Why Is My Toilet Bowl Empty (5 Reasons & Solutions)

Is your toilet bowl emptying weirdly without flushing?

Do you think it’s something like ghost flushing? 

Not at all. There are some other culprits behind your empty toilet bowl. 

Why is my toilet bowl empty?

Your toilet bowl can be empty for many reasons, including a poor vent pipe, damage or error inside the tank mechanism, a cracked toilet bowl, or a clogged inlet hole. No matter the reason, you must know how to inspect and fix the problem.

So here we go through all the possible reasons behind emptying your toilet bowl and a complete guide to fix the problems.

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Emptying Toilet Bowl What Does It Mean?

Why Is My Toilet Bowl Empty

When your toilet bowl becomes empty without any visible reason, it is dealing with a plumbing problem. And we want to remind you plumbing problems are not normal by themselves. Instead, they’ll worsen if you don’t repair them in time. 

Once you see your toilet bowl is emptying, find out why and fix it as soon as possible. 

If you don’t know where to find it. Check out the following problems we listed, and when you find the main culprit, fix them by following our instructions.

Possible Causes Of Empty Toilet Bowl And Ways To Fix

Let’s go through the different reasons for an empty toilet bowl.

Reason 1# Blockage In The Vent Line

toilet vent line blockage

Plumbing vents are also known as sewer vents. It allows the sewer gasses to flow out and let the air flow to the toilet sewage system. If the vent has any blockage or is not set up correctly, the vent will not work properly and cause the toilet to empty.

How To Fix Vent Line

There is nothing much to fix the vent line. Maybe you need to reset the vent line or do the following things. 

  • You must clear the debris from the vent line to let the air flow freely within the ventilation system.
  • You can invest in a vent cover to keep the vent safe from blocking the airflow due to any plant or animal.
  • Call a plumber or professional to inspect and resolve the problem, as getting up on the roof can be risky.
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Reason 2# Problem In Toilet Tank

toilet tank problems running water

A lack of water in your toilet tank can lead to an empty toilet bowl. In that case, you might check your toilet fill valve or flapper. First, check your toilet’s water supply whether it’s turned on or off. If it’s off, turn on the supply and test if your problem has been solved.

If the water supply is all clear, you might dig into your toilet tank and inspect the parts. You can fix your toilet tank mechanism in two ways. Adjusting the toilet mechanisms and replacing the broken parts. 

  • Problem With The Tank’s Float

If your water supply is turned on, Inspect if any problem is found in your toilet tank float. The tank float switch moves up and down with the water level, detecting the amount of water level. 

It sends an alarm to the fill valve to turn on and off when the tank’s water level is too high or low. If the float gets stuck or is not working properly, it might cause the toilet bowl to empty itself. 

Though its simple mechanism worked without trouble for years, the float can sometimes be broken or worn out and lead to an empty toilet bowl. 

How to fix it

Move the float up and down to adjust and see if that fixes the problem. If not, the float might need to be replaced. It’s not expensive to buy, and you can replace it by following some DIY float replacement tutorials. You can easily find the float at any online or local hardware store. Only checkout you’re buying the right one adjustable with your tank type. 

  • Problem In Fill Valve

The fill valve or ballcock controls the balance of water filling in your tank. If the fill valve is damaged or not working properly, adequate water can’t fill the tank. Since the low tank water level is insufficient to fill your toilet bowl.

How To Fix Fill Valve Problem

Here are a few steps to fix the fill valve problem-

  • Inspect the fill valve to see if there is an any worn or broken components 
  • Check out if the valve is opening or closing properly. If there is a problem, try cleaning.
  • If everything is good, adjust the fill valve and check whether the problem solved
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If you have already tried the above three options and your toilet bowl is still emptying itself, then go forward to inspect the toilet flapper.  

  • Problem In Flapper

The toilet flapper can also be responsible for empty toilet bowls. A toilet flapper drains water from your toilet tank to the bowl. It seals the tank, and when you flush the toilet, the flapper is lifted, allowing the water to move to the toilet bowl. When the water comes down to a certain level, the flapper falls back into its place, sealing the toilet tank.

So if its function has any error, like deterioration, the seal might not work properly. Mostly when your flapper becomes brittle or accumulated well sediment, it interferes with proper sealing, and you experience empty water in the toilet bowl.

How To Fix Flapper

You can fix the flapper with a DIY flapper repair or can replace the old flapper yourself. All you need to do is go to a hardware store near you and find the right replacement parts.

Note: The toilet mechanism can differ depending on your toilet’s type. So when you inspect the fill valve, follow its manufacturer’s manual.

Reason 3# A Partial or Full Clog

partial clog toilet

If your toilet tank has enough water level and every part works properly, but you find no water in the toilet bowl, then you likely have a partial or full clog in the trap. 

Most clogs are found in the internal piping of your toilet, which causes overflow from the toilet bowl. But sometimes, the clog siphons water out of the toilet bowl, and you find your toilet bowl without water.

In most cases, toilet paper is responsible for siphoning water out of the bowl. It works similarly to a lantern and siphons oil from a reservoir to create fire. 

How To Fix It

If you want to fix it, you must first check the blockage type. Using a hand glove, toilet auger, or plunger to dislodge the clog. If it doesn’t work or you suspect the blockage is deep within the pipes, you should contact a professional plumber who can help remove the clog.

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Reason 4# Cracked Toilet Bowl

toilet bowl crack

To check whether your toilet bowl is emptying due to the cracks in the toilet bowl, run your hand throughout the outer side to feel any cracks or leaking water.

How To Fix Cracked Toilet Bowl 

If the toilet bowl crack is the problem, you should try to replace the toilet immediately. But if you can’t do it now, you can temporarily fix the crack using a sealant or epoxy to patch it up.

Note: If you’re unsure you can fix the cracked toilet, call a professional to help.

Reason 5# Clogged Inlet Hole

clogged inlet holes toilet

Another cause of emptying your toilet bowl is the clogged Inlet holes. Inlet holes are also known as rim jets. You’ll find these holes under the rim of the toilet. However, the clogged poo stains in your toilet rim can also be the response for mineral deposits or bacteria that can clog the inlet holes. 

So you face problems with flushing, and the water in the tank doesn’t empty down to the toilet bowl, then inlet holes might become calcified or clogged. 

How To Fix A Clogged Inlet Hole

To fix a clogged inlet hole, follow the steps below-

  • Add some hot vinegar (warm to the touch, not scalding) into the overflow tube
  • Allow the vinegar to sit for a couple of hours to help dissolve the deposit
  • Scrub the deposit using a toothbrush  or if they’re compacted, use a small wire, poke inside the holes and clear them out
  • Lastly, flush the toilet and see if the water level in your toilet bowl goes normal

Tips: If you don’t want to use commercial toilet bowl cleaner because of your dilemma,  is toilet cleaner acid or alkaline. You can use vinegar. Because it is also a good home ingredient for cleaning toilet bowls.

In Conclusion

So that’s all the possible reason for your question, why is my toilet bowl empty“. Hopefully, this guide will help you to troubleshoot your problem easily. 

If you can’t find out why your toilet is behaving like this, consider calling a plumber. Don’t leave your toilet empty and make it worse! 

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