How To Dissolve A Clorox Tablet Stuck In Toilet?

You may want to use the bleach Clorox tablet to keep your toilet bowl clean and fresh. But when this tablet gets stuck and clogged in your toilet, it can be an awful panic. Don’t you know how to tackle this scenario? We are promised to tell you every possible way, so that you can easily solve this issue. 

How to dissolve a Clorox tablet stuck in the Toilet?

You can pour one gallon of hot water into the toilet bowl and plunge it thoroughly to dissolve the Clorox tablet. You have to do it several times to get the result. 

Don’t leave here. This is only a short brief! There is plenty more to know about dissolving the Clorox tablet. So let’s dive into the main discussion.

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How To Dissolve A Clorox Tablet Stuck In Toilet?

How To Dissolve A Clorox Tablet Stuck In Toilet

Knowing the proper process of dissolving a Clorox tablet is effortless and requires a few minutes. But, when you don’t follow the appropriate methods, it may seem to you that dissolving a stuck Clorox table is a troublesome and longer process. 

After researching a lot, we have found two methods that work best to dissolve any stuck bathroom tablet, including Clorox. You have to follow and maintain the steps correctly. 

List of Things You’ll Need

  • Hand gloves
  • Water Pot
  • Boiling Water
  • Toilet Scrubber

Method- 1 Using Hot Water

Hot Water

Hot water is one of the best and most common components to sanitize, clean, or remove any stuck things from the toilet. So first you can try hot water to remove the Clorox tablet. 

Step 1: Boil Water

First, wear waterproof hand gloves to ensure your hands’ safety. Then boil one gallon of water and fill it into a pot. When filling the pot, please be careful. Otherwise, you may burn yourself by carelessly handling it. 

Step 2: Pour The Hot Water

Flush the toilet and immediately pour the boiling water into your toilet bowl. Try to pour the water at a stretch so that the hot water flow will be helpful to soften the tablet. 

Step 3: Scrub Clorox Tablet

Using your toilet scrubber, scrub the stuck Clorox tablet. So it breaks apart into tiny particles and dissolves in the water. 

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Step 4: Boil Another Gallon of Water

If the tablet is relatively new and doesn’t dissolve, then you may need to boil another gallon of water. Fill the pot with boiling water and pour it similarly to the previous instruction.

Method- 2 Using Toilet Plunger

Toilet Plunger

If you can’t reach the tablet for scrubbing, a toilet plunger will be very helpful for you. 

Step 1: Pull The Toilet Water Up And Down

Push up and down the water of the toilet bowl through the plunger. Try to do it fast, so the water pressure helps loosen the tablet and dissolve. Continuously plunge for one to two minutes. Wait and see whether the water goes down or not. If not, plunge several times. 

Step 2: Close The Water Supply

If continuous plunging doesn’t work, then shut off the water supply of your toilet tank. When the drain is empty, remove the pipe from the drain system.

Step 3: Clean the Drain Pipe

Now you can reach the stuck tablet to clear it. After that, reinstall the pipe with the toilet bowl and open the water supply. 

That’s all; by following these simple 2 ways, you can remove the stuck tablet from your toilet bowl. But, if you don’t like to face all those hassles, using Comet instead of Clorox tablet will be a good idea. You can check how to use a comet to clean toilets to know the details. 

How Do You Make A Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tablet?

baking soda vinegar citric acid hydrogen peroxide

May you think, is it possible to make a toilet bowl cleaner tablet at home?

Yes, possible, and you can easily make your toilet bowl cleaner at home to save your money. It’s simple to make it within a short time. Let’s see how to do it.

  • Take 1 cup of baking soda and pour it into a mixing bowl.
  • Next, include ½ cup of citric acid in the bowl.
  • Take another separate bowl and make a mixture of ½ teaspoon vinegar and 1 tablespoon hydrogen peroxide. Set the mixing bowl aside. 
  • Slowly pour the vinegar into the baking soda powder and stir until the mixture begins to clump.
  • Using a tablespoon, scoop out the mixture. Make sure to pack it with your finger tightly. Now, on a compostable parchment paper, place the scoop. Repeat the process till the mixture has been finished. 
  • Let the tablets dry overnight, and when it’s completely ready to use, store them in an airtight container. Use one tablet when necessary.  
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Using the homemade toilet cleaning tablet is also great to lessen the after-cleaning toilet’s worse smells. 

Quick Tips

If you follow some tips before applying the tablet into the toilet tank, you can avoid the risk of stucking. So here are some quick tips for you.

  • Break the Clorox tablets into chunks before adding them to your toilet tank. It’ll reduce the risk of clogging and help it easily dissolve.
  • When you have noticed that the tablet is stuck in the toilet, try to avoid using the toilet further before dissolving it. 
  • If you’re not sure, you can solve your plumbing problem. It is wise to call a professional plumber. 
  • If you don’t have a plunger or toilet scrubber, auger your toilet with a toilet auger or small drain cable.


Is toilet Bowl Freshener Stuck In Toilet?

You have to use an auger and hook it with the stuck Freshener. Then slowly pull the auger towards you with the Freshener to bring it out from the toilet bowl. Don’t pull the auger too fast. Otherwise, you may lose the grip and slip the Freshener into the toilet again. 

What To Do When Accidentally Flushed Toilet Tablet?

Pour some boiling hot water into the toilet tank and bowl. The water’s heat and flow will help dissolve the flushing tablet. You can also use a plunger to push the water towards the drainage for fast dissolving. If this process fails, you must manually remove the tablet from the pipe. 

Note: Remember, blue toilet tablet is not a dissolving issue for your toilet cleaning because you will choose another cleaning option.

How Do I Make My Toilet Water Blue?

Clorox bleach tablet is a blue color cleaner tablet that makes your toilet water blue. This tablet is effectively used for cleaning and deodorizing. It releases blue color and a fresh scent in your toilet bowl. 

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How Can I Whiten My Toilet Bowl?

First, sprinkle a quality amount of baking soda inside your toilet bowl. Try to reach beneath the rim as much as possible. Next, fill some white vinegar into a spray bottle and spray it onto the baking soda. When both the ingredients combine, baking soda gets fizz. It helps to break down the soil. For alternatives, try a scouring gel.

Are Blue Tablets Bad For Toilets?

Blue toilet tablets can cause corrosion inside your toilet tank. They are very toxic and produce chemicals in the air of your toilet and home. So you can guess, it’s also harmful to the environment. 

How do I know if there’s a Clorox tablet stuck in my toilet?

If your toilet water has turned blue and there’s a strong chlorine smell, there’s likely a Clorox tablet stuck in the bowl.

Can I use a plunger to remove a stuck Clorox tablet?

No, using a plunger may push the tablet further into the drain. Use a toilet brush or gloved hands to try and remove it instead.

What do I do if the Clorox tablet is stuck too deep to reach?

If the tablet is stuck too deep to reach, you may need to call a professional plumber to remove it.

Can I dissolve the Clorox tablet with hot water?

Hot water may help dissolve the tablet, but it’s not recommended as it can cause the toilet bowl to crack. Use warm water instead.

How long does it take for the Clorox tablet to dissolve?

It can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days for the tablet to dissolve depending on how stuck it is and the water flow in your toilet.

What’s the best way to dissolve a Clorox tablet?

Pour warm water into the bowl to try and dissolve the tablet, or use a toilet bowl cleaner specifically designed to dissolve tablets. Let it sit for a few hours and flush the toilet.


We reached the last few words of our article. Hopefully, you clear out all your confusion about how to dissolve a Clorox tablet stuck in the Toilet. Just make sure to follow the instructions properly.

Good luck and see you soon in our next article!

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