Valspar Vs Olympic Paint: Which One to Choose?

Painting might seem easy from the outside when someone else does it. But, try to do it yourself and you’ll realize that it is quite the task. But what most people don’t get is that painting isn’t the real pain here. It’s choosing which brand of paint to use as they differ a lot nowadays.

So, how do you decide on which brand to use when it comes to Valspar vs Olympic paint?

Well, you do so by reading our short comparative guide and weighing the pros and cons of these brands, side by side. Here, you’ll find the pros and cons of both brands of interior paint, along with a short comparison at the very end.

So, let’s jump in then.

Valspar vs Olympic paint

Valspar Vs Olympic Paint

Valspar and Olympic paint lead the world of interior paint now thanks to their quality and the way they have satisfied their customers consistently.

But both brands have their own unique features. So, what you need is a proper comparison of their traits to answer your question:

Is Valspar a good brand, or Olympic?

That’s why we put together all their pros and cons side by side to help you decide. So, let’s get started, shall we?

Valspar Paint

Valspar Paint

Valspar is an American company that has a long and wide line of paint products. They make paint for all kinds of use but lead in interior products.

Here’s the question:

Is Valspar the best for your use? Well, you can see that yourself from this list of pros and cons that we put together.


We’ll start with the pros and see if these benefits help you out the way they’re supposed to. So, here goes:

  1. No Streaks Left Behind
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The first pros on our list would be something that most people would appreciate, which is the fact that Valspar paints leave no streaks after painting.

This is due to their unique blend of paint which uses a mixture that combines both latex and oil characters. This adds in a smooth and streak-free finish.

So, people don’t have to worry about supplementing a paint product with an oil additive. Valspar does it for them with professional supervision.

2. Contains Non-Yellowing Characteristics

Other paints tend to have some yellowing formula, which causes some yellow spots to appear after people are done painting. It looks weird at times.

But, this isn’t an issue with Valspar paint. You can also use them over old finishes. And it won’t affect the surface at all.

So, it can transform your old surfaces and save you some money on new furniture. That’s a complete win-win.

3. Works Like A Glosser

Most users have confirmed that Valspar paint works like glossers, which means that you don’t need to sand your surface before starting painting. 

You can just wipe the paint over your surface. The latex feature of Valspar causes it to stick firmly to the surface, more so if you applied it over the old finish.

This decreases the chances of your cabinet getting peeled. You’re can touch the surfaces regularly, and the last thing you want is peeling and chipping paint.

4. Very Inexpensive

A lot of customer reviews have said that Valspar paint products are quite inexpensive as it has been used to paint several surfaces pretty conveniently.

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Those were all the pros of Valspar paint. Now, let’s check out the cons here.


Here are things about Valspar Paint that might bother you.

  1. Unprofessional Brush Streaks:

It’s highly possible that you might leave behind brush streaks if you are not careful with your work or if you’re not a professional.

2. Too Many Coats Needed:

Sometimes you might need three coats to get the job done. Valspar says to use two coats, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

3. Need to Prime First at Times:

In some cases, you might need to prime the surface first and then start painting if it’s old. But this is necessary, we repeat, in some cases only.

Those were all the pros and cons of Valspar. 

Here are some of our recommended Valspar paint products:

Our Recommended Valspar Paint Products

Now, let’s check out Olympic.

Olympic Paint

Olympic Paint

Olympic also happens to have a happy customer base. Now we can judge them better from their pros and cons which don’t need much of an explanation.


Here are the pros of Olympic paint products:

  1. Dries Fast:

Olympic’s paint products tend to dry out pretty fast and with consistency. So, you won’t need to wait much.

2. Spatter Proof:

The paint from Olympic is as spatter-proof as can get. That means no more messy clothes.


Here’s the one thing that might bother you:

  1. Poor Abrasion Resistance:

Olympic paint doesn’t hold up that good against abrasion. So, not a good for a room facing much wear and tear.

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Those were all the pros and cons. You can check out our recommended Olympic paints right here:

Our Recommended Olympic Paint:

The Final Comparison

We promised you a comparison and we never go back on promises. You’ll find the comparison below.

  1. No Streaks
  2. No Yellowing
  3. No Brush Marks
  4. Glosser-Like
  5. Inexpensive
  1. Unprofessional Brush Streaks
  2. Primer Might Be Needed
  3. Too Many Coats
  1. Dries Fast
  2. Spatter Proof
  3. Zero VOC
  1. Poor Abrasion Resistance


Question: What does abrasion resistance mean?

Answer: By abrasions, we mean brushing up against the wall, creating friction. A paint’s ability to resist that abrasion is its abrasion resistance.

Question: How does a latex and oil combination help?

Answer: A latex and oil combination in paint makes sure the paint gives a smooth finish. So that keeps the surface pristine.

Question: How many coats of paint does Valspar recommend?

Answer: Valspar recommends 2 coats of paint, but you should try putting on 3 coats just to be safe here. Most users have said so.


So, that’s all about Valspar vs Olympic paint. We have put together all the information you need to help you out.

But, we did come to a verdict on the two. Which is…

It’s totally up to you and your circumstances now. The ball’s in your court. So choose wisely after properly weighing them against each other.

Now, here’s a question for you:

Which one did you choose and why?

Let me know in the comments below.

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