How to Fix Your Wall Hung Toilet Quickly?

Having a wall-hung toilet has its pros and cons. You must go through some common issues with a wall-hung toilet. Luckily wall hung toilet problems are easily solvable.

Here we will talk about 4 most common problems of wall hung toilets with fixing tips. That helps to solve any wall-hung toilets issues to make your toilets fit and fine. You can avoid extra mechanic costs with these easy repair tips.

However, as the pros are more vital and it is easy to overcome the cons, you can consider wall-mounted toilets for your home. So, without further discussion let’s read the article to know details about wall mounted toilets problems and their solutions.

4 Common Wall Mounted Toilets Problems And Solutions

You may face four common issues with wall mount toilets. We have figured out the issues by researching the wall hang toilet users’ experience and tried to give the best solution to fix them. So let’s know the problems in depth and get the best recovery method.

Problem 1 of 4: Toilets Become Loose From The Wall

Every day you and all your family members have to use the toilet many times. However, the kids do many naughty tasks when using the toilet. That’s why, after using a wall hung toilet for some days you may feel it loosen or become jiggly.

This type of issue actually arises when the installation process is not done accurately. But as you have already done the installation, don’t worry; there is a trick to fix this issue. 


If you skip this problem because it does not create a big hassle for you, that will be a wrong decision. It is an initial sign of problems, but gradually the problem will increase if you don’t take steps against it. You may face water leaks, harmful germs spreading, and many more. So when you notice these issues, you have to immediately take action to solve them.

To get rid of these issues you should re-install the toilets. As you already installed the toilet by a plumber so you may know how to do it. So you can try to do the job yourself if you think you have enough knowledge and skill to install it correctly. 

But, we recommend that you should take help from expert plumbers to avoid future hassle. Before choosing any plumber for this job, check the plumber’s license and qualification crucially. It will help you to ensure quality service.

Problem 2 of 4: Water Overflow After Flush

If you face continuous overflow in mounted toilets, that indicates a severe problem. It not only wastes valuable water resources but also harms the flush. As a result, your toilet flush will fail to store sufficient water for flushing.

Wall mounted toilet running water actually happens when the ballcock and float are damaged or misplaced mistakenly at the wrong height. 


  • Method 1

First, take out the tank cover from the toilets. Now pick a screwdriver to adjust the ballcock and float of your toilet. Gradually wind them so that they loosen up. You should balance the height to stop the consistent water flow. After fixing the height that turns off the water flow, you can wind the ballcock and float to tighten then again.

  • Method 2

But if this trick does not work to stop water, then you need to change the ballcock and float. These tools are available in any hardware store or online shop. If you like to buy from online then you can check the Lasko ballcock. (Affiliate Link) .It is very easy to install and durable. 

Problem 3 of 4: Water Leakage Into The Wall

Another annoying problem you may face in a hung wall toilet is water leakage. It may happen when you push flush. Water leakage into the wall is gradually damaging your expensive wall.

Water leakage is caused due to poor connection or internal damage of your toilet. You may hire the wrong plumber when installing the toilet.


Wall mounted toilet leak repair is a bit tricky. So you can try various methods to get the best result. 

  • Method 1

First, you should switch off the water supply line in the toilet. Then check the bowls carefully, whether it becomes loose or not. If the toilet bowls get loose, you should tighten the bolts. If the water leakage happens due to a loose connection, then the problem will be solved after tightening the bolts. But if you yet face water leakage onto the wall, then try another trick.

  • Method 2

Apply color drops in the tanks to find the toilet’s cracks. The color will be gathered in the crack. In this case, you need to replace the toilet.

If you don’t find any cracks, then check the water supply line. You can also tighten the waterline with a wrench and check whether the leaks are stopped or not.

Besides, you should also look at the braided hose area to discover cracks. If you notice any cracks, then you need to replace the water supply line.

  • Method 3

If the leakage is still not fixed, then there is a high chance that the wax under the toilet gets spoiled. Take a wrench to remove the bolt that attaches to the toilet bowl. After removing the bowl from the wall, clip the previous wax ring with a knife. Now place a new wax ring on the drain. Then again, fix the bowl with the bolt. 

We hope these 3 tricks will help you to get rid of water leakage. 

Problem 4 of 4: Facing Skid Marks In Mounted Toilet

You may notice annoying skid marks in your toilet after using it some days.  It is because you may sit too far forward on the toilet and push pee under the seat and feet that actually cause skid marks at the back wall bowl.


It is not a very hard task to avoid skid marks in your toilet. You have to follow some tricks.

Method 1

To get rid of skid marks, there are no better options than practice. It depends on how accurately you can sit on the toilets. That can help you to prevent toilet skid marks. So, try to sit in the middle position. 

Method 2

But if you already get skid marks, then you need to wash them. To clean skid marks, mix one tablespoon white vinegar with 1.4 liters of water in a bottle. Then spray the mixture in the skid marks and leave it to rest for some time. 

Then take out the toilet bowl and throw it into the washing machine, and set a high temperature to get rid of skid marks. To know detailed information about how to prevent skid marks in toilets, you can check out another article on this topic by clicking here.

Question: Are wall-hung toilets a bad idea?

Answer: No, not at all. The wall hung toilets are easy to use, comfortable, and clean. So installing a wall hung toilet in your bathroom is not a bad idea. But, they are costly and require extra care for maintenance. 

Question: Do wall-mounted toilets have a weight limit?

Answer: The wall-mounted toilet should be within 500 pounds or nearly 227 kg according to the national standard. This weight limit wall-mounted toilets can easily ensure its quality, durability, and high performance. If the toilet exits the weight, the wall can not provide enough support to the toilet for using it longer. 

Question: Are back to wall toilets a good idea?

Answer: Absolutely yes, the wall back toilets are a good idea to install in your bathroom. They save bathroom space, flush water usage with their dial flush system, and are comfortable to use. But, they are slightly expensive compared with traditional toilets. 

Question: Why is my wall-hung toilet leaking?

Answer: There are three reasons for your wall-hung toilet leaking. 

  • Poor water connection
  • Cracked or damaged water tank
  • Damaged or defective wax seal   

Are wall hung toilets problematic?

Wall hung toilets can be problematic if they are not installed properly or if maintenance is neglected, but they can also offer benefits such as space-saving and easier cleaning.

Is there a weight limit for wall hung toilets?

Yes, there is a weight limit for wall hung toilets and it varies by model, but most can support up to 500 pounds or more.

Are in wall toilets a good idea?

In wall toilets can be a good idea if space is limited, but they can also be more expensive and require professional installation.

What are the pros and cons of back to wall toilets?

The pros of back to wall toilets include space-saving, easy cleaning, and modern design, while the cons include higher installation costs and limited style options.

Why choose a wall-hung toilet?

Wall-hung toilets are a good choice for small bathrooms or where a modern, minimalist look is desired.

Should there be any movement in a wall-hung toilet?

There should be minimal movement in a wall-hung toilet, otherwise, it can cause damage to the wall and toilet.

What is rough-in for wall mounted toilet?

Rough-in for wall mounted toilet refers to the distance between the center of the drain and the finished wall.

How Far From wall is toilet rough-in?

The rough-in distance for wall-mounted toilets is typically 12 inches from the finished wall.

Final Thoughts

Wall hung toilets problems are not a big issue if you take proper action at the right time. So, you need to be conscious of the problems so that you can easily fix them. But if you deny the initial sign, that can cause severe damage and extra maintenance cost. So, check your toilet every day.

Despite problems with wall mount toilets, you can also ensure easy accessibility for old or sick people with disabilities. It is also stylish, clean, and more comfortable than a traditional toilet. So, you can install a wall mount toilet without a second thought.

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