How To Clean Toilet Brush Holder In 4 Simple Steps

Well, you surely clean your toilet brush after every wash. Why not the holder too? Have you ever thought even the holder can be a hotspot for most viruses?

So, how to clean toilet brush holder from all the gunk?

You’ll have to follow a few simple steps. Start off with a bleach spray or solution. Then let it sit and rinse. After that, wait for it to dry. And finish off by placing your holder in place with the brush in. Finally, your holder will be squeaky clean and germ-free!

Well, intrigued by the overview? Cause we have a whole section dedicated to this. So, what are you waiting for? 

Grab your tools and let’s get cleaning!

How To Clean Toilet Brush Holder

What to Do When Your Holder Is Way Too Dirty?

If the holder is way too dirty and unhygienic, it’s better to switch to a new one. 

How to know it’s too dirty? Simple. The stench your holder will give off is enough.  Once you get a whiff of the unbearable smell, get rid of it.

Because it might be infested with too many bacteria and viruses. Cleaning it might also take very long.

It’s really a lot of work.

Therefore, just get a new one. There are various options to choose from. So grab yourself the best toilet brush and holder from the store.

And to make it easier for you, we have some recommendations right here! Check these products out:

Product 1-MR.SIGA Toilet Plunger and Bowl Brush Combo. 
Product 2- Full Circle Scrub Queen. 

Trust me, my friend, these are one of the best in the market!

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But if your holder is not too dirty, you may wonder, “how do you clean toilet brush holder?” We have the necessary steps down below to guide on that!

How To Clean Toilet Brush Holder In 4 Simple Step

It is essential to clean your brush holder. Just like how you clean your toilet brush. This is because it also contains a lot of bacteria. Moreover, you don’t want to keep your clean brush in a stinky, filthy holder. 

So, go on and make this a part of your daily cleaning routine. This will make your bathroom germ-free! And it’s very easy to clean toilet brush holder. So, let’s look at the steps we have to follow for a sanitized holder. But first, grab your tools.

Tools You’ll Need

You’ll need the following things to clean the holder:

  • Bleach Spray Or Bleach Capsules.
  • Bucket.
  • A Dry Cloth.

Now, that we’ve our tools ready, let’s start with the cleaning!

Step 1 0f 4: Use A Disinfectant Spray On The Holder

Disinfectant Spray

First off start with a disinfectant spray. Preferably one containing bleach. Spray it thoroughly both inside and outside the brush holder.

If you don’t have a spray, you can use a bleach solution. This will work as a great alternative and get the work done!

To make the solution, you need 2 to 3 capsules of bleach. Fill up half the bucket with hot water, up to 10 liters, and add the capsules. Mix well and soak the holder in the solution.

Warning: Before using the bleach, read the safety instruction. Follow the instructions on your product. This is because bleach already is a strong product. Some bleaches are stronger than others. Therefore, you have to use it carefully!

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You can use vinegar as an alternative if you don’t have bleach at home. So, how to clean toilet brush with vinegar? Just mix half a bucket of water and vinegar together. And soak it overnight! And rinse it afterward.

Step 2 0f 4: Drain Or Soak The Brush Holder

bleach solution

If you’re using the disinfectant spray, let the holder drain for 10 minutes. You can leave it above your toilet bowl to sit. In case you’re using the bleach solution, leave it there for an hour. 

This will kill all the germs and viruses off your holder.

Step 3 0f 4: Rinse The Holder Well

brush holder for hot water

Next, we have to wash the brush holder. You need boiling hot water for this. Pour it all over the holder and rinse it well. 

Make sure to keep pouring the water for 2-3 minutes. This is to make sure that all the spray or solution rinses off.

Also, don’t forget to clean your toilet bowl as well! You can use the bleach solution or spray for this. Or you can use your choice of cleaning product.

Step 4 0f 4: Leave It To Dry

dry brush holder

Now, leave your holder to dry off for a bit. Then take a clean cloth and wipe it clean. Once it’s dry, put it in its designated place with the brush in. 

Voila, you have a squeaky clean brush and holder.

That’s all about how to keep toilet brush holder clean.

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Question: How often should you clean your toilet brush?

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Answer: As these brushes are used to clean the toilet, it carries a lot of bacteria. And many other residues and viruses. Thus it should be cleaned after every use. 

Question: Do you put water in toilet brush holder?

Answer: Nope! That’s one thing you should never ever do. This is because the water in there will build up mold. Moreover, when taking out the brush you might splash water on yourself. And ew, no we don’t want that.

Question: How long should you keep a toilet brush?

Answer: These brushes carry a lot of bacteria and viruses. Thus should be replaced every six months. Especially if it’s a plastic brush. But if you use the wood version, you could increase its longevity.


With this, we shall be signing off. So, was this segment on how to clean toilet brush holder helpful? It’s just the basic spray, rinse, and drying method. It won’t take up too much of your time. Plus there isn’t a lot of work.

One thing you must do is soak your brush in bleach once a week. That way, it’ll stay good as new.

Have you got any secret tips to share with us? Write to us in the comment section below!

Till next time, goodbye!

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