How to Remove Debris from Microfiber Towels: 3 Easy Methods

Microfiber towels make your household appliances and vehicles shine to perfection. Even if it’s too good to be true in the case of cleaning, you’ll pay the price once you’ll see debris being stuck on it.

Why? It’s because getting the debris out of microfiber towels can be quite challenging because of their absorbent property.

So, you want to know how to remove debris from microfiber towels

First, you can try plucking out each debris one by one using tweezers and a magnifying glass from a dry towel. You can also hand wash the microfiber towel with hot water to expand its fibers to release the dirt. Finally, washing thoroughly with a good detergent can also help!

Hey, don’t get all discouraged now! Stay tuned and read this article if you wish to know more about these methods and save your time! 

How to Clean Microfiber Towels

3 Easy Methods to Remove Debris from Microfiber Towels

MethodWashing MachineHand WashVinegar SolutionRubbing AlcoholBoiling Water
Ease of UseHighModerateModerateHighLow
Time RequiredShortModerateShortShortShort
Gentle on TowelsYesYesYesYesNo
Removes OdorYesYesYesYesYes

How to Clean Microfiber Towels?

A microfiber towel might not look so different from an ordinary towel to you. But as the name suggests, it has thousands of uniform and tiny strands which are ideal for cleaning any appliance or vehicle.

This is why, once lint and other specks of dirt get stuck in microfiber towels, it’s difficult to get them out.

So these are the methods you should follow for an efficient approach to solve the problem-

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Method 1 of 3: Plucking with Tweezers

When wood chips or other debris will get stuck with your microfiber towels, chances are that the microfiber loops will entangle around them. You can use a tweezer or a nose plier to pluck them out.

Just follow the steps given below for an efficient plucking-

  • Lay the towel flat on an ironing board.
  • Firmly pluck out each debris with tweezers. Even better, you can use a magnifying glass to thoroughly check the condition of the debris. 
  • Oh, using a lice-comb to remove leaves and other debris from microfiber towels is an interesting hack that many people follow. Just lay the towel flat like before and ‘comb’ the fibers in multiple directions. 
  • After you’re done plucking the dirt out, give the microfiber towel a good shake and it’s all dust-free now!

Method 2 of 3: Handwashing with Hot Water

You might be wondering why you need hot water to remove grasses and other debris from microfiber towels. Think about it this way. As mentioned before, the biggest issue lies in the fact that the fibers entrap dirt by tangling them within their loops. 

That is why, if you wash it with your hands using hot water, the fibers will expand in size. This will help release the debris and dirt stuck in it.

All the required steps are given below-

  1. First, pour boiling water into a wide bowl and insert a thermometer inside it.
  2. Wait till the temperature falls below 60 degrees Celsius. 
  3. When the temperature falls to below 60 degrees Celsius, hand wash the towel by scrubbing it with your hands in various directions.
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Word of caution: The absorbent property of a microfiber towel will get ruined if the temperature of the water exceeds 60 degrees Celsius. That is why checking the temperature of the water with a thermometer is crucial. 

Method 3 of 3: Washing with Detergent

Admit it. At least once while reading this article, you have wondered how you would remove debris from microfiber towels in the simplest way possible. Well, we’re here to tell you the good news! 

As long as you keep the towel separated from other clothes and use warm water, you can wash microfiber towels with a washer! 

All you need to do is set the washer in the warm water setting to break down the debris with heat. Pour a suitable detergent into the washer. After that, use the rinse cycle to complete the cleaning and that’s all!

We’ll be showing you the ways how you can make a natural liquid laundry detergent for this purpose.

Ingredients for Detergent Method

Here is the list of items that you need-

  • Borax (1 Cup)
  • Washing Soda (1 Cup)
  • Liquid Soap (1 Cup)
  • Water (17 Cups)
Instructions for Detergent Method

First, use a saucepan to boil 6 cups of water. Stop boiling the water once it starts boiling and pour the borax and washing soda into it. Stir well to mix them thoroughly.

Here are our recommended brands of the best washing soda and borax that you can use-

Detergent BrandTypeStain RemovalColor SafeHypoallergenicEco-friendly
Seventh GenerationLiquidGoodYesYesYes
Arm & HammerLiquidGoodYesYesYes
Charlie’s SoapPowderExcellentYesYesYes
Mrs. Meyer’sLiquidFairYesYesYes

Then, in a bowl, take 11 cups of water kept at room temperature. Pour the liquid soap into it and mix well.

Finally, mix the hot mixture and the soap mixture together and dissolve them completely by stirring. Store them in a glass container and your natural liquid laundry detergent is ready to use. 

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That is the best detergent for microfiber towels and it will be more effective the sooner you use it after it’s been prepared. 

That’s why I write this helpful article all about orange stain on towels.

Question: Can I wash microfiber towels with other laundry items? 

Answer: No. When doing the laundry, wash the microfiber towels separately. Since these towels absorb everything, they will absorb dirt from other laundry items as well, which will make the towels dirtier.

Question: Can I wash microfiber towels with a fabric softener?

Answer: No. Fabric softeners clog up the fibers of the microfiber towels. This will ruin its properties of it. 

Question: What kind of detergent should I use to wash microfiber towels?

Answer: A scent-free or a dye-free detergent would be the ideal choice for washing microfiber towels. Natural detergents with the least amount of chemicals are the best for this purpose. 

Question: Are microfiber towels good for cars?

Answer: Yes, microfiber towels are excellent for cars due to their high absorbency and gentle, scratch-free cleaning properties.

Here is helpful information on how to get lint off of microfiber towels?

In Conclusion

These are the simple methods of how to remove debris from Microfiber Towels.  These three methods will save hours of your time and will present you with a clean microfiber towel!

You can follow the approach of dry cleaning the towel or handwashing it. Washing in a washer with detergent can also aid you!

Happy Cleaning with nice steps on how to get debris out of microfiber towels!

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