10 Steps to Clean Bathroom Exhaust Fan With Light

Exhaust fans eliminate the moist atmosphere inside the bathroom and prevent bacteria and mildew growth. Some exhaust fans come with built-in lights for night-time visibility, extra warmth, and of course, a more glamorous look. 

Despite playing a crucial part in ensuring proper bathroom ventilation, the exhaust fan often gets overlooked when it comes to cleaning. So, how can you clean bathroom exhaust fan with light?

You can clean a bathroom exhaust fan with light using everyday tools like a Phillips screwdriver and a wet/dry vacuum cleaner. The exact cleaning process will vary from model to model, but the overall cleaning procedure stays relatively the same. 

If you’re using a bathroom exhaust fan like the Broan NuTone 678 but have no idea how to clean a broan bathroom exhaust fan with light fixtures, then you have come to the right place seeking help. We will break down the whole process into various steps so that you can get a hold of it in no time! 

So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Things You Need

  • A wet/dry vacuum cleaner
  • A Phillips screwdriver
  • Dry cloth
  • Wet towel
  • Surface cleaner
  • Cleaning brush
  • A Blower 
Table of Contents

How To Clean Bathroom Exhaust Fan With Light?

Step 1. Cut The Power Supply

The first step is pretty obvious. You need to unplug the exhaust fan before you attempt any type of maintenance work. To be 100% safe, temporarily switch off the main power supply line.

Step 2. Remove The Outer Covers

Grab the outer cover and apply just enough pressure so that it pops out of the casing. Take a light touch at first, and slowly build the pressure up to the point the cover comes off. If you are not careful, you might end up breaking it.

A pair of clamps secure the cover to the fan. Press gently with your fingers to release them.

Once the clamps are out of the way, you would have to undo the final fixation mechanism. Check the upper panel of the fan for a lock button. After finding it, press it to release the cover. Remember to put your hand underneath so that the cover doesn’t fall to the floor and gets damaged.

Step 3. Clean The Cover

Take a brush and clean the dust off the cover as much as you can. Work the brush on both outer and inner sides.

After that, bring in the vacuum cleaner for a deeper clean. The Vacmaster VQ607SFD could be the best pick for this job. To finish up, wipe the panel with a wet towel to give it a spotless, shiny look.

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Step 4. Take Off The Bulbs

How to clean bathroom vent with light? Removing the bulbs from the light slot is the most significant difference you would spot from a regular bathroom exhaust fan clean-up.

If you have been wondering how to clean bathroom light string, you would be glad to know that it’s remarkably simple.

Take the lid off and get the bulbs out. Brush off the dust first, then use your vacuum to make the light slot dirt-free.

Step 5. Remove The Fan

Now, turn your attention to the fan. Release it from the fixations with the help of a Phillips screwdriver. Don’t rush while bringing out the fan.

The blades are relatively fragile, and most of them might not survive an accidental drop from hand. Even if they don’t appear broken to the naked eye, you might notice them making excessive noise after a floor drop.

Step 6. Clean The Fan

The fan should be the dirtiest part of the unit since it draws in moisture and dust as it rotates. Therefore, cleaning the fan would need a bit of extra effort.

Try to take out as much of the dirt you can with the brush and the vacuum. Then, apply some surface cleaner. Our recommendation would be Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Multi-Surface Cleaner Spray.

Double-check the nooks and crannies to make sure you don’t miss any spots. Many people use soap and water to clean the exhaust fan.

It’s okay for the cover, but we disapprove of the idea for the fan since the water might get into the motor and mess it up.

Step 7. Clean The Exhaust Pipe

You might be thinking now you know how to clean bathroom exhaust pipe with light? Well, we covered most of it, but we are not just there yet. We did clean the fan, but we still need to take care of a few more things; the exhaust pipe is one of them.

Put a brush attachment on the suction hose of the vacuum and clean the inside of the pipe.

That should clean most of the pipe’s interior, but to apply a finishing touch, get a piece of cloth and try to wipe the inner portion of the pipe as much as you can.

Step 8. Clean The External Exhaust Port

Step outside the house and find out where the exhaust fan outlet is located. Not sure where to look?

Take note of the location of the bathroom in your house and check the adjacent walls outside. If you don’t find anything on the sides, the exhaust vent would be on the roof. After finding it, wipe it clean with a soaked cloth.

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Step 9. Clean The Fan Case

When cleaning the fan case, be wary of the plug. If you unintentionally get water into it, the risk of electrocution is quite high when turning on the fan after putting it back together.

So, we would advise you not to use any liquid. A clean, dry rag with a vacuum follow-up should be enough.

Step 10. Reassemble and Reinstall The Fan

Make sure the fan blades, the outer cover, and the casing is completely dry before reassembling the fan. Place it on top of the exhaust pipe with caution. Spin the fan with your fingers to check for any unusual resistance. 

If the fan moves freely, then it’s good to go. Put back the bulbs on their slots and close the lid.  Put the cover back on. Now, the fan is ready for action!

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how to Clean Bathroom Exhaust Fan With Light

How To Clean Bathroom Exhaust Pipe?

You precisely followed the steps we mentioned in our how-to clean bathroom light fan tutorial but still not getting the ideal performance from your exhaust fan? A clean but underperforming exhaust fan signals obstruction in the bathroom exhaust pipe. Therefore, if you face a similar situation, check the exhaust pipe.

We did bring up briefly how you can clean a bathroom exhaust pipe while explaining the exhaust fan cleaning procedure. For severe blockages, however, that might not be so effective.

Bathroom exhaust fans discharge air to the outside through a wall or the roof. The panels of the fan cover expand when the fan turns on, and they shut off when the fan turns off. If the exhaust pipe doesn’t have any pest screen, it could be possible that insect nests or even bird nests are clogging it up.

Activate the fan and place your palm in front to check the airflow. A barely non-existent airflow is a strong marker of a blockage in the pipe. If you can’t get rid of it using your vacuum cleaner, use a leaf blower to blow out the blockage. Use the Greenworks Cordless Leaf Blower, which packs an extension cord that can deliver a strong gust of wind through the pipes to blow out the congestion.

Is It Necessary To Clean The Bathroom Exhaust Fan?

If you leave your bathroom exhaust fan unclean for years, you would notice a significant drop in its performance over time. But, many people undermine the significance of regular exhaust fan maintenance. So, they have to replace their fans within a few years. A well-maintained exhaust fan, on the other hand, can last you as long as a decade.

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What does an underperforming exhaust fan mean for your bathroom? The fan won’t be able to remove the moisture effectively so that the bathroom air will grow moister.

As a result, your bathroom will be a haven for mold, bacteria, and germs. It will also compromise the integrity of your bathroom walls.

Besides the drastic drop in hygiene and air quality, an unclean exhaust fan poses a considerable fire threat.

A grimy motor will overwork to deliver operating power to the fan. So, it will heat up faster than expected, and at one point, it might exceed the safety level and start a fire.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to remove bathroom exhaust fan cover with light?

To remove a bathroom exhaust fan cover with a light:

  • a. Turn off the power to the fan at the circuit breaker.
  • b. Remove any screws or clips holding the cover in place.
  • c. Gently pull the cover down or release any tabs to access the light and clean or replace it as needed.

How to clean airflow exhaust fan?

To clean an airflow exhaust fan:

  • Turn off the power to the fan.
  • Remove the cover as mentioned in the previous answer.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner or a brush to remove dust and debris from the fan blades, and wipe down the interior with a damp cloth.

How to clean shower extractor fan?

To clean a shower extractor fan:

  • Ensure the power is off.
  • Remove the fan cover, typically by unclipping or unscrewing it.
  • Clean the fan blades and housing using a vacuum or brush, and wipe surfaces with a damp cloth to remove moisture-related build-up.

Why is there a green light in my bathroom fan?

A green light in a bathroom fan typically indicates it's in operation. It might signal a specific fan mode or air quality feature. Consult your fan's manual to understand the exact purpose of the green light or reach out to the manufacturer for clarification.

How Often Should I Clean My Bathroom Exhaust Fan?

You don’t need to clean the bathroom exhaust fan as frequently as you would need to clean the drain pipes. Schedule a cleaning once a year at least. Wikihow, however, recommends cleaning the exhaust fan every six months.

Final Say

We hope this article was successful in showing you how to clean bathroom exhaust fan with light.

You don’t need to have a lot of tools at your disposal to pull this off, neither do you need to be a seasoned DIY-er.

Make the time to clean your exhaust fan once or twice a year, and maintain a healthy environment inside the bathroom. 

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