Can Toilet Paper Clog a Toilet? Yes or No? [5 Reasons]

Clogging your toilet can be very frustrating and unpleasant. Even if you think toilet papers are safe for your toilet, are they really? Toilet papers can also clog a toilet depending on various reasons.

So, the question is can toilet paper clog a toilet?

Small mistakes like using too much toilet paper can clog a toilet. Also, using toilet paper in low-flush toilets can be problematic. Toilets that are partially clogged can get fully clogged due to toilet paper usage. If toilet pipes are rough then it can contribute to toilet paper getting stuck. Moreover, toilet paper itself or a poor sewage system can also cause this issue.

Not satisfied with the answer? Don’t worry! We’ve discussed every reason with their respective solution in this article. 

So, let’s get started.

Can Toilet Paper Clog a Toilet?

Can Toilet Paper Clog a Toilet

Yes, you have heard it right. Toilet papers can clog a toilet. So, without further ado let’s discuss the circumstances when toilet paper can clog a toilet.

Ways Toilet Paper Clogs A Toilet And How To Fix It?

Since toilets are made for toilet paper to go through, toilet paper shouldn’t clog a toilet. Well, that’s what we all think and that is true. But there are reasons why even toilet paper can clog a toilet.

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Using Too Much Toilet Paper

using too much toilet paper

This is in fact one of the most common reasons why toilet paper clogs a toilet. Simply using too much toilet paper can create a clog in the pipe.

Which can get bigger with time and finally fully clog your toilet.


The prevention of this is quite straightforward. You just need to regulate your toilet paper usage. 

Especially kids who often use too much toilet paper. In this case, you can try teaching your kids counting toilet paper squares. This way they can use the right amount of toilet paper.

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Low-Flush Toilet

Low Flush Toilet

Low-flush toilets are great for their efficiency and eco-friendliness. However, since they use less water the flush pressure is lower.

Additionally, it can also cause poop to stick to the toilet bowl due to the low pressure. It can be quite troublesome to remove sticky poop from the toilet bowl.


It has a higher chance of clogging due to the lack of pressure. 

Therefore, while using a low-flush toilet be careful of your usage of toilet paper. Additionally, the thickness of the paper might also contribute to being able to be flushed.

Partial Clog

partial clog toilet

If the toilet is partially clogged due to other reasons toilet paper can enhance that. In older toilets, the pipe gets partially clogged in many cases.

Flushing toilet paper on top of that can fully clog the toilet pipe.

Even though toilet paper wasn’t the only culprit here it might seem like it is. Also, toilets might have a lot of dirt on their inner surface. This can catch toilet papers and slowly clog the pipe.


To prevent this, cleaning toilet pipes with adhesive cleaners might also come in handy. Checking for any partial clog and keeping it clean drastically reduces the chance of clogging.

Old or Rough Pipes

Old or Rough Pipes

Old or rough pipes often lead to toilet clogs. When a pipe is new it’s smooth and clean thus it drains everything easily.

But as it gets old or if the pipes are rough it might cause problems. Flushed toilet papers might get stuck on the rough surface inside the pipe.

Therefore, it causes the toilet paper to get stuck and clog the toilet.


Changing the toilet pipe is the solution to this problem. Changing the rough pipes with new, smooth, and clean pipes will solve this problem.

But make sure to install the toilet properly after replacing the pipes. Otherwise, you might run into other problems later on.

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Hard to Dissolve Toilet Paper

Hard to Dissolve Toilet Paper

Toilet papers are supposed to be dissolved in the water pretty easily. But there are papers that are thicker than normal and also harder to dissolve.

This kind of toilet paper can contribute to clogging a toilet.


If there’s no other reason for your toilet to clog, then toilet paper is it. Check your toilet paper if it is hard to dissolve. If it is then changing your toilet paper can solve this problem.

Poor Sewage System

Toilet Poor Sewage System

Not having a good enough sewage system can also cause a clog in a toilet. A poor sewage system might not be able to handle the flushed toilet papers.

As a result, it might get stuck and result in clogging your toilet.


To find out if this is the case, contact a professional to have a check. If the sewage system is the culprit then reconstruction of it is the only way.

Or, you’ll have to stop flushing down toilet paper and use a bin.

These are some of the reasons why toilet paper can cause clogging problems. Follow the simple solutions or else your suffering won’t stop.

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Question: Can I unclog my toilet on my own?

Answer: It really depends on how severe the clog is. Sometimes if the clog isn’t that big, it can be unclogged pretty easily.

Question: What tools can I use to unclog a toilet?

Answer: The best bet is a plunger to try to unclog your toilet. If a plunger doesn’t work try using a toilet snake or closet auger. You can also try using dissolving chemicals to dissolve the obstacles causing the clog.

Question: Can small hard objects clog my toilet?

Answer: Though it can’t directly cause a clog, it can contribute to clogging the toilet. For instance, it can sit inside the toilet pipe and slowly collect flushed toilet papers. With time it might fully clog your toilet.

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Question: Can toilet paper really clog a toilet?

Answer: Yes, toilet paper can clog a toilet.

Question: How much toilet paper is too much to flush?

Answer: Flushing more than a few sheets of toilet paper at once can be too much.

Question: Is it okay to flush flushable wipes?

Answer: No, flushable wipes should not be flushed as they can also cause clogs.

Question: What should I do if my toilet is clogged with toilet paper?

Answer: Use a plunger or a plumbing snake to unclog the toilet.

Question: How can I prevent my toilet from getting clogged with toilet paper?

Answer: Only flush a reasonable amount of toilet paper and avoid flushing other items.

Question: Can low-flow toilets be more prone to clogging with toilet paper?

Answer: Yes, low-flow toilets can be more prone to clogging with toilet paper.

Question: How can I dispose of toilet paper if I can’t flush it?

Answer: Dispose of toilet paper in the trash if you can’t flush it.

Question: Should I use a plunger or a plumbing snake to unclog a toilet with toilet paper?

Answer: Use a plunger first and resort to a plumbing snake if the plunger doesn’t work.

Question: Are there any eco-friendly alternatives to toilet paper that won’t clog my toilet?

Answer: Yes, there are eco-friendly alternatives like bidets or reusable cloth wipes.

Question: Is it safe to use chemicals to unclog a toilet with toilet paper?

Answer: Chemicals should be used with caution as they can damage plumbing systems and harm the environment.

In Conclusion

That’s the end of our article today. Hopefully, you got the answer to your question: can toilet paper clog a toilet?

If you have any further queries do let us know in the comments.

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