How to Clean A Rusty Toilet? – Here’s The Solution!

Your toilet is used several times a day. But still, it gets the least attention while coming to cleaning.

Thus it gets dirty and rusty. By the time you notice, the rust has already built up on your toilet and We will come back to this further down the article but here’s a link if you want to see more about the special toilet brush cleaners for the bathroom.

So, you want to know how to clean a rusty toilet?

For that, you can just flush the toilet and pour CLR. Then flush again. Or you can go for a bar keeper’s friend. Pour that on the rusty area and scrub with a sponge. Or you can use a non-chemical solution. But the solutions will differ from surface to surface.

To know which one is preferable for which surface, scroll down. 

How to Clean A Rusty Toilet? -4 Alternative Ways!

How to Clean A Rusty Toilet

A rusty toilet is a common household problem. But it’s super annoying and disgusting. 

With all these scattered suggestions on removing rust, you might get confused. You’re probably thinking – how to clean a rust stained toilet?

To save you from that hassle, we’ve shortlisted these solutions.   

AlternativesEffectivenessFor Use on SurfacesAffordability
CLRHigh to Medium
  • Chrome
  • Fiberglass
  • Porcelain
  • Stainless Steel 
Bar Keepers FriendHigh
  • Porcelain
  • Ceramic
  • Acrylic
  • Copper
  • Glass
  • Stainless Steel
  • Fiberglass
Vinegar & Baking SodaMedium
  • Stainless Steel
  • Porcelain
Potato & Dish SoapMedium to Low
  • Stainless Steel
  • Porcelain

Now you’ve got an idea about these, it’s time for details. Let’s hop in.

Use A Calcium, Lime, And Rust Remover

We figured you want to know how to remove rust in the toilet bowl. Well, this method is widely used for that.

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To begin, you’ll need a CLR, that’s Calcium, lime, and rust remover. You may already have one at home. If not, look for these suggestions.

CLR 1- CLR Calcium, Lime & Rust Remover. 
CLR 2- CLR PRO Calcium, Lime and Rust Remover. 

Now that you got your CLR, put your gloves on for your safety. Because we’re going to show you how to clean a rusty toilet bowl

First, you’ve to turn off the toilet water supply. Then flush the water from the bowl. Take the CLR and pour it into a cup. The measurement should be 1 cup. Then simply pour it into the toilet bowl.

Wait patiently for 2 minutes. Then take your toilet brush to scrub the stains moderately. Finally, flush once you’re done.

In the meantime, all rust should go away. If not, repeat the procedure once again. You’ll finally have your desired result. 

Go for Bar Keepers Friend

This is an allrounder in terms of removing rust from any surface. By any surface, we mean, toilet tiles, fixtures, bowls, and metallic faucet finishes. Moreover, it clears rust from the sink, bathtub, and shower basins.

Let’s tell you how to use it. Before that, wear gloves because bar keeper’s friend can irritate your skin and eyes.

The chemical comes in both liquid and powder form. Say you’re using the powder for your toilet tiles. First, wet the rusted area. Take 1 cup of powder and mix it with 1.5 cups of water.

Sprinkle the solution on the tiles. Now, wait for 20 minutes. That’s the time needed for the oxalic acid to work on the rust.

After 20 minutes, scrub the tiles with a sponge. Then wash it away with water. If you see some rust still left on, try this again.

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If you wondered how to clean a rusty toilet tank, this is the perfect method. 

But you may use the liquid form of a barkeeper’s friend instead. In that case, mix equal amounts of water and barkeepers. Then apply just as the powder form. Follow the rest of the procedures similarly as well.

Try Non-Chemical Solutions

These strong commercial cleaners often give off fumes that are harmful to us. Wondering how do you get rust stains out of toilets with non-chemical solutions? 

Well, here are 2 chemical-free alternatives.  Both work extremely well on rust. 

Let’s see what they are.

Use Vinegar & Baking Soda Solution

White Vinegar and Baking Soda

This method can be used on both stainless steel and porcelain surfaces. 

First pour some white vinegar on the rusty toilet. Then sprinkle a handful of baking soda over it. Make sure that the soda covers up the vinegar.

Wait for 30 minutes. In between, make an aluminum foil ball by scrunching it. Then after 30 minutes, rub the ball over the stains.

Continue rubbing until the rust stain is removed. Finally, wash the area with water.

Scrub Potato & Dish Soap

Scrub Potato and Dish Soap

For this method, cut out 1 cm thin slices of potato. Then take some liquid dish soap on a bowl. Dip the potato slice in the soap. Then scrub the stain with it. 

Change the potato slices every 5 minutes.  Repeat the process until the rust is gone. Wait for 10 minutes and wash with water.

You’ll finally have a squeaky clean toilet. 

how to clean a rusty toilet


Question: Is there any other way to remove a rusty toilet?

Answer: Yes, you can use shaw’s pad. This is a non-chemical method for rust removal. You have to just push and scrub the rusty area with it. And the rust should be removed. It can be used to remove rust from the toilet tank.

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Question: Can I use WD40 to remove rust from toilets?

Answer: Yes you can. WD40 will help to make the rust liquid. After that, you’ll need a brush or sponge. So that you can rub the rust off of the place. Wash with water afterward. 

Question: Can I use a pumice stick to remove rust from the toilet?

Answer: Yes, you can use a pumice stick. But the surface needs to be porcelain. You have to just rub the stick moderately to remove the rust. 

Question: What is the best rust remover for toilets?

Answer: The best rust remover for toilets is a commercial rust remover designed for use on porcelain surfaces.

Question: Does vinegar get rid of rust in toilet?

Answer: Yes, vinegar can be effective at removing rust stains from a toilet bowl.

Question: How do you get calcium and rust out of a toilet?

Answer: To remove calcium and rust from a toilet, use a mixture of vinegar and baking soda or a commercial calcium and rust remover.

Question: What toilet cleaner removes rust?

Answer: A toilet cleaner specifically designed for removing rust stains is the most effective option.

Question: Can baking soda remove rust from toilet bowl?

Answer: Baking soda can be used as part of a natural cleaning solution to remove rust stains from a toilet bowl.

Question: how to remove rust from toilet bowl rim?

Answer: To remove rust from the toilet bowl rim, use a pumice stone or a commercial rust remover.

Question: How long does it take for vinegar to dissolve rust?

Answer: The time it takes for vinegar to dissolve rust depends on the severity of the rust and the amount of vinegar used.


Hey! You’ve reached the end of this article on how to remove rust stains from porcelain toilets. Congratulations! We hope you learned how to clean a rusty toilet.

If you have any questions or are still confused, feel free to leave a comment below.


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