How To Clean Bathroom Brush? 3 Simple Methods To Follow

Frequently cleaning your bathroom is essential to maintaining hygiene. But cleaning your bathroom brush every now and then is also a must. People either skip this part or don’t know the process of cleaning it. 

But today, we’ll disclose all the effective methods you can follow to clean your bathroom brushes.   

So, how to clean bathroom brush?

You can follow 3 effective methods to clean your bathroom brushes. First, use natural products like vinegar with hot water to clean a bathroom brush. You can also use a sanitizer or disinfectant to make the bathroom brush germ-free. Lastly, you can use bleach with water and soak the brush to clean it.

This may have given you an idea but you certainly need the details to get your job done. We have the details on all 3 of the methods in our article.

So what are you waiting for? Hop right in!

3 Effectless Methods To How Clean A Bathroom Brush

how to clean bathroom brush

Keeping your bathroom brushes clean is just as important as keeping your bathroom clean. However, not knowing how to clean the bathroom brushes can put you through trouble. Also, you should change your bathroom brush every 6 months. And select the best quality bathroom brush initially. 

Here’s where we come into play. We have mentioned 3 effective methods in detail that you can follow to clean your brushes.

Method 1: Using White Vinegar

White Vinegar

It becomes easier when you use natural products for cleaning purposes. They are more readily available and convenient for use. Vinegar is one of the most useful natural products you can use to clean a bathroom brush. 

First, mix  1-2 cups of white vinegar with a gallon of water. Half-fill a bucket with vinegar and half-fill it with water. This will make a clear solution of vinegar and water. 

Soak the brush and holder in the vinegar-water solution overnight. Make sure the bucket is large enough to retain the bathroom holder and brush completely submerged. 

Now, put on gloves and remove both the brush and holder the next morning.

Finally, take the brush from the water and rinse it with clean water. You can use hot water for better results. With that, your bathroom brush will be completely clean.

Method 2: Using Sanitizer


Using a sanitizer or disinfectant is the healthiest way to keep your bathroom brush free of germs and impurities. 

Using a sanitizing spray, fully coat the bathroom brush. Any disinfecting spray will suffice. When spraying the brush, be sure to cover the whole surface area. Stop spraying when the bristles are soaking wet.

Then put the brush handle underneath the toilet seat or the bathroom sink for 15 minutes. The brush should be placed as the bristles dangle over the toilet bowl. Allow any remaining sanitizer to trickle into the toilet.  Ley the brush drip to dry for a minimum of 15 minutes. 

Now submerge the brush in boiling water. Place the brush bristles in the water and swish them around. Continue to hold the brush there until the water pouring off is entirely clean.

Finally, dry the brush and holder before putting them away using a cloth or towel. Make sure they’re both completely dry before storing them. Keeping the brushes wet or moist encourages bacteria development.

If you’re not sure about which sanitizer to use, here are our suggestions-

Product 1Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer. 
Product 2Germ-X Original Hand Sanitizer. 

These are good quality and good smelling sanitizers. You can pick one from any of these.

Method 3: Using Bleach

bleach solution

Bleach is also a powerful cleaning agent. You can use it to clean your bathroom brush. 

Take a bucket and fill it halfway with hot water and the other half with bleach. Ensure the bucket is large enough to thoroughly submerge the bathroom brush and holder in water. 

Once you have it, fill the bucket with boiling water. Then add 2 cups of bleach (450 mL) into the water. 

Check the back of your bleach bottle for instructions. Follow the directions if they are explicit. Add the bleach to the bathroom sink or toilet bowl. Then, after a few hours or overnight, place the bathroom brush in the sink.

Carefully soak them in the bucket, trying not to splash. To avoid getting bleach on your skin and clothes, wear gloves and a disposable plastic apron. Allow at least 1 hour for the brush and holder to soak.

Finally,  rinse the brush and holder with hot water. Submerge both of them for at least one minute. The active component in bleach decomposes in the hot water, making it safe to touch the bristles. 

Lastly, set the brush and holder to dry on a towel. And you’re done!

These are the easiest methods you can go with, to clean your bathroom brush. These methods will help you to keep a clean bathroom brush. Thus, you’ll be able to maintain a clean bathroom as well.


Question: How to clean bath brushes?

Answer: To clean bath brushes, first fill the bath sink with hot tap water. Secondly, add ½ cup of baking soda or white vinegar to it. Then place the bath brush in the sink and submerge it. After 10-15 minutes, check the brush and rinse it with clean water. 

Question: How Often Should a Bathroom Brush be Cleaned?

Answer: You should clean your bathroom brush regularly. It would be best if you do this weekly. And if possible change your bathroom brush every six months. Using a bathroom brush for a long time can be unhealthy. 

Question: How to clean a bathroom brush cup?

Answer: The brush cup may also be disinfected by spraying it with disinfectant, allowing it to sit for 10-15 minutes, and then washing it with hot water. Spray with your preferred disinfectant, wait 10 minutes, and then air dry. The plunger can alternatively be kept on top of a nicely folded plastic bag.


Now you know how to clean your bathroom brush. If you use these strategies correctly, you should be able to fix your problem quickly. 

Don’t forget to clean your bathroom brushes after every 2-3 washes. This will keep them as good as new.

All the best for your cleaning task!

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