Urine Leaves Red Ring In Toilet: 2 Proven Reasons

Not flushing the toilet after peeing and blood in the pee are the two main reasons that leave red rings in the toilet. 

But, the fortunate thing is everybody’s urine won’t leave red rings in the toilet, except in some cases. 

  1. So, how do you know urine leaves ring in toilet?
  2. Whose urine leaves the ring?
  3. Why does their urine leave red, pink, or blue rings in the toilet? 
  4. How to clean these disgusting rings? 
  5. How to prevent the rings from coming back? 

In this post, we’ll discuss everything from these 5 major angles. So, you can learn A to Z about urine leaving rings in your toilet bowl. Let’s start…

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How Do You Know Urine Leaves Ring In Toilet?

Urine Leaves Red Ring In Toilet

Many culprits can create different colors of pink, yellow, red, and black rings, stubborn stains, and discoloration of your toilet bowl. Some of these are

  • Hard water deposits
  • Developing bacteria named  Serratia marcescens
  • Not cleaning the toilet regularly

As a homeowner, mostly you already know that. 

But, how to define the ring is created by urine. 

Here is a simple but effective litmus test. 

  • Try to clean each bathroom of your home in a day. 
  • Now, use them for 3 days. 
  • After 3 days, observe them. 
  • If you find all are almost dirty in a similar way. 
  • Then most probably, your toilet’s red ring for any other reasons. (That we discussed already.)
  • But, if any specific toilet develops more red rings than others, urine may be the culprit.  
  • Now, figure out who mainly uses the toilet. 

Whose Urine Leaves Ring?

There are 2 categories of people whose urine leaves rings in toilet. 

  1. Pregnant women.
  2. Who has an issue with Blood in pee?

Let’s discuss the details.

1. Pregnant Women

Pregnant Women

Pregnant women often feel frequent urination during their pregnancy period due to hormonal changes. So, usually, they use the toilet around 5-7 times a night.

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Since their husband and other toddlers (if they already have one) are sleeping, they leave the toilet without flushing because they don’t want to walk them up in the middle of the night. 

They even forget to flush the toilet because of their sleep-induced stupor.

So, the toilet used by a pregnant woman will find with red rings for urine.  

2. Blood In Pee

Blood Pee

Whoever leaves blood in their pee finds urinating unexpectedly painful, has weird smells in their pee,  and has a very alarming color. That’s why their pee leaves a blue ring in the toilet. 

If you find blood in your pee, you must immediately visit professional doctors for a check-up. Because having blood with pee isn’t a good sign for health,

Reasons for blood in pee

  • Period blood
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Kidney infection 
  • Bladder or kidney stone
  • Developing cancer
  • Inherited disorder

Why Does Their Urine Leaves Ring In Toilet?

It’s very simple to understand why pregnant women and people with blood in their pees leave red or blue rings in the toilet. 

The urine composition of pregnant women is different from normal people. During pregnancy, they must consume many medicines, especially iron supplements,, vitamins, and folic acid pills. 

Generally, 5% of people who take iron pills find their urine gets darker. So the mineral deposits of their urine will stay in the toilet bowl overnight and leave red rings. 

People suffering from blood in pee also take medicine for recovery. Some bladder infection pills may turn urine into different colors as well. That will also be the cause of pee rings around the toilet. 

How To Clean Urine Left Disgusting Rings From Toilet Bowl?

There is nothing to worry about if there are already developed little red rings in the toilet for urine because it’s very easy to clean these horrible stains from the toilet bowl. 

However, as you are pregnant or have blood in pee issues, it’s better to use homemade remedies to clean the toilet rings instead of chemical products to stay in a safe zone for you and your expecting baby. 

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We care for you. So we show you the 3 simplest and easiest remedies to clean urine rings. 

Remedy 1: Vinegar Essence

White vinegar or vinegar essence will work as an excellent cleaner. So, whatever you have at home, use it to clean the toilet. 

  • Pour half a bottle of vinegar essence into the toilet bowl clinging to the toilet bowl walls, rim, and handle. 
  • Wait 20 minutes to soften the red rings and gently scrub the toilet bowl.
  • Flush 2-3 times and see the magic of a sparkling clean toilet.

Remedy 2: Baking Powder

Baking powder is another common kitchen ingredient that many people use as an all-purpose scrubber, clean ovens, paint surfaces, mop tile, etc. Moreover, it’s also effective to clean the toilet bowl or drain. 

  • Leave 1 cup of baking powder in the toilet bowl. 
  • Let them sit on the toilet for 1 hour. At this time, baking powder’s Natron will work to reduce the urine blue ring’s strength. 
  • Scrub around the toilet to remove the softened rings. 
  • Flush the toilet to remove the baking powder and stain residue. 

Remedy 3: Soft Drinks

If you have no vinegar or baking powder at home. No matter, soft drink is here. Yes, you can use Coke to clean the rings, as it contains phosphorous acid that work against urine rings. 

  • Leave one bottle of Coke in the toilet bowl and wait a few minutes. 
  • Scrub and flush. That’s all. 

Note: If the urine rings are too stubborn, you must use more elbow grease to remove them. In that case, we recommend using a commercial toilet bowl cleaner. As they contains a chemical that efficiently clean stubborn stains and even caulk around your toilet .

But as you are pregnant, it’s better to hand over this task to other people for your safety assurance. 

How To Prevent The Rings From Coming Back?

So, you make the toilet bowl spot-free and clean. Congratulations. 

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But that’s not the end. You have to use the toilet many times at night. So there is a high chance that the rings will come back again. 

But, you never want this. Do you? 

Here, taking preventative steps will help you get back these tragic rings. 

  • First, you should flush the toilet each time you use it, even at midnight. 
  • You can leave a dishwasher tablet in the septic tank of the toilet. The tablet will mix the water by distilling it. So, when you flush the toilet, the water will automatically clean the toilet bowl. 
  • Every day clean your toilet because hygiene maintenance is a must to lead a healthy life, especially when you are expecting an issue. 
  • Ensure weekly deep cleaning to avoid building stubborn stains and grime. 

Urine Red Ring In Toilet (No Concern)

It’s nothing to be panicked knowing your urine leaves red, blue, or pink rings in the toilet bowl. 

Instead, it’s normal when you are a would-be mother. Stay Happy with a positive mommy vibe and sanity to you.

Cleaning those rings is a simple job with kitchen ingredients. Just do it, at least every other day. 

Why does my pee stain the toilet red?

Pee may stain the toilet red due to a condition called hematuria or the presence of a dye in medication.

How do I stop the pink ring in my toilet?

Prevent the pink ring in your toilet by regular cleaning, reducing water hardness, and avoiding harsh cleaners.

How do I get rid of Serratia marcescens in my toilet?

To get rid of Serratia marcescens in your toilet, use a disinfectant or bleach solution and regularly clean the toilet.

Why does my toilet have pink residue?

The pink residue in your toilet may be caused by bacteria, mold, or mildew.

How do you cure reddish urine?

To cure reddish urine, drink more water and see a doctor if the color persists.

Can dehydration cause reddish urine?

Dehydration can sometimes cause reddish urine, but other medical conditions may also be responsible.

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