repellents to keep the spiders away in the first place. Here are some repellants you may want to consider. 


Aside from turning away vampires (at least according to folklore), garlic also turns away spiders due to their pungent smell. You can put in crushed cloves into a spray bottle filled with water. Then you can spray as much as you can tolerate into the various areas in your home where spiders may lurk. These can include skirting boards and hidden corners. 

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True, it’s not really all that practical to set a cedar plant into your home. But there are cedar oils and scents you can get online, which you can then set in corners and drawers. The woodsy aroma of cedar may also turn off moths as well, so they can also protect your clothes. 


You can use lemon-scented cleaners and furniture polish to deter spiders. In fact, you can always just rub citrus peels on your bookshelves, window sills, and skirting boards. It’s also great if you burn citronella candles inside (and even outside) your home. 

Eucalyptus Tree

Sure, this won’t really be a good fit inside your house. But you can plant a eucalyptus tree in your garden, and its powerful medicinal scent can keep spiders away. These trees actually smell wonderful, and they’re very low-maintenance. 

If the eucalyptus tree is too large for your garden, try planting lavender or mint underneath or near your windows. Spiders also don’t like their strong smells. 


You can fill your spray bottle with a mix of equal parts water and white vinegar to keep spiders away. Just keep this solution away from your varnished surfaces, as the vinegar may affect the appearance of those surfaces. Use this solution on various crevices, cracks, and dark corners. 

Peppermint Oil and Other Essential Oils

This is actually a popular method, as this essential oil smells great for us humans (while too powerful for spiders). Add about 15 to 20 drops of the peppermint oil to the water in your spray bottle, and then just spray around your home. 

Aside from peppermint oil, you can also try rose, lavender and tea-tree oils. It’s actually a good idea to switch regularly. Regular switching keeps spiders from getting used to the powerful smells. Also, variety provides some spice in life, as the same scents can get boring after a while. 

Diffuser instead of Sprays

A diffuser is a nice alternative to sprays. The diffuser can continue to spread the scent for hours, and you won’t have to spray the scent too frequently. Yet the diffuser keeps the smell from getting too strong. It only disperses a small amount over a period of time, so the scent remains constant without getting overwhelming. 

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Method 3 -Other Ways of Keeping Spiders Away

Actually, the basics of keeping spiders away is quite simple. Just keep your house clean, and most of your problems with spiders will be significantly reduced. In fact, regular general house cleaning is a foolproof way of minimizing the presence of household pests. 


Keep your home tidy and get rid of the clutter that can provide homes and hiding places for critters such as spiders. Use plastic storage containers, since spiders find it easier to crawl into cardboard boxes. Dust and vacuum regularly, as this practice also takes out the spider webs. 

Keep Insects Away

Do as much as you can to keep away the flying insects that spiders like to eat. Turn off the outside lights that attract those spiders. Perhaps you can also use opaque shades and blinds for your windows, so your indoor lights don’t attract insects from the outside. 

Check your fruit bowl as well, as they may not be fresh enough that they’re already attracting fruit flies. Spiders tend to snack on these insects. 

Take Care of the House Exterior

Just like decluttering your home, start by getting rid of the hidey holes right outside of your house. This can include stuff like piles of wood, compost, vegetation, grass clippings, and leaves. Keep these away from the house, as the spiders can hang out at these spots. It’s then just a short trip to the inside of your house. 

Then check your house for the various ways through which the spiders can enter your home. Carefully check your window sills and doors, and see if they have cracks through which the spiders can just crawl through. Use caulk to seal these openings. If you have torn window screens, just get them fixed. As for your chimneys and vents, use fine mesh to cover them up. 

Keep the Trash Away

Garbage cans attract various insects such as flies and cockroaches, and these pests can just join the spiders inside your home. The spiders also like to eat the flies, so they may be the ones joining in. 

Keep these garbage cans away, so get them as far from the house as possible. The worst place you can place them is near your doors and windows, as that’s just a short hop to getting inside your home. It’s also a good habit to keep the garbage can lids closed all the time, too. 

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Cover the Pet Food

The pet food may attract flies and other insects as well, and these in turn can attract the spiders into your home. So, keep the pet food covered, and if possible, sealed. 

At least if you have a cat, that helps with your anti-spider efforts. It’s true that cats aren’t for everyone, as some people can be allergic. Cats are also aloof compared to dogs (at least in general). 

But cats are also terrific hunters. They can help deal with your spiders, and even with other insects like roaches and mice. The main problem, however, is that with a cat in the house to can be problematic to use insecticides and other chemicals to deal with your household pets. 

Final Word

Just keep in mind that, in all fairness, spiders aren’t really all that dangerous. In the US, less than 5,000 spider bites occur each year. That may seem like a lot, but dog bites are much more common with 4.5 million dog bites happening in the US each year. 

In addition, very rarely do spider bites cause any trouble. Most spiders in the US have fangs that are actually too short to even break the skin. Even if they’re venomous, most of the time the venom isn’t strong enough to put a person in danger. Humans are just too large. 

In any case, why risk it? If you do find a spider, deal with it efficiently. In fact, keep them out with the methods we’ve listed, and you’re unlikely to deal with them again. 

You can always hire a professional exterminator to deal with some serious pest infestation, or even if spider encounters become a bit too frequent for your taste. They can get rid of the spiders and other pests, and even provide effective measures to keep out the pests in the first place. These professional services may cost a bit more, but they can be worth the investment. 

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