How to Remove Glue from Hardwood Floor Installation? (Explained)

You just have installed a new hardwood floor to the house. Suddenly you notice there are glues sticking on your floor. It’s really obvious you’ll freak out. As it’s really expensive to repair these hardwood floors. 

So, how to remove glue from hardwood floor installation?

Well, there are few easy techniques that may help you to clean the surface. You just need to identify its present condition and work on the basis of that. Because the glue can be wet or dry. The initial process will be slightly different for each scenario. Applying heat, using acetone, or adhesive remover can be a game-changer. 

This is just a short overview. We have discussed all the techniques.

Thus, if you’ve got some time, just read through below-

How to Remove Glue from Hardwood Floor Installation?

How to Remove Glue from Hardwood Floor Installation

Important Of Removing Glue From Hardwood Floor Installation

After installing a hardwood floor in your home, it should appear sparkly and smooth. But during installation, you might get glue on the wood accidentally. 

The glue residue can surely ruin the appearance of a hardwood floor. Because it makes the surface look dirty. Not only that you’ll feel the floor is uneven too.

This is why you should know how you can remove the glue from hardwood floor installation. Because this way you can easily bring the shine and beauty of your hardwood floors back.

How To Remove Sticky Residue from Hardwood Floors?

How To Remove Sticky Residue from Hardwood Floors

There can be glue that is already dried out or is still wet. For each problem we got solutions. 

By the way, choosing the wrong cleaning product can ruin your hardwood floor. Plus hardwoods are expensive to install or repair. 

But if you follow some tips and tricks we can resolve this matter. Also, we will save our floor from getting permanent damage.

Just identify the glue’s present condition. Then let the work begin on how to remove glue from wood floor-

Glue Has Dried Out

If you find glue is already dried, you have to work a little extra. Because you have to remove that glue without damaging your precious floor. 

We have prepared 3 methods for cleaning this mess. By realizing your floor’s condition you can choose any of these solutions. 

So, let’s get to work-

Method 1 of 3: Remove Glue Using Soapy Water

If you wanna apply this method to clean glue, you need to move fast. Unless this won’t work. 

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Fortunately, you have all the supplies at home for this technique. You just need to assemble them before starting work. These are a bucket, rag, gloves, and a hairdryer.

If you have gathered these items, follow the steps described below- 

As soon as you identify the spotted area, stop whatever you’re doing. Take a bucket and pour hot water and liquid dishwashing soap into it. Mix the concentration. 

Now, take your hairdryer. Set the highest heat to the dryer and start heating the glued surface. Heat for one to two minutes or more so the glue melts completely. 

Right after the glue melts, damp your rag into hot water. Don’t forget to wear gloves before damping that cloth. Or else you will burn your palm. 

Now, use that wet rag to wipe the melted glue off the floor. You have to work really fast. Otherwise, the melted glue can harden again.

Continue this rubbing process 3-4 times or so. By doing so, you will see the glue is totally removed from the hardwood floor. So after that, just dry out the wet surface with a fresh cloth.

Note: While heating the glue with a hairdryer, use it from a distance. Because if you hold the machine really close, hardwood may burn from excess heat.

Method 2 of 3: Use Acetone & Sanding Paper Together

You can also try this simple method. You will find the essentials in your storeroom. Just run to the storeroom, grab acetone, and sanding paper. 

These two will make the process a lot simpler and easier. So, let’s get back to work-

Take a small metal bowl and pour a small amount of acetone remover into it. Now, smear 2-5 spoons of acetone over the glued surface. Fill up the whole area and do not leave any area empty. Then leave it for three to five minutes to absorb the liquid. 

Next, take sanding paper and start sanding the glue. 

Not sure about sanding? 

Questioning: can you sand the glue off hardwood floors?

Well, yes, sanding can wipe off glue from hardwood floors. But sanding the adhesive away itself is a big no. That’s why we’re doing this after applying the acetone.

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Anyways, you can use 16 or 24 grit sandpaper for this. But remember, you have to go slowly. Otherwise, the wood will end up getting scratch marks. 

So, scrub the floor gently in a circular motion. Continue this process until you see no glue is attached to the floor.

Once you’re done scrubbing, take a damp towel to clean the wet surface.

Method 3 of 3: Adhesive Remover

For removing tough glue, this method is the best. So many people tried this technique and were successful too.

But before attempting, you have to buy some essentials. Those are adhesive remover, wire brush, and scraper.

There are quite a few best floor adhesive remover brands in the market. In case, you’re confused about which one to buy, we have got options-

Goo Gone Adhesive Remover. 
3M General Purpose Adhesive Remover. 
Goo Gone Adhesive Remover Spray Gel 

Hopefully, you have found the right one. Now, you can start the work process. So, if your glue is really rough to remove try out these steps-

Firstly, go through the instruction section of the adhesive remover. Read the instructions carefully. 

Then apply the adhesive remover over the glue. Allow the adhesive remover to set at least for 5-15 minutes. Do not apply anything else while the glue is absorbing the liquid.

Next, use a scraper to remove that melted glue. Gently scrub over the glue. Repeat the process until the floor is totally clear. 

Now, use a fresh cloth to wipe off with clean water. A wire brush can easily remove any leftover glue too.

If you can follow any of these tricks, the stains will be gone. You just need to hold your patience while working.  

Glue Is Still Wet

Sometimes you may locate the glue when it’s still wet. It becomes easier to take off the glue if it remains wet. You don’t need to work that much to remove it. Just take the proper steps fast. 

Now, let’s learn this easier process-

Water-Based Glue

If your located glue is water-based, you can easily remove it. You will need this equipment- a damp cloth and detergent. You can use liquid soap as well. 

Anyhow, take your damp cloth. Pour some detergent or liquid soap over the glued area. Now, just wipe that area with a rag or cloth. 

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You don’t have to be too aggressive with the wiping process. Because the glue isn’t that hard to begin with.

Solvent-Based Glue:

But if your floor is smeared with solvent-based glue, then use acetone sparingly. Acetone sparingly helps to remove solvent-based glue. 

So, pour some of the product over the affected area and wipe it off with a rag. Or you can even use a spatula to remove the glue. Metal spatula works best for removing the glue. 

However, stay careful during this process. Unless you might scratch the hardwood. 

If you’re scared to use a metal spatula, try the plastic one. It will take a little longer but there will be no chance of getting a scratch. After cleaning the mess, use a damp soapy rag to clean the excess products. 

And that’s it! The glue should be removed from your hardwood floor.


Question: How do you get polyurethane glue off hardwood wood floors?

Answer: There is a product called adhesive remover. They are available in two forms. One is a 32-ounce container of liquid. Another one is small ready-soaked towels that are pulled from the top of a canister. If you apply this on the floor, be careful while walking. Because it leaves a slick residue on the floor.

Question: What are some good adhesive remover for floor?

Answer: There are quite a few floor adhesive removers in the market. The best of those are- Goo Gone original liquid, 3M General purpose adhesive remover, and oil eater original. You can use any of them to remove stains from the hardwood floor.

Question: How to remove glue from hardwood floor naturally?

Answer: You can get rid of the sticky residue with just a wet towel. But it should be hot. So, dip the towel into hot water. Then wipe the glue off with that towel. If the glue has gone hard, place the hot and wet towel on it. Leave for about 20 minutes. After that, wipe off the glue. 

Bottom Line

Are you stress-free now after knowing how to remove glue from hardwood floor installation?

We hope you can remove glue from the hardwood floor on your own. Let us know how your overall experience was by leaving a comment down below.

We wish you all the luck!

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