How To Clean Bathroom Floor Tiles With Baking Soda?

As a homeowner, keeping your bathroom tiles clean is quite a challenge. People have resorted to different methods for cleaning tiles but not all of them have become successful.  

However, baking soda has been proven to work wonders for cleaning bathroom tiles. 

But, how to clean bathroom floor tiles with baking soda?

You can use baking soda in 4 different ways for cleaning. You can use baking soda on its own. Or you can pair it up with glycerol. Moreover, baking soda with lemon is also a good combination for cleaning. Finally, you can use baking soda with mild detergents to clean bathroom tiles. 

You’ve just got a brief that may not be enough for you to implement. So, manage some time to read along.

Let’s just hop into it!

How To Clean Bathroom Floor Tiles With Baking Soda

What Causes The Bathroom Tiles To Get Dirty?

Well, tiles can get dirty for many reasons. Before looking for a solution, we need to understand the reasons behind it. So we can prevent this the next time.

Your bathroom tiles can get dirty due to dust and debris. This can happen due to walking around with dirty feet. Or even dust falling off your hands if you had dealt with dirty things. Moreover, if your bathroom windows are open, chances are dust will flow in and settle on the tiles.

However, dust is not the only cause of dirty tiles. If you had your tiles grouted or installed at some point, they can become dirty. This will leave grout on the tiles. However, you or your tiler need to wipe off these particles.

If this does not happen, a joint veil will remain on the tiles. And this itself is almost imperceptible. This is how it collects dirt and keeps it on the surface of the tile. 

Dirt can sometimes be washed away. However, once the tiles dry out, the cycle will start again. Washing powder is another reason for stained or dirty tiles. If you use detergent to clean the floor, it must be cleaned properly. Because the cleaner coating on the tiles will dry out and leave dirt behind. 

Therefore, further washing with detergent may make the situation worse. You may not consider it as a big deal as it appears white. But if it is not cleaned properly, you’d have to face consequences. And this will make your tiles dirty.

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What Is Baking Soda And Why Is It Good For Cleaning?

Baking soda, often known as sodium bicarbonate, is a salt. It is non-toxic because, unlike many other cleaning products, it is a pure, natural product that is also a food.

Baking soda, being a base, dissolves organic compounds such as grime, grease, and other unpleasant substances. Furthermore, each baking soda particle’s mineral structure acts as a soft abrasive to clean without leaving scratches.

Baking soda eliminates odors by absorbing ingredients that let the kitchen smell less than clean. Because most scents are acidic and baking soda reacts with the acids neutralizing them.

When baking soda and vinegar are combined, the acid deconstructs the baking soda, producing carbon dioxide gas that can aid in the removal of grime from the areas getting cleansed.

Now you know why baking soda is an excellent choice for cleaning bathroom tiles.

How To Clean Bathroom Floor Tiles With Baking Soda?- 4 Different Methods

You know that baking soda is excellent for cleaning tiles. But you certainly didn’t know one thing! That is, you can use baking soda in different ways for cleaning. 

So, let’s see the methods given below-

Method 1 of 4: Use Baking Soda Alone

Sodium bicarbonate can be used alone to clean the bathroom. Yes, you read it right. This means you can use it without mixing it with other compounds. This is due to the presence of a unique component that can remove stains. 

Sprinkle some sodium bicarbonate on the bathroom tiles. In addition, you can also throw some baking soda around the toilet. It should react with the stain for about 30 minutes. After half an hour, all you have to do is pour water. 

Rinse it out to clean bathroom tiles. You would be astounded at its amazing effect in removing dirt. However, prior to applying sodium bicarbonate to the above-mentioned surface, ensure that they are chemically clean. Doing this in the evening might be a good idea.

Method 2 of 4: Baking Soda With Glycerol

When baking soda is combined with certain substances, glycerin is formed. When it’s combined with vinegar, it creates carbonic acid as a by-product. This is a weak acid that can make sodium bicarbonate more corrosive. 

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However, you can also mix glycerol with baking soda as well. For this, you can just buy glycerine from the shops around you. For the mixture, take half a cup of glycerine and just mix it with the baking soda. And you’re done!

Now, you might not be confident enough to choose a glycerine for this. Well, no worries! Because we’ve got your back, providing a couple of suggestions below-

NOW Vegetable Glycerin. 
Glycerin Vegetable. 

These are the glycerine products that can be quite good for this task. In addition, you can also use these products for some other stuff.

When you open the soft drink bottle, you can feel its bubble effect. Just like that, this is another good way to use sodium bicarbonate with other products. Because stains and dirt on tiles can be removed in the bathroom. So, this is quite helpful to remove stubborn stains on tile grouts.

Method 3 of 4: Use Baking Soda With Lemon

Lemon and sodium bicarbonate can also be used to eliminate grime from bathroom tiles. All you have to do is take a few spoonfuls of lemon. Then mix them with sodium bicarbonate. Remember, you should put on gloves before starting. 

Then apply the solution physically to the area of dirty tiles. Then it should stay on the stain for about 30 to 45 minutes. Then you need to wash off the solution. 

You will find it removing the dirt and stains that are caused by soap scum. However, this must be repeated regularly to achieve the desired result. So, keep on repeating this method at least 3 times a month. 

But make sure to not do this daily. Because repeating this method can cause damage to the bathroom tiles. As a result, your tiles might get discolored.

Method 4 of 4: Use Baking Soda With Mild Detergents

Have you ever wondered how to clean bathroom tiles quickly? Well, we’ve got the answer here!

You may clean your bathroom tiles with detergents and cleaning solutions on a regular basis. However, you could improve the results by adding sodium bicarbonate to it. Because sodium bicarbonate’s caustic property could help more effectively. 

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You may also be able to use this method for cleaning shower drains that were clogged with dirt.

A combination of baking soda and detergents could be extremely useful in removing dirt. The finest part is that it preserves the tiles’ individuality. Moreover, it doesn’t harm or corrode it, which causes the tiles to fade.

You can just mix baking soda with the detergent. And then put that on the bathroom tiles. Then scrub gently with a brush for around 10 minutes. After that, rinse it off with water. 

Make sure that the surface is properly washed. Because any leftover detergent is harmful to the tiles. 

So, these are the methods that can be effective to clean your bathroom tiles with baking soda. 


Question: Can using baking soda on tile be harmful?

Answer: Well, the answer is no. However, you need to maintain a few things while using baking soda on bathroom tiles. When you use baking soda, you must rinse it off properly after you’re done. Because any leftover baking soda can damage your tiles in many ways. Gradually, you might see the tiles getting stains or discolored.

Question: Is vinegar bad for the tile?

Answer: Well, vinegar will not damage your tiles. However, you need to make sure that you are using it correctly. That is, you can’t just put too much thick paste of vinegar on the surface. Because this would peel off the surface of the porcelain. So this makes it easier to damage. This will make it look worse.

Question: Can I use baking soda to clean grout?

Answer: Yes, you can absolutely use baking soda for cleaning grout. You can just simply mix water and some baking soda, creating a paste. Then you can apply the paste to the grout. You’d gradually see a stainless and shiny grout. 

The Final Words

Now you know how to clean bathroom floor tiles with baking soda! We hope you like our methods. We tried to present the methods as simple as we could.

We believe that the methods would work for you. We wish you all the best with your home improvement tasks!

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