How To Store Toilet Plunger (Aesthetic Look & Easy Reaching)

Most homeowners aren’t as lucky to never face clogging their toilet due to hard water, too much tissue paper, foreign objects, or worn sewage pipes. That time, the toilet plunger is the savior to unclog your stuck toilet. After clearing the toilet, you may breathe deeply, as your toilet is looking great. 

But, now the gross question is how to store the toilet plunger. 

Wash the plunger with bleach mixing warm water, rinse it with clean water, swirl to remove excess water, and dry it. Now, it is ready to store. 

But where to store it is another big question. 

There are two basic ideas to store your toilet plunger. If you consider accessibility, the toilet cabinet is the best option. If your toilet won’t have a toilet cabinet, keeping it behind your toilet bowl on a plunger holder is excellent. 

But, if you consider the aesthetics of your bathroom and sanitation, the garage is the right place to store the plunger.  

That’s the iceberg of the entire discussion of our post. You’ll need detailed guidelines to successfully store the plunger. Here, we’ll help you learn the process with easy steps, decide which will be the ideal place to store your toilet plunger, and the pros and cons of these options. So let’s dive into the deep. 

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How To Store Toilet Plunger (Free plunger Storage Ideas)

How To Store Toilet Plunger Free plunger Storage Ideas

Let’s admit that plungers are inherently a tool to unclog your toilet, making it dirty. So it’s tough to find a perfect space to hide it from your eyesight. But fortunately, we can let you know some creative ideas to store your plunger literally with zero cost. Sounds exciting! Yes, we really mean it, as we value your money how you value it. 

  1. Our first idea is to use a plastic container ½ gallon ice cream container or something like that. You have just to cut the gallon in half with an anti-cutter and rest the plunger suction end into it. Then place the plunger in the cabinet under the sink to ensure it is out of your view. 
  1. You can also use a foam plate or bleach bottle bottom to place the plunger suction end on it.  Here I’ve talked about bleach toilets overnight in details.
  1. The plastic folgers coffee can also be an excellent idea to store plungers. 
  1. Do you have old plastic “terracotta” pots at your home? If so, use it as a plunger holder. 
  1. Another creative idea can be using plastic grocery bags to store the plunger. 

Note: Since our DIY toilet plunger storage ideas suggested pots are not designed for plunger storage  So you have to change them regularly to avoid making your toilet messy.

Where To Store Toilet Plunger (Convenient For Easy Accessibility)

Toilet Plunger

If your concern is easy accessibility, storing the toilet plunger in the bathroom is the better option to get your arm’s reach. So that whenever you need it to unclog the toilet, you can get it within your hand and use it without roaming around your whole house with nasty feet. 

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It’ll be good to store the plunger in the bathroom if there is a wall plunger storage system. Otherwise, if you keep the plunger in your eyesight, it is inconvenient and unpleasant. 


  • Easier and faster accessibility when needed
  • Save you time as you won’t have to look for it 
  • No hassle to roam around your whole house


  • Sometimes you feel awkward in front of the guest due to the odd looking plunger 

Where To Store Toilet Plunger (Convenient For Aesthetic Look)

Where To Store Toilet Plunger

It doesn’t make sense since this is a bathroom, here you can keep everything to look like a store room. A bathroom is where you spend the most personal time, and it’s about maintaining hygiene. So it’s utterly awkward that the toilet looks untidy and unpleasant. 

So, you can store your plunger in the garage to keep the bathroom tip top and organized to look at. Storing the plunger in the garage doesn’t mean keeping it a place where you won’t find it at the time of need.

The best practice is to keep it close to the garage door, like behind the door, so you’ll get it the quickest time when necessary. 


  • The bathroom will look nice and tidy to look at
  • You feel better presenting your bathroom in front of the guest 
  • Cleaning the bathroom will be faster and easier 


  • It requires a little bit of time and energy investment to find the plunger when needed.

What Needs To Store A Toilet Plunger?

What Needs To Store A Toilet Plunger

Being creative is excellent, but this requires thinking about the ideas and preparation for implementation. However, these also need energy and time involvement and frequent changing hassle. Maintaining all those things is quite impossible for persons with corporate jobs, moms with little kids, and senior citizens with back and waist pain. 

So, when buying the plunger, you have to keep in mind that. But what if you don’t have the plunger holder right now? Do you need to buy a plunger with a holder, though you have your plunger? 

No, not at all. Fortunately, different types of plunger holders and trays suit different plunger styles. Only buying a single plunger holder can solve your issue. 

But, are you concerned about what plunger holder is the best? 

Don’t worry! As of now, we’ll let you know one of the budget-friendly plunger trays and a storage cabinet you can own.

1. Maplefield Plunger Tray

Though the Maplefield plunger tray is made from plastic, it is durable. This tray is well designed to ensure enough air circulation around the plunger to make the wet plunger dry and prolong its lifespan. However, the silk design helps keep it behind the toilet bowl to ensure invisibility. 

  • The universal catch drip is deep enough to perfectly fit most plungers 
  • The silk design is suitable to fit under your closet or sink 
  • Excellent craftsmanship and durability 

2. Hy-dit Toilet Plunger Storage Cabinet

Installing a Hy-dit plunger storage cabinet is worthwhile to decorate a modern bathroom. Even if you live in an older house, once you install the storage cabinet in the bathroom, it gets a new outlook that is absolutely great for hiding your bathroom cleaner, brush, toilet plunger, auger, and many more knick-knack things. 

  • It brings a new outlook to your bathroom. 
  • Easy to install on any walls 
  • Paintable to match your bathroom wall  
  • Require small space and easy to clean
  • It’s appropriate for both your and the guest’s bathroom. 
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On the other hand, if your old plunger is partially or entirely damaged, it’s far better to buy a new plunger with a holder. This time, you can focus on the plungers that are exclusively designed to unclog the toilet and hide the plunger in the holder. So you keep the bathroom as good-looking as possible. 

3. Clorox Toilet Plunger With Caddy

You must love to have this clorox toilet plunger with a caddy because of its decent quality and design. The flange cup of the plunger will create maximum pressure to clear the clog fastly. It’s a nice coordinating, well-built caddy that conveniently hides the plunger when not in use. 

  • This plunger caddy comes with an automatic open and closing mechanism 
  • The plunger will dry within a few minutes and help to keep the floor clean 
  • Great to store the plunger into the caddy with no sliding or tipping

4. Toilet Plunger and Bowl Brush Combo

Isn’t it a great idea to buy a combo set of toilet plungers and brushes, as you’ll need both to keep your toilet clean? 

Of course, yes. So our next choice is the MR.SIGA Toilet Plunger and Bowl Brush Combo. It has three tools: a powerful and easy-to-use toilet plunger, a sturdy toilet brush, and a two-compartment holder to store them. 

The entire unit is beneficial for the well-being of your toilet. It is designed to deal with toilet bowl germs and clogged toilets and keep the bathroom organized. So you can choose this combo package to kill two birds with a shot. 

  • 2 in 1 combo package and affordable price 
  • Space-saving design helps to keep them hidden within a tight space
  • The plunger’s rubber suction cup offers powerful pressure
  • The brush’s dense nylon bristles offer deep cleaning

5. Decorative Plunger Holder

Hey, if you are a person who loves decorating every single space, including the toilet, then you can choose a decorative plunger holder to store your plunger. Basically, this type of plunger holder showcases your fantastic personality and taste. 

This time, we chose the Tiasablu Plunger with Concealed Holder, made with stainless steel to make it durable. Even its plunger is designed to use most low-flow US toilets, and the splashback works as a splash guard when using the plunger.

  • None can beat its quality for durability and design to save space
  • The holder looks attractive due to its shiny appearance
  • The vent holes of the holder ensure fast plunger drying to prolong its life

How To Clean Toilet Plunger Before Storing

How To Clean Toilet Plunger Before Storing

So, hopefully, you have chosen the option between the two to store the toilet plunger. But, there is a task before storing it and that is to clean the plunger. Ensuring sanitation of your toilet plunger is a must to prevent germ and bacteria contamination. 

The Things You’ll Need

  • 4 cups chlorine bleach
  • Regular water 

Step 1: Self-cleaning

When you use the plunger to unclog the toilet, some debris and waste may be stuck with it. So plunger self-cleaning is great to remove them. 

  • After using the plunger to unclog your toilet, flush the bathroom several times to ensure there is no wastage left.
  • Then fill the toilet bowl with clean water.
  • Swirl the dirty toilet plunger around the toilet’s clean water. 
  • When you notice the solid waste of the plunger is removed, flush the toilet. 
  • You can repeat the process if more solid waste is left in the plunger. 
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Step 2: Sanitation 

Only clean water can’t offer the proper sanitation that you require to prevent germ contamination. So in this step, you have to use bleach to sanitize the plunger. 

  • Add 4 cups of liquid chlorine into the toilet bowl and wait 1-2 minutes to let it dissolve. The bleach is also good for removing the toilet bowl’s black ring. (Here you can make an internal link) So the black rings will be also cleaned by cleaning your plunger. That’s great. 
  • Once the bleach is mixed with the water, submerge the plunger into the water.
  • Wait for at least 5 minutes to effectively kill the plunger’s germ and virus. 
  • Swirl it like the previous step several times to ensure sanitation for every hard-reach plunger area.

Step 3: Rinsing 

Once you are sure that the plunger is entirely sanitized with the bleaching water, it’s time to rinse it. 

  • Flush the toilet bowl to remove the bleaching water. 
  • Fill the toilet bowl and again swirl the plunger in the clean water.
  • Remove the plunger from the toilet water and twist it several times. 

Step 4: Storing 

Though you twist it a few times, its suction cup still has water.

  • Insert the plunger into the plunger holder with holes for well-venting to make it dry within some minutes. 
  • Store the plunger holder behind the toilet bowl to ensure it is out of your sight. 

How often should you replace your toilet plunger?

There is no fixed time duration to replace your toilet plunger. It depends on the frequency of how many times you use it and what its condition is. 

If you use the plunger frequently, it’ll be damaged within a few months. On the other hand, if you rarely use it, the plunger will be in good condition even after some years. 

So you have to replace the plunger when you find it is not in good condition and fail to plunge anymore. Since the toilet plunger isn’t an expensive tool, you should replace it when needed, without making delays. 

Should I have a plunger in every bathroom?

Yes, it’s good to have a plunger in every bathroom to avoid the hassle of bringing another toilet plunger when you need it. Keeping a nice and decorative plunger in the guest bathroom is also great. However, you can own a different multi-purpose plunger for unclogging the bathtub or kitchen sink. 

Parting Words

So, that’s the overall discussion on how to store toilet plunger, where to keep it, and how to clean before storing. We hope you find the guide helpful in solving your plunger storage hassle.  

No matter where you store the plunger, ensure it is effectively sanitized, dried and out of your view. 

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