How To Dissolve Toilet Paper In Septic Tank?

Do you have kids, especially 3-6 years old? If so, sometimes you must find your septic tank clogged, but you can’t understand why it happens. 

Maybe flushing too much toilet paper at a time can be the culprit behind this clog. So to get rid of this miserable situation, knowing how to dissolve toilet paper in a septic tank can significantly benefit you. 

Using septic tank-friendly toilet paper is the first attempt to avoid this horrible toilet clogging. However, you can also use hot water, vinegar, baking soda, enzyme, or commercial clogged dissolver to break down the septic tank toilet paper. 

This post will let you know the overall procedure to keep your septic tank toilet paper clogged-free. Let’s start 

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How To Dissolve Toilet Paper In Septic Tank

How To Dissolve Toilet Paper In Septic Tank

First, don’t panic once you see the septic tank is clogged and the water is overflowing due to undissolved toilet paper. Because it makes the situation worse, instead, be steady as dissolving toilet paper in septic tanks isn’t a laborious task as you think. You can do it with simple home products or bathroom cleaning products.

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How To Dissolve Toilet Paper In Sewer Line or Septic Tank (Homemade Septic Tank Treatment)

Using household items won’t cost you a single penny. First, we’ll share those methods. All of them will work best for lighter toilet clogging. But, if heavy toilet paper is clogged into the septic tank or sewer line, you must use commercial products. We’ll tell you that after discussing home items. 

Method 1: Using Hot Water and Dishwashing Liquid

hot water and dishwashing liquid

Toilet paper is made with soft fiber to dissolve with normal water. So hot water will react dramatically to dissolve them. However, adding dishwashing detergent will make the hot water more powerful to dissolve clogged toilet paper quickly. 

  • Fill half the toilet bowl with hot water and pour 2-3 teaspoons of dishwashing liquid into the water. 
  • Wait 5-10 minutes to let the hot water work. Now you’ll find the clogged toilet paper is broken down automatically, and the toilet bowl is empty. 

Caution: You should not use boiling water in your toilet bowl, as it may damage or discolor your toilet. Even because of boiling water, the toilet may lose its pristine shine. 

Method 2: Using White Vinegar and Baking soda

hot water white vinegar and baking soda

A combination of white vinegar and baking soda is a strong cleaner that helps break down septic tank toilet paper. Because both contain acid and high pH, which will create a foaming and fizzing action to dissolve the solid waste. 

  • Pour 1 cup of white vinegar, 1 cup of baking soda, and 4 cups of hot water into the toilet bowl. 
  • Wait 10-20 minutes to drop the water level from the toilet bowl by dissolving the clogged toilet. 

Method 3: Using Coke as Caustic Soda

Caustic Soda

It seems surprising if you first come to know that coke can clean drain clogs. But yes, it’s true. Any dark-colored cola such as Pepsi, Coca-Cola, or carbonated beverage contains a large amount of phosphoric acid, usually known as caustic soda. If this acid gets enough time, it can eat away some lighter clogs like toilet paper. 

  • Take a can of Coca-Cola and pour it into the toilet bowl. Let it sit there for 1 hour. 
  • Once the sodium hydroxide of the coke reacts with the clogged toilet paper, that pile starts to break. 
  • So that your septic tank toilet paper will be dissolved from itself, and you’ll see the water level of your toilet bowl will go down.

Method 4: Using an Aspirin Tablet

Aspirin tablets

Most homeowners have Aspirin tablets at their home, as it works excellent to reduce cold, fever, light to moderate headache, toothache, and muscle pain. But it also works incredibly well to eat septic tank toilet paper build-up, mainly which are made of wood pulp and water-soluble. 

  • Take 4-5 aspirin tablets and crush them well to mix up with water quickly. 
  • Throw the crushed aspirin tablets into the toilet bowl and wait for half an hour to thaw. 
  • After thawing, the liquid aspirin will start to dissolve the pile of toilet paper and clean your septic tank. 
  • Now, flush the toilet, and the flushing water will quickly go down. 
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Method 5: Using Epsom Salt

Using Epsom Salt

Epsom salt contains magnesium and sulfate, which you’ll find in solid formations. However, it is cheap, easy to collect from your nearest grocery store, easy to use, and exclusively dissolves stuck septic tanks’ toilet paper and other solid objects. 

  • Pour one handful of Epsom salt into the toilet bowl and keep it resting for 5-10 minutes. 
  • During this time, the salt will melt, and its chemical structure will break down the toilet paper pile. 
  • So with one to two flushing, you’ll get a clean and clog-free toilet like before. 

Important tips

Epsom salt not only breaks toilet paper but also helps clean your septic tank from tampons, wipes, and deodorant sticks which are also a reason for your clogging septic tank. 

Sometimes, the toilet drain will be clogged due to hard-to-digest oils and fats. This salt also dissolves these with no struggle. 

Epsom salt is harmless for your toilet bowl, septic tank, and sewerage system if you use it at a minimum. But for a HUGE application, that may damage your system.

How To Dissolve Toilet Paper In RV Tank (Commercial Grade Septic Tank Treatment)

You have to use toilet cleaning equipment like a plunger or auger for a heavy pile of toilet paper. Because home items won’t be very effective to dissolve these toilet paper piles. 

Method 6: Using a plunger

toilet plunger

A toilet plunger is a simple short-handed tool designed to reach the toilet bowl drain line and dissolve the solid waste through air pressure. Using a plunger, you can get rid of the clogged toilet to an exact functioning toilet within a few seconds. 

  • Firmly set the plunger against the toilet bowl outlet hole.
  • Push it multiple times to force the air pressure until the toilet paper dissolves and blockage clears.

Caution: When forcing the plunger, be careful not to damage the plunger and your toilet outlet hole. 

Method 7: Using a toilet snake auger

toilet snake auger

If the toilet plunger isn’t worthwhile for you, the next method can be using a toilet snake auger. The long-handled toilet auger will help you solve the clogging septic tank by removing the obstacles from the drain line.

  • First, remove the waterline of the toilet and insert the auger into the toilet outlet from the bottom of the toilet. 
  • Spin the handle of the auger clockwise when applying the light pressure. The spiral retrieval hook will reach the clogged toilet paper and dissolve them. 
  • Once you see the water level of the toilet bowl go down, spin the auger anti-clockwise direction to get back it from the toilet outlet. 


Before using the toilet plunger, or an auger, remove everything you keep near your toilet. Such as rugs, toilet paper holders, and towels. Because anytime they may fall into the toilet bowl and make it filthy. 

Wear hand gloves to avoid getting direct contact with nasty water. 

Don’t use any metal toilet auger, as it will easily scratch your toilet and reduce its durability. 

Septic Tank Maintenance

You can use live bacteria for septic tank, chemical additives, or many other things for your septic tank maintenance. You’ll find these in your nearest bathroom cleaning products center or online. At this point of our discussion, we’ll introduce you to three of these organic septic tank treatments.

1. Rid-X

Rid X is a 50+ years professional natural septic tank treatment, which is used to free your paper clogged toilet paper. It has powerful dissolving enzymes that can break down toilet paper piles quickly.

  • You have to pour a handful or as much as you need Rid-X in the water of your toilet bowl. 
  • Wait until it mixes with the water and naturally dissolves the toilet paper clogged in your septic tank. 

Note: You have to use Rid-X once a week to prevent blocking your toilet from solid waste or toilet paper. 

2. Cabin obsession Live bacteria packets

You may not use live bacteria in your septic tank to dissolve toilet paper. But, for many years, it has been used in the USA as a septic tank organic toilet treatment. The Cabin Obsession brings a 12 monthly package with millions of live bacteria that produce the enzymes to break down the solid toilet build-up. 

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However, you may think, how will the bacteria live if they are packed? As the company scientifically packages them, they will live for many years because their nature is like this. 

  • You’ll get 12 packets in a package of Cabin obsession. 
  • Just take a packet and throw it into your toilet, and flush. 
  • After flashing, the bacteria will mix up with the water and produce anti-solid enzymes to dissolve solid waste built in the septic tank. 

Note: If you have a 10000+ septic tank and have 4 bedrooms with people, the company suggests using 2 packets every month to relieve your nose from the nasty odor of toilet clog.

3. Green Gobbler Drain Clog Remover

The Green Gobbler Drain Clog Remover is another recommendation for your septic tank treatment. This is easy to use, cheap, and completely safe for your ABS, PVC, cast-iron, or copper drain lines. Because it is free from sodium hydroxide or bleach, however, this formula is fume-free and odorless. So we can say your nose will thank you for using it in your septic tank. 

  • Use one chamber of drain cleaner for minor clogs and both chambers for severe clogs. 
  • Keep it resting overnight, and next morning flush with hot water. 

Note: As it is environmentally friendly and biodegradable, you can happily use it even though you have kids at home. It can also dissolve personal care wipes, soap scum, hair, and any organic materials that can be a reason for your toilet clogging. 

Best Dissolving Toilet Paper For Septic Tank

So now you know the basic to advanced methods to dissolve toilet paper from your septic tank. But isn’t it better to use septic-friendly toilet paper to avoid this worse situation?

Absolutely, that is why let’s talk about some of the best toilet paper that dissolves so fast. But before that, it’s wise to learn how to determine which toilet paper is fast dissolving. And you can do it with a simple trick. 

DIY Toilet Paper Dissolve Test

DIY Toilet Paper Dissolve Test
  • Fill ⅓ of a glass jar with water and throw 4-5 sheets of toilet paper into the jar. 
  • Now stir the toilet paper into the jar with a spoon and wait 15-20 minutes to settle down. 

Look at the toilet tissue condition in the jar. If those are entirely dissolved, congratulations, your toilet paper is eco-friendly and septic safe.

But, if you find the tissue won’t completely dissolve, it may need more time and is not entirely septic tank friendly. In that case, you should look for septic-friendly toilet paper the next time you purchase. 

But are you confused about what toilet paper will be your skin plus septic friendly? 

Don’t worry, my friend. We are always at your side. For your convenience, now we list 3 kinds of toilet paper that are worthwhile.

1. Scott Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper

The Scott Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper is exceptionally soft and gentle for the skin. This 1 ply tissue will dissolve when it comes in contact with water. However, it is 100% biodegradable and sewer and septic safe. So there is no chance of water clogging your septic tank if you use this tissue. 

2. Presto Biodegradable toilet Paper

First, the Presto toilet paper is designed in 2-ply but will dissolve once submerged in water. According to laboratory testing, it leaves fewer lines in the water than other toilet paper. However, this tissue roll will last 4.5X longer than the standard toilet roll. As it is biodegradable, last long, and is septic safe, you can try this roll for your subsequent use. 

3. Seventh Generation Recycled toilet Paper

If you are concerned about your septic tank and environment, you should use 100% recycled toilet tissue. Here, the Seventh Generation is the brand that brings a 2-ply tissue paper formulated from recycled paper. 

Moreover, this bath paper is fragrance-free, bleach and chlorine-free, and even gentle for sensitive skin. Since it is fast dissolving toilet paper, you won’t need to call a plumber to remove water clogging due to the pile of toilet tissue.

What Is The Worst Toilet Paper For Your Septic Tank?

Besides knowing the septic-safe toilet paper, it’s obvious to know the worst toilet paper that won’t easily dissolve. As a result, when you buy tissue paper, you can keep in mind those to avoid, which will ensure three benefits. Such as investing in the right products, reducing the chances of septic clogging, and keeping your nose from inhaling nasty septic odor. 

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Don’t buy tissue paper; those have additional layers, fragrances, and lotions. Because they have too many non-biodegradable ingredients, and take more time to break down after use. So, if 2-3 people use the toilet within a short time, there is a high chance of water clogging because of undissolved toilet paper.

Life-saving Hacks For Septic Tank Treatment

Septic Tank Treatment
  • Don’t flush baby wipes, flushable wipes, paper towels, pads, tampons, and other solid objects into the toilet. 
  • If you use too much toilet paper at once, ensure 2-3 flushing to dissolve the paper. So your next person’s use won’t affect the septic system. 
  • Inspect kids’ toilets using times, and teach them how to use toilet paper correctly. Also, teach them toilet paper isn’t a toy, and it’s not a good practice to throw too much toilet tissue into the toilet. 


Does toilet paper dissolve in a septic tank?

Yes, most of the toilet paper will dissolve in the septic tank. But the time may vary depending on the quality of these. If the tissue is biodegradable, it will take less time to break down. But the non-biodegradable and fragrance tissue will need more time. 

Is toilet paper bad for septic tanks?

No, toilet paper isn’t bad for septic tanks, as most are formulated from recycled paper or thin wood. In that case, you have to choose the septic-safe tissue. 

Does bleach dissolve toilet paper?

No, bleach won’t dissolve toilet paper. Toilet paper will dissolve for using regular volume in water submerging. You can use an auger for heavy toilet paper clogging. 

How long does it take for toilet paper to dissolve?

Though it depends on the tissue you use, 1-ply toilet paper will take 1-5 minutes to dissolve, whereas 2-ply tissue will take 10-15 minutes. 

Is it safe to use regular toilet paper in a septic system?

Yes, but some types of toilet paper can be harder to break down and cause issues.

What type of toilet paper is best for septic systems?

Toilet paper labeled as “septic-safe” or “biodegradable” is best for septic systems.

How can I tell if my septic system is having trouble breaking down toilet paper?

Slow-draining sinks, toilets, and foul odors may indicate toilet paper buildup in the septic tank.

Can I use chemicals to dissolve toilet paper in my septic tank?

Yes, but it’s not recommended as some chemicals can harm the septic tank and its bacteria.

How long does it take for toilet paper to dissolve in a septic tank?

It can take several days to several weeks for toilet paper to dissolve in a septic tank.

Is it necessary to use a toilet paper designed for septic systems?

Using a septic-safe toilet paper can help prevent clogs and keep your septic system healthy.

How can I improve the performance of my septic system?

Avoid flushing harmful materials and chemicals down the drain and maintain regular septic system maintenance.

What are some signs that my septic system may be failing?

Signs of a failing septic system can include slow drains, backups, odors, and standing water in the drainfield.

How often should I have my septic system pumped?

It’s recommended to have your septic system pumped every 3-5 years, depending on usage and the size of your tank.

Can I flush other materials besides toilet paper down my septic system?

No, only human waste and toilet paper should be flushed down a septic system to prevent clogs and damage.

Final Thoughts!

We can wrap up the entire discussion by suggesting you use fast, disposable toilet paper. Which is safe for skin and septic systems to avoid the horrible situation of undissolved toilet tissue in your septic tank. But knowing the methods of septic tank toilet paper dissolving is a strong point for you. 

But if, unfortunately, you face the hassle of toilet paper clogging, follow the methods that you find the easiest for execution. 

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