DIY Toilet Paper Decoration Ideas: Fun and Easy Crafts

Delving into the world of limitless creativity, one might be surprised to discover the sheer versatility of materials that can be transformed into beautiful works of art. Embarking on such an exploration, we venture into the often overlooked resource that is toilet paper.

This common household item harbors an untapped potential for crafting and decoration. With a simple roll and a dash of creativity, even the most mundane of materials can become a canvas for expression and creativity.

This guide takes you through the fundamental concepts of toilet paper crafts, discussing not only the type of toilet paper suited for such endeavors but also the significance of ply count and the tools necessary for crafting.

Toilet Paper Craft Basics

Understanding the Suitable Toilet Paper for Crafting

The first essential aspect of toilet paper crafting is understanding the kind of toilet paper that is suitable for decorating.

It’s important to note that not all toilet paper is created equal for crafts. Opt for toilet paper that is sturdy, yet pliable.

One-ply toilet paper, for instance, is often too thin and fragile for many crafts, while three-ply can be too thick and harder to manipulate.

The Significance of Ply Count in Toilet Paper Crafting

In the craft world, the ply count of toilet paper typically determines its versatility for a project. A one-ply paper is generally too thin, and can easily tear, making it unsuitable for intricate or heavy-duty decorating.

Conversely, a two-ply toilet paper, while still delicate, offers a comfortable medium for craft use. It provides a balance between durability and pliability—enough strength to keep your shapes and folds, and just enough softness to smoothly crease and curl.

Necessary Tools for Crafting With Toilet Paper

Crafting with toilet paper requires some basic tools. The most common ones include scissors, glue, and different kinds of colors.

  • Scissors will be your primary tool for cutting and shaping your toilet paper. Look for a pair that is sharp, but also safe to handle, as toilet paper is thin and easy to cut through.
  • Glue is used to stick your cut or folded toilet paper pieces together or to attach them to other materials if you’re creating mixed-media crafts. It’s best to pick a glue that dries clear and quickly to keep your decorations neat and fresh-looking.
  • Colors, such as crayons, markers, or paint, come in handy for decorating your toilet paper crafts. Note, however, that toilet paper can easily tear when wet so avoid using a lot of liquid-based colors like watercolors. If you want to add color, markers or lightly applied poster paint should work well.
  • Other additional materials that could be useful include a hole punch for creating small additional details, pipe cleaners for additional support and structure in 3D crafts, and ribbons or glitter for added decoration.
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Remember, when using these tools, be it scissors, colors, or glue, it’s essential to be gentle as toilet paper is a fragile material. Mastering control of these tools over this delicate medium is the key to excellent toilet paper artistry.

A colorful toilet paper roll with various craft materials around it.

Toilet Paper Decoration Techniques

Toilet Paper Flower Decorations

Making flowers out of toilet paper can be a fun and creative way to make good use of materials you already have. To begin, you’ll need toilet paper, thread, and scissors.

Start by folding a single toilet paper sheet in half horizontally, then vertically, and finally diagonally so you have a toilet paper triangle.

Cut along the folded edges, then open your paper to reveal a circular shape. Layer multiple circles together, then pinch them in the middle and tie with a piece of thread to create your flower.

Fluff out the petals until you achieve the desired look. These flowers can be used to decorate any space or as part of a larger craft project.

Creating Toilet Paper Wall Hangings

For something a bit more crafty, you could try your hand at making toilet paper wall hangings. First, you’ll need to cut lengths of toilet paper into long strips.

Then using either a needle and thread or a sewing machine, stitch along one edge. Pull the thread tight to create a ruffled look.

You can create many of these ruffled strips and then glue them onto a poster board or thick piece of paper in a pattern or design you like. Add some paint or glitter for extra embellishment. Hang on your wall for a unique decoration!

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Toilet Paper Wreaths

Holiday times can be made special by creating a toilet paper wreath. Start by cutting your toilet paper into squares.

The size of the square will determine the size of your wreath. Once you have a pile of squares, fold each one diagonally to create triangles.

Glue the triangles in a circular pattern on a piece of cardboard, ensuring that each triangle’s point touches the circle’s center.

Layer the triangles until your cardboard base is completely covered. You can then paint your wreath in festive colors or leave it as is for a minimalist look. Use a hole punch and some string to hang your creation.

Toilet Paper Origami Decorations

If you’re feeling extra creative, learn to do origami with toilet paper. Toilet paper is thinner than origami paper, so it may be a bit more challenging, but the results can be quite impressive.

Search online for simple origami designs to start. Birds, boats, and flowers are classic choices. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can string your finished pieces together to make a garland for your home.

Painting Toilet Paper

Another idea is to paint on toilet paper. This can be a great way for children to have fun while also creating something decorative. Using watercolor paints, they can create mini drawings or doodles on each sheet. Once your creations are dry, they can be stuck to a wall in pattern formations or even used as wrapping paper for small gifts.

The versatility of toilet paper makes it an interesting medium to use for craft and decoration. The techniques above should give you a starting point for your toilet paper decorations.

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As always, don’t be afraid to let your creativity flow and come up with your own unique designs!

Various toilet paper decorations including flowers, wall hangings, wreaths, origami, and painted creations

Further to discovering a range of toilet paper decoration techniques, we’ve journeyed on a creative exploration that unraveled the aesthetic capacity of this humble household item.

As we’ve seen, manipulating a simple roll of toilet paper can result in delightful flowers, intriguing wall hangings, charming wreaths, and many more potential projects waiting to be unearthed.

Not only does this practice bring novelty and charm to our surroundings, but it also recycles materials traditionally viewed as waste, promoting a more sustainable lifestyle.

Ultimately, the magic of toilet paper decoration lies not only within its capacity to transform spaces but also in how it spurs the imagination and brings art into everyday life.

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