Should Bathroom Lights Hang Over the Mirror? Guidance

To decorate a room or see the individual colors, movement, brightness, and overall, make visible everything light is an essential element. So placing it in the right place is important. 

Besides all places or rooms, it’s necessary to set the light in the bathroom as well. Everyone wants to decorate their house as well as the bathroom beautify. But where to place the light in the bathroom? Should bathroom lights hang over the mirror? 

These are the most common questions. By getting answers to these questions, you will select the right light in your bathroom and set it in a perfect place. So to find the answers to these questions then you may continue reading this content.

Should Bathroom Lights Hang Over The Mirror?

Should bathroom lights hang over the mirror

The light and the mirror both are important elements in a bathroom. The light should be set in a place from where everything will be seen clearly. 

So the placement of the vanity light over the mirror is perfect. In a bathroom mirror placement over vanity should be between 5 to 10 inches above the sink.

If there is no particular place to set the light, you can set it as your idea. But first, you should know the standard measurement to set it in the right place with the right light. 

For the bathroom, you should choose the perfect vanity light to hang over the mirror.

What is Vanity Light?

Vanity lights are designed to be mounted over the bathroom vanity. There are so many lights for the bathroom apart from vanity lights, such as bathroom pendant lights and bathroom ceiling lights. Vanity light doesn’t fully light the whole bathroom. 

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To give full light to the whole bathroom, you can install other lights as well. The vanity light is a perfect light fixture to light the face to do the regular self-care tasks evenly.


Vanity lights should be placed optimally for brightening the face and head evenly and removing shadows. You can hang the light above the mirror. 

If the mirror is slender enough, hang two wall lamps on either side of the mirror at the proper height. It will radiate light across your face. 

There should be a 3 inches distance between the mirror and the light fixture. How high should a light be above the bathroom mirror? It’s a most common question when the topic arises of setting the light. 

The standard height for a single light from the floor to above the mirror is 70-80 inches. Vanity lights contain at least 150 watts, and the light fixture should be at least 24 inches long to flash evenly over the face and hair. 

If the vanity lights overlap the mirror, it can cast shadows on the face. Be assured that the fixture doesn’t elongate the mirror to eliminate down lighting. This will exacerbate lighting to set up a soft glow.

Should vanity lights be wider than a mirror?

Vanity lights should be wider than a mirror is a matter of personal choice. Single light fixtures are usually placed over a mirror about 3 inches high. 

But multi-light fixtures like vanity light fixtures can be wider than the mirror, but they shouldn’t be lengthier than the vanity. If the mirror is extremely wide, 2 or 3 lights over the vanity can be set in each sink instead.

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Light Bulbs For Bathroom Vanity

When you find the exact vanity faucet, then improve the outlook with the vanity light bulbs. A color rendering index of 90 or higher will ensure to see the most flawless colors in the room. 

Before choosing the best vanity light bulb for the room, you should double-check the technical requirements. 

Then ensure to select bulbs with a bulb base that will sit in the sockets of the lamp and match the approved wattage of the fixture. 

If the chosen fixture has obvious colours or brightened bulbs then you can customize the look anytime with a decorative bulb mode.

Kinds Of Light Bulbs

Vanity light bulbs have many shapes, styles, and sizes. So you can choose the desired one to decorate your space. Some bathroom vanity light bulbs that are vastly used are given below for you-


The Edison bulb can be used to explain two styles. Edison bulb has a unique spiny bulb shape with a visible anfractuous fiber in the center. 

This look is very attractive and popular. You can also find this feature in other styles as well. Both the historic spiny shape and anfractuous fiber coils can be related to Edison bulbs.


Globe vanity light bulbs are a very stylish option for fixtures with clear shades. Globe vanity light bulbs create a unique look and accent any geometric shape in the bathroom.


Halogen vanity light bulbs are long-lasting bulbs. It is sometimes used in narrow vanity fixtures. So check the specifications of the light to see the requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should bathroom vanity lights hang over mirrors?
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The vanity lights should hang over mirrors but make sure it looks proportionate. In another way, light can be placed on both sides of the mirror. 

If you don’t want any shadow under the chin, cheeks, and eyes, then the light fixture should be placed on both sides of the mirror about 36 to 40 inches distant.

  • How far should vanity lights be above the mirror?

75″ to 80″ far from the floor should vanity lights be above the mirror. It is a standard height. 

But it is just a standard measurement to use them as a starting point. Feel free to synthesize them to set your space and to adjust the users of the space.

  • How much space should be between the bathroom mirror and light?

Three inches of space should be between the bathroom mirror and the light. This space should remain between the underside of the light fixture and the roof of the mirror.

Final Words

For every person passionate about decorating their house, rooms always decorate every corner of their house. The bathroom is an individual part of the house. So it should be decorated well. 

You can decorate it with vanity lights and make it more beautiful. Apart from this, lighting is a necessary part of the bathroom. Because vanity lights glow warm, other ceiling lights also glow and make everything visible. 

So hope now you know the answer to the question, should bathroom lights hang over the mirror? You can design your bathroom as per your wish, just maintaining the measurements with the vanity lights.

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