How to Remove Plumber’s Putty Stains from Granite: 5 Simple Steps

A plumber’s putty is used for sealing the inside of a faucet. But putty creates stains on granites or other surfaces. You’d definitely want to clean those stains.

So, how to remove plumber’s putty stains from granite?

First, you’ve to make a thick paste. Use acetone and an absorbent powder and start mixing in a bowl. Apply the paste all over the stain. Don’t remove the paste until it’s fully dry. Once it’s dry, take off the paste. Clean any leftovers with a cloth. And you’re done.

We know this isn’t enough. You’ve to know more details. So, stay tuned to know all the tips and tricks of removing the stain.

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How to Remove Plumber’s Putty Stains from Granite?

How to Remove Plumbers Putty Stains from Granite

Reasons Behind Putty Stains In Granite

Plumber’s putty is made up of various materials. There are various blends of plumber’s putty in the market. But the traditional one is made of linseed oil. There are traces of limestones in linseed oil.

These limestones create stains in porous materials. So, the question stands, will plumbers putty stain granite?

Granites are usually used in the kitchen sink or washroom basins. So, when the basins are installed, a plumber’s putty is used in the faucets. Sometimes by accident, the plumber’s putty gets on the surface of the granite. 

The limestone in the plumber’s putty stains the granite. Granite is a porous surface. Thus removing the stains from granite is harder. 

Though you can remove plumber’s putty from other surfaces like stainless steel, iron, plastic, and porcelain. The scenario is different for granite.

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In order to avoid stains, be careful while installing the basin. Give a heads up to the plumber while using the plumber’s putty. 

Plumber’s putty only stains in porous materials. In case you might be thinking, about how to remove plumber’s putty from porcelain sink. Don’t worry it won’t stain. If the putty dries you can remove it using a knife.

Now, let’s move on to removing the stains from your granite.

How To Remove Stains From Granite?

How To Remove Stains From Granite

Knowing the reasons will help you avoid getting stains in granite. But what to do when the harm is already done? 

We have it all fixed for you. It’s not that tricky if you know the method. Hence, we’ve broken down the procedure into 5 steps. 

Tools Required

Before you begin, gather up the required tools. Here’s all the equipment you’ll need-

  • Pure acetone.
  • Absorbent powder.
  • Plastic wrap.
  • Scotch tape.
  • Plastic scraper (60 mm).
  • Cleaning cloth.

Now that you’ve gathered all the materials required for the process. Let’s move on to how to remove old plumbers putty from the sink.

Step 1 of 5: Make The Paste

To make the paste, combine acetone with an absorbent powder. The powder can be talcum powder or baking soda. Also, you’ll need to use water in this step.

Take a plate and start mixing acetone with powder. Use gloves for this process. Stir the solution until it makes a thick paste. If it doesn’t get thick, use more powder to make it thicker. 

The proportions of water, acetone, and powder are not determined. It depends on the area of the stain. If the stain covers a bigger area then you’ve to use all the components on a larger scale.

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Pure acetone is used because it can dissolve the limestone. Also, the components of the plumber’s putty break due to the presence of acetone.

Step 2 Of 5: Apply The Paste On The Stain

Take the thick paste and apply it to the stain. Spread the paste all over the stain. 

Use the backside of the plastic scraper to pat on the thick paste. That’ll help the paste to stick to the stain firmly.

Step 3 of 5: Covering The Paste

Next up, you’ve to cover the paste with plastic wrap. Wrap the paste you spread on the granite. 

Use scotch tape to hold the plastic in place. This step is necessary because the paste needs to be dried. Otherwise, the stain won’t be removed. Tighten the plastic with the tapes properly.

Now, let the paste sit there for 24 hours. 

Step 4 Of 5: Raise The Plastic Wrap

After 24 hours, remove the plastic wrap from the paste. After removing the plastic wrap, check if the paste has dried or not. 

If the paste hasn’t dried yet, wait until it dries off. 

Step 5 Of 5: Remove The Thick Paste

After the paste dries, remove the thick paste. Use a plastic scraper to remove the paste from the area. 

You can buy a plastic scraper from a nearby hardware store. However, here are our top-picked best plastic scrapers for you.

Product 1- FOSHIO Plastic Razor Blade Scraper. 
Product 2- Plastic Razor Blade Scraper. 

Clean the remaining residuals of the paste with a piece of cloth. And voila! You’re done.

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In case you might be wondering how to remove plumber’s putty stain from marble. You can follow the same procedure for marble.

If you follow the steps accurately, the stains should go away. But if it doesn’t, then redo the whole process. Hopefully, you’ll be able to remove the stains. 

Related Questions

Question: Do stains appear if the plumber’s putty is used in granite?

Answer:  Yes, even a non-staining plumber’s putty stains the granite. This can leave a yellowish mark on where it is applied.

Question: How do you remove the residue after using a plumber’s putty?

Answer: Simply scrub it off with soap and water. Scraping it gently will make it easier to remove.

Question: Can you fix a dry plumber’s putty?

Answer: If your putty is more than a year old, it will be dry. And so, it is no longer malleable. However, dipping it into oil for one or two days will help it reconstitute.

Here is a nice video on how to clean plumbers putty from stainless steel sink.

Parting Words

Congratulations! You’ve successfully removed stains from the granite. Hope you have no confusion about how to remove plumber’s putty stains from granite.

 One last tip, don’t use nail polish remover to remove the stains. Though it’s a perfect alternative to acetone. But it contains additives that will react badly with your granite. So, it’s more reliable not to use it on how to dissolve plumbers putty.

Let us know if you have any confusion in our comment section.

Till then, take care with nice steps on how to remove yellow stains from granite.

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