How to Clean NuTone Bathroom Fan [Step-by-Step Guide]

You notice that your NuTone fan is taking too much time for its work. So you take a good look and discover that the airflow is inadequate due to dirt accumulation. Now you’re thinking of cleaning the NuTone bathroom fan.

But exactly how to clean a NuTone Bathroom Fan?

Well, there are actions to ensure a good cleaning. Firstly you have to clean the outside covers of the NuTone fan. Then you have to clean the inside of the fan. There are fan parts inside that you must clean for good airflow. Also, be careful about certain aspects while cleaning your fan.

To do a good cleaning up without damaging the NuTone fan you have to gather proper knowledge. We’ve discussed everything you need to know about cleaning the NuTone fans. 

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So, read ahead!

How to Clean NuTone Bathroom Fan in 6 Steps

Bathroom Fans are an important part of our house. They are very important in keeping the bathrooms dry. But not cleaning the fans will make them incapable of drying the bathrooms.

If you have not cleaned your NuTone fan for a long time it’s time to give it a good cleaning. But many people become confused about where to start. The work is pretty simple if you know the drill.

We’ve discussed the full procedure most easily for your help in our article.

Step 1: Turn Off the Fan

Turn Off the Fan

Before starting the cleaning procedure, make sure to turn off the fan. You might be electrocuted if you clean your NuTone fan while it’s running. You can turn off the maint switch to stop the current flow.

Step 2: Clean the Fan Cover


First, clean the cover of the NuTone fan. The best instrument to clean the cover is the vacuum with a bristle brush arrangement. The brush is a vacuum attachment also known as Dyson attachment. The use of Dyson attachments makes cleanings easier.

We have made some recommendations for vacuums that you can use. These vacuums will make your work very easy. 


You can clean the outside portion of the cover while it is attached to the wall or ceiling. Clean it thoroughly and make sure all the dust is removed. 

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Step 3: Open the Fan Cover


Once you are done cleaning the outside portion you have to detach the cover. For that, place your fingers on two sides of the cover and pull it gently. Then you will find two metal strings on two sides. These strings are like clips. Push them inward and they will come off. Then remove the cover.

Once the cover is out, clean the inside portion of the cover with a vacuum. You can wash the cover in soap water if the dirt marks are too strong. If you make the cover wet, make sure to dry it properly.

Step 4: Clean the Fan Parts

Now the fan cover is open and the fan assembly is in front of you. Find any power cable and disconnect it. But don’t force on a cable it is not disconnecting. Then clean the fan parts with a soft cloth. Do it slowly so that you don’t damage any of the parts.

Step 5: Clean the Surroundings of the Fan

After you have cleaned all the parts, clean the housing of the fan. Use the cloth to clean it and be aware of the wires that might be there. Check for the first under the cables. But handle gently to avoid damages. 

Step 6: Refit the Cover

You have to refit the cover after you have finished cleaning. Connect all the plugs and wires as they were before. Then attach the metal strings in their previous position. Gently push the cover toward the ceiling and it will get locked automatically. Check if the cover is all locked up or not. If it is locked nicely, your cleaning procedure is completed.

Cleaning the NuTone bathroom fan is not a complicated thing. You can see that any type of abrasive cleaner is not needed to clean the fans. Follow our simple procedure and get your fans cleaned easily.

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Why You Should Clean NuTone Bathroom Fan

Cleaning the NuTone fan regularly is very necessary. These fans should be cleaned at least once every six months. 

There are several benefits of cleaning the NuTone bathroom fans. We have tried to discuss the benefits below for your awareness.

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1. Increases Longevity

The normal lifetime of the NuTone fans is almost ten years. But this time can decrease severely if you don’t take care of the fan. Moreover, if you keep the fan neat and clean the lifetime will increase too.

You can expect the fan to run for about fifteen years by ensuring proper care of the fan.

2. Prevents Formation of Molds

The purpose of the NuTone fan is to remove moisture and odor from your bathroom. So the moisture air of the bathroom passes through the fan. If the fan isn’t cleaned for a long time, molds will surely form there. As a result, the fan might get damaged. Also, the molds will spread from the fan to other parts of the bathroom.

3. Enhances the Performance

A good cleaning is like an energy booster for the fan. Dirt accumulates over the fan due to its long use. As a result, the performance decreases harshly. By keeping the fan clean you will get the best performance from it. 

Clean your NuTone fan for your comfort. You don’t even have to worry about bleach smells in your house after cleaning the fans. So don’t make any excuses and start cleaning!

Tips For Cleaning NuTone Fan Easily

Everyone expects a long life from all the products they use. But to get the best life expectancy you have to take care of them. A NuTone fan too requires some care. 

Follow these tips to avoid hassles and ensure a long life for your NuTone Fan.

1. Use Detergent

It is not mandatory to use detergent for cleaning the fans. But if you have neglected cleaning for a long time, there might be stains that are hard to remove. In such a case, you can use detergent for cleaning. 

But use the detergent only on the fan cover after removing it. Never use wet detergents near electrical wires and points. 

To clean the messy fan blades you can use an ammonia solution. Make this solution by mixing 1/4 of ammonia, 2 tablespoons of baking soda, and 1 cup of warm water. 

But you will not need any detergent or other cleaning agents if you clean the fan regularly. In that case, only brushes and clothes will be enough.

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2. Don’t Run the Fan Unnecessarily

By running the fans without any reason you will decrease their lifespan. This also increases the electricity bill. Use the fan when the bathroom is wet and turn it off when dried.

3. Be Careful While Plugging & Unplugging the Wires

This is a very important safety measure. Be careful with the wires for both your and your fans’ safety. If you connect the wrong wires the fan will get damaged. Shut the power down from the circuit breaker while touching the cables and fan parts.

4. Clean the NuTone Fan Regularly

You can save a lot of hassle only by cleaning the fan regularly. The NuTone fan runs a lot and so it needs regular cleaning. Otherwise, molds will form and decrease the fans’ performance. 

As a consequence of this, you might even need to remodel your bathroom. And the work and cost of remodeling the bathroom are much less than cleaning the NuTone fan regularly.

 Follow these tips to get the best performance of your NuTone fan and keep your bathroom fresh.

Question: Can I stop my fan from getting dust?

Answer: Yes, it’s possible. You can use a dust repellent spray on the fan blades. But you have to clean your NuTone fan after a certain period even after using this spray.

Question: Is it enough to clean the NuTone Bathroom Fan once every year?

Answer: It is best to clean the fan twice every year. In that way, the dirt doesn’t get much time to accumulate on the blades and covers. Thus you get to clean them easily. Remember this, the cleaning will get much harder if you take long intervals between two cleanings.

Question: How to prevent molds on NuTone bathroom fans? 

Answer: Regular cleaning will be enough to prevent molds on your fan. So, if you can afford the time, why not try cleaning it on a daily basis?

Bottom line

This is all you need to know about how to clean a NuTone bathroom fan. We hope that we have made your work easier through our article. Follow the article and clean your fan as soon as possible.

If you have any queries on this topic feel free to comment below.

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