Are Single Handle Faucets Better For Your Bathroom?

Picking the best faucet for your bathroom can be a really tricky affair. Especially when you are made to choose between two different types of faucets. Single handle and double handle.

Are single handle faucets better for your bathroom?

Single handle faucets are unrivaled when it comes to being user-friendly. They are simple to install and take up less space. Having one less handle makes it easier to clean. However, a leaked handle can render a single-handle faucet useless. On the other hand, a double-handle faucet lets the user customize the temperature of the water.

Not convinced yet? We got more on single-handle faucets! Take a few minutes to read this. Why not try out this well-researched article to understand which is the better faucet.

Let’s begin-

Are Single Handle Faucets Better For Your Bathroom?

Are Single Handle Faucets Better For Your Bathroom

Single-Handle Faucets Better Or Double-Handle Faucets?

People often find themselves conflicted about picking the perfect faucet. No matter how simple this might look, choosing the right faucet is not an easy decision. One needs to do enough research to come to a satisfying conclusion before buying a faucet.

Faucets come in a lot of designs and varieties. But all of them can be narrowed down to two specific types. Single-handle faucet and Double-handle faucet. 

The single-handle faucet has one, whereas, a double-handle faucet comes with two handles. Each has its distinct characteristics despite going neck and neck with each other. 

Today, we’re going to take a look at which faucet to prefer for your bathroom.

Pros And Cons Of Single Handle Faucets

single handle bathroom faucet

Let us consider the advantages and disadvantages of the single-handle faucets to better understand why-


We start off by discussing the advantages of owning a single-handle faucet. It appears to have a good number of pros in its favor. Let’s check them out-

Stylish Appearance

Modern-day single-handle faucets have a sleek, yet simplistic look. This adds an element of aesthetically pleasing visual, complementing any modern bathroom.

You can find a wide variety of designs for single-handle faucets. Choose the faucet that’ll blend well with your thoughtful bathroom design.

Looking for stylish and modern single-handle faucets for your bathroom? Check out these few single-handle faucets that we recommend-

Product-1 Delta Faucet Modern Single Hole Bathroom Faucet. 
Product-2 VOTON Waterfall Spout Single Handle Bathroom Faucet 

These faucets are designed to be compatible with most bathroom sinks. Pick the one that would perfectly match the appearance of your bathroom.

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Takes Up Less Space

Thanks to its single handle, the faucet can take up less space. This makes it the perfect choice for small washbasins.

If you are looking for an appropriate faucet for your small space, pick single-handle faucets!

Simple Installation

It doesn’t take much effort to install a single-handle faucet compared to double-handle faucets.

Single-handle faucets require you to drill only one hole for the handle. 

Less installation time means less hassle and less installation cost as well. Compared side by side to removing Moen faucet handles, single-handle faucets are easier to disassemble.

Effortless Operation

Having one less handle means that single-handle faucets are far easier to operate than double-handle faucets. It’s also preferred over double-handle faucets by many for everyday use.

Due to taking up less space, single-handle faucets allow you more room to operate. Furthermore, you only need one hand to operate with a single-handle faucet. 

Have both of your hands occupied? Worry not! It’s also easier to use a single-handle faucet with your arm or elbow. Individuals with arthritis can also easily operate with such faucets.

Easy To Clean

Perhaps, the best advantage of using single-handle faucets is that it’s super easy to clean. With only one handle, it is far easier to clean every last dirty spot of the faucet. You have less to clean and can actually save some time too as an added bonus!


It looks like the single-handle faucets have a lot to offer in being useful. However, it does have a couple of issues that can be counted as drawbacks. The drawbacks of single-handle faucets are-

No Control Over Temperature

Unlike double-handle faucets, you have no control over the temperature of the water with single-handle faucets. 

Two handles of the double-handle faucets offer the user to customize the temperature of the water. This can be pointed out as a huge disadvantage for people using single-handle faucets.

Leakage Issue

Any potential leak can cut off the water supply of your single-handle faucet. Plus, losing the single handle can make the faucet unusable. 

Pros And Cons Of Double-Handle Faucet

double handle faucet

We have learned what single-handle faucets have to offer to its user. Now it’s time to compare that to the pros and cons of double-handle faucets-

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An extra handle gives the double-handle faucet some major edge over single-handle faucets. Not only does it expand the perimeter of utility, but also adds to the design department. Some of the pros of double-handle faucets are-


Having two handles allows the double-handle faucet to have a symmetrical look. Not only is it visually pleasing to look at, but also serves the design aesthetics.

Temperature Control

The two handles of a double-handle faucet offer hot and cold water. It’s a huge advantage as you can customize the temperature of the water. 

Double-handle faucets can be a handy choice for winter. You can opt for using only hot water and avoid using cold water. Using both handles will allow you to customize the temperature of the water to your preference.

Usable Even If One Handle Leaks

Perhaps you have a leakage in one of the handles of your double-handle faucet. Does it render the use of the faucet useless?

Not at all! You can still use the faucet thanks to the other handle. Although you won’t be able to choose the temperature, the faucet will still work.


The extra handle of the faucet can also be its biggest disadvantage. Here’s why-

Takes Up More Space

Two separate handles can offer a lot of customization options. But with it, also comes a number of issues. Firstly, two handles always take up more space than a single handle. This means that your double-handle faucets will take up more space.

In addition, having an extra handle also results in extra cleaning duty. There is also an increased chance of breaking the handles for double-handle faucets.

Harder To Operate

The two handles of double-handle faucets might often prove challenging for minors and arthritis patients. 

Which One Should I Go For Waterfall Faucet Pros and Cons?

The decision ultimately rests upon your hand. It depends on your personal preference, your choice of design, and a number of other factors.

As we can see, the pros of single-handle faucets outweigh their cons. Despite having some major disadvantages, the single-handle faucet still offers a good number of advantages.

Most households don’t offer spacious bathrooms. Having too many appliances in such a small space can make the bathroom cluttered and noisy. So it’s only wise to prefer appliances that take up less space.

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For our day-to-day use, we don’t actually need double-handle faucets. Single-handle faucets offer more user-friendly handling and take up less space. Even a minor can operate with single-handle faucets without going through much trouble.

Despite all this, the double-handle faucet holds some key advantages over single-handle faucets. If you have a bigger bathroom space, choosing a double-handle faucet is a no-brainer. It’ll not only give you two separate water temperatures but also provide customization options.

A leaked problem doesn’t deal a huge blow to double-handle faucet users. You can always use the other handle of the faucet. 

If you’re looking to replace your single-handle faucet with a double-handle faucet, we have bad news. Installing a double-handle faucet in place of a single-handle faucet requires an extra hole. 

You can drill up the extra hole to accommodate the double-handle faucet. But it’ll just complicate the installation process.

Make sure that you explore all the possible options and assess their advantages and drawbacks carefully. Installing a bathroom faucet is an expensive task. So such decisions should be properly managed beforehand. 

Here is a piece of helpful information about single vs double handle faucets.

Related Questions

Question: Can a single-handle faucet replace a double-handle faucet?

Answer: It’s possible to replace a double-handle faucet with a single-handle faucet. You’ll need a single-handle faucet that has a wide enough base to cover the unused holes. If the unused holes are less than four inches apart, most bases can cover them up.

Question: Can all types of faucets fit in all sinks?

Answer: Not really. Bathroom faucets are not designed to fit all sinks universally. For example, your small sink can only have enough space for single-handle faucets. Double-handle faucets require more space, and thus, need bigger sinks.

Question: Do faucets come with drains?

Answer: Faucets don’t come with drain with the exception of bathroom faucets. Shower and tub faucets don’t come with drains due to a large number of combinations. Even bathroom faucets often don’t always come with drains included.

Question: Can you replace a single handle faucet with a double?

Answer: Yes.

Final Words

So, are single handle faucets better for your bathroom? We believe that the answer to this relies heavily upon your preferences. Consult an expert’s opinion to understand if you can accommodate your preferred faucet. 

Hope this article was helpful for you in deciding the better faucet for your bathroom. Have a great day.

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