Choosing Your Throne: Elongated vs Round Toilet Bowl Guide

The humble toilet bowl: a household essential that we often overlook, save for moments of urgent need. However, the choice between an elongated and a round toilet can impact more than just your restroom aesthetics – it can change the comfort level, consume more or less space, and even affect the cost of installation.

In fact, the design history and considerations behind these bathroom fixtures offer a fascinating insight into the evolution of our everyday comforts.

Hence, by analyzing the specifics of both elongated and round toilet bowl designs, we can gain a deeper understanding of these commonplace items and make an informed decision on a model that best suits individual needs and preferences.

Elongated vs Round Toilet Bowl

AspectElongated Toilet BowlRound Toilet Bowl
ShapeOval-shaped, longerCircular, compact
ComfortMore comfortable for adults due to extended seating areaSuitable for smaller bathrooms and may be less comfortable for some adults
Space RequirementRequires more space in lengthRequires less space in length
StyleModern and sleekClassic and traditional
Cleaning EfficiencyEasier to clean due to larger bowl and more accessible surfacesSlightly harder to clean due to smaller bowl and limited access
AccessibilitySuitable for individuals with mobility issuesGenerally easier to access for all users
Water UsageMay use slightly more water per flushTypically uses less water per flush
PriceOften more expensive due to larger size and modern designGenerally more budget-friendly
InstallationMay require more careful measurements for installationEasier to install in most bathrooms
Child-FriendlyNot as ideal for small children due to the longer seatGreat for homes with small children
Design VariationsAvailable in a wide range of designs and stylesLimited design options
Popular Use CasesCommon in modern homes and luxury bathroomsFrequently found in smaller bathrooms and older homes
Accessibility in StoresWidely available in storesEasily found in most stores

Elongated toilet bowls are oval-shaped and offer more seating space and comfort, making them popular for most adults. Round toilet bowls are circular and are space-efficient, suitable for smaller bathrooms. The choice between them depends on personal preference and bathroom size.

Understanding Toilet Bowls: Basics and Varieties

Toilet Bowl Types

Toilet Bowl TypeDescription
Round BowlCompact design, space-saving, suitable for smaller bathrooms.
Elongated BowlLonger and more comfortable seat, better for most adults.
Wall-Mounted BowlMounted on the wall, saves floor space, modern aesthetic.
One-Piece ToiletSeamless design, easier to clean, fewer crevices for dirt.
Two-Piece ToiletSeparate tank and bowl, easier to transport and install.
Corner ToiletFits in a corner, space-efficient, unique shape.
Smart ToiletHi-tech features like bidet, heated seat, and self-cleaning options.
Low-Flow ToiletWater-saving design, environmentally friendly.
Comfort Height ToiletTaller seat for easier sitting and standing, ADA compliant.
Dual Flush ToiletOffers two flushing options for liquid and solid waste, water-efficient.

Toilets come in many shapes and styles, each formed based on cultural preferences, aesthetics, and comfort.

Primarily, there are two main types of toilet bowl shapes that prevail in the market: round and elongated.

These two kinds are distinctively different, both in physical appearance and how they function.

Their dimensions, comfort level and price often vary, which all come into play when choosing a suitable model for one’s bathroom.

Round Toilet Bowls

Round toilet bowls are the traditional and simplistic choice when it comes to bathroom design.

These bowls have a circular form and suit bathrooms with less available space due to their smaller footprints.

As far as dimensions are concerned, round toilet bowls typically measure approximately 16.5 inches from the front of the bowl to the center of the mounting holes at the back of the seat.

Their smaller size makes them a more popular choice for bathrooms with restricted floor space, particularly in older homes or apartments, as they take up less room.

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Round toilet bowls come in a plethora of styles and colors, ensuring there’s a model that matches your bathroom’s decor.

Elongated Toilet Bowls

The elongated toilet bowls, on the other hand, provide a modern and stylish look in comparison with round bowls. As the name suggests, these bowls are more extended and oval-shaped.

They measure about 18.5 inches from the front end to the center of the mounting holes, hence, taking up more space than a round bowl would.

The larger size of elongated toilet bowls delivers increased comfort, especially for adults because it provides more sitting area. However, this larger size might not be as suitable for small bathrooms or ones with limited space.

Elongated Vs. Round Toilet Bowls: The Historical Perspective

In the early days, round toilet models were the standard.

They were cheaper to manufacture, took up less space, and offered a level of comfort suitable for the average person.

However, with the evolution of demographics, including the increase in average body size and the aging population, the need for a toilet design that offers better comfort became critical.

This need led to the invention and promotion of elongated toilets.

They offered a better sitting experience, making them more appealing to the public. Today, while round toilets are still popular due to their compact size and less expensive pricing, elongated models are gaining ground for their comfort and modern aesthetic.

Contemplating Functional Considerations

When purchasing a new toilet, many factors influence your decision when choosing between a round and an elongated toilet bowl. Such factors typically involve spatial constraints, budget, user comfort, and the specific needs of the household.

For those pressed for space and mindful of cost, the round toilet bowl presents a viable option.

However, for households with larger adults or members who face mobility challenges, an elongated style could provide increased comfort and functionality.

Both types reliably fulfill essential sanitation functions, with their aesthetic appeal being a subjective choice dependent on personal preference.

All in all, the final decision lies in the hands of the homeowners, as both round and elongated toilet bowls meet their purpose, balancing homeowners’ distinctive needs and tastes.”‘

Detailed Analysis: Elongated Toilet Bowls

An Overview of Elongated Toilet Bowl Designs

Many users find the elongated toilet bowls more comfortable due to their extended oval-like form, which aligns well with the human body’s natural shape.

This design principle leads to a larger seating surface in comparison to round bowls, providing a more accommodating user experience.

Furthermore, their increased dimensions cater to a wide range of toilet seat types, granting them versatility in various domestic and commercial environments.”

Benefits of Elongated Toilet Bowls

One advantage of elongated toilet bowls is their increased comfort when in use, as they provide more seating area.

This is particularly beneficial for adults and people with particular physical conditions or mobility difficulties.

Furthermore, for those that put a lot of value on aesthetics, elongated toilet bowls often look more modern and elegant than round ones.

Regardless of which advantage you concentrate on, it’s clear that elongated toilet bowls bring form and function together seamlessly in the bathroom.

Drawbacks of Elongated Toilet Bowls

Despite the benefits, there are also downsides to elongated toilet bowls. They require more space to install, which could be a challenge for smaller bathrooms or powder rooms where space is a premium.

The additional material used to make these types of seats can also make them slightly more expensive.

Moreover, the added surface area can make them more susceptible to getting dirty and thus may require more frequent cleaning.

The Installation Process for Elongated Toilet Bowls

Generally, the installation process for elongated toilet bowls is very similar to that of round models.

Both involve securing the bowl to the floor, connecting the appropriate water supply, and installing the seat.

However, given the increased size of elongated models, it is crucial to ensure enough clearance space is available, particularly in front of the bowl. Before purchasing, it is recommended to measure the bathroom space thoroughly.

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Comparison with Round Toilet Bowls

In contrast to elongated toilet bowls, round ones are more compact, making them a popular choice for small bathrooms.

Due to their smaller size, they are often less expensive and easier to install. While they may not offer the same level of comfort as elongated models, they can still be highly functional and efficient. In terms of cleaning, round models often require less effort due to their smaller surface area.

Space Requirements – Round vs Elongated Toilet Bowls

In terms of space, there’s a noticeable difference between round and elongated toilet bowls.

Round bowls typically reach about 28 inches from the wall, while elongated ones can extend up to 31 inches. For rooms with limited space, a round bowl is more suitable as it could save you valuable inches.

However, if space isn’t a constraint, an elongated bowl could be a more comfortable choice.

Making the Right Choice for Your Space

Choosing between an elongated and round toilet bowl is a decision that should consider one’s personal taste, space limitations, and budget.

Each type presents its unique set of benefits and shortcomings. Round models, taking less room, might be the go-to for smaller bathrooms.

Conversely, elongated toilets, providing additional seating space, are often favored for roomier bathrooms, public washrooms, and commercial establishments thanks to their superior comfort and stylish design.

Illustration of elongated toilet bowls showcasing their design and comfort features

Detailed Analysis: Round Toilet Bowls

Understanding the Differences: Round Versus Elongated Toilet Bowls

When looking at the design aspects of round and elongated toilet bowls, notable differences exist.

Round toilet bowls, with their characteristic circular shape, have been the traditional choice for years due to their compact size.

On the flip side, elongated toilet bowls boast an oval or egg-like shape. As a relatively recent addition to the market, they are larger than their round counterparts.

A significant distinction lies in the shape and size of the opening: the elongated toilet boasts a longer, more narrow opening while the round bowl offers a shorter, broader opening.

The extended shape of the elongated bowl yields extra seating space, delivering superior comfort for some. Yet, for children and shorter individuals, round toilet bowls may prove to be more comfortable.

Space-Saving Design of Round Toilet Bowls

Round toilet bowls bring with them a significant space-saving advantage. They are about 2 inches shorter than elongated models, making them ideal for small or narrow bathrooms.

The compact design of round bowls allows them to fit conveniently in tight spaces. In contrast, elongated models require a larger area and may conflict with doors or other features in a small bathroom. It’s important to measure your space before choosing between a round or elongated toilet bowl to ensure it fits properly.

Pros and Cons: Round vs Elongated Toilet Bowls

In terms of cost, round toilet bowls often have a lower purchase price than elongated models. Plus, the smaller size often results in them using less water per flush. However, they may not be as comfortable for some adults when compared to elongated toilets.

Elongated toilet bowls, while generally more expensive, offer benefits such as increased comfort due to more seating area. Some people also prefer their modern look, which can add a touch of elegance to a bathroom.

Installation Process

While there is not a significant difference in the installation process of round and elongated toilets, it’s crucial to have the correct rough-in measurements.

The rough-in measurement is the distance from the wall behind the toilet to the center of the drainpipe or the bolts that hold the toilet to the floor.

Typically, newer homes are designed with elongated bowls in mind, while older homes might better accommodate round bowls. Both round and elongated toilets have standard rough-in sizes, but make sure to double-check your measurements before purchasing.

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It’s also worth noting that elongated toilets might require a specific type of seat due to their unique shape, while round toilets often have more universal seat options. This might influence the ease of replacing a toilet seat down the line.

Choosing Between Elongated and Round Toilet Bowls

When deciding between elongated and round toilet bowls, it boils down to personal considerations of comfort, preference, available space, aesthetic appeal, and budget constraints. These factors play a significant role in informing the decision-making process.

Comparison of a round and an elongated toilet bowl, showcasing their design differences.

Making the Decision: Factors to Consider

Contrasting Design Elements: Elongated vs Round Toilet Bowls

Design is an essential element when weighing the option of elongated versus round toilet bowls.

The former, as suggested by their name, have a longer, oval-shaped appearance extending a couple of inches further into the space than their round counterparts. Conversely, round toilet bowls offer a more compact, circular design, thereby taking up less room.

Their compactness makes round toilet bowls the perfect choice for smaller bathrooms where every inch of space is valuable.

Comfort Preferences

Comfort level is another critical factor that can influence your choice between an elongated and a round toilet bowl. Thanks to their larger surface area, elongated toilet bowls are often perceived to be more comfortable, especially for adults.

This shapes supports the thighs more fully, which can be beneficial for individuals of larger size or those with back problems.

In comparison, round toilet bowls are often found to be less comfortable by adults due to the smaller seating area. Nonetheless, the smaller and shorter design of round toilet bowls makes them more comfortable and accessible for children and short-statured individuals.

Cost Considerations

When deciding between elongated or round toilet bowls, cost considerations cannot be overlooked. Generally, elongated models are more expensive than their round counterparts.

This is mainly because elongated bowls are more modern, more comfortable, and are often equipped with additional features, such as a bidet or a heated seat.

On the other hand, round models tend to be the more economical choice, making them a budget-friendly option for homeowners.

Aesthetics and Style

In terms of aesthetics and style, it’s often a matter of personal preference. Elongated toilet bowls are considered more modern and elegant due to their streamlined look. They’re often featured in contemporary homes and high-end establishments.

Round bowls, while perhaps less stylish to some people, have a classic appeal that never goes out of style. They can fit seamlessly into a wide variety of bathroom decor styles, particularly in traditional or vintage-inspired settings.

Appropriate User Categories

Lastly, considering who will be using the toilet can help you decide on the most suitable bowl shape. For families with children, round toilet bowls may be more appropriate.

Their shorter and smaller design is more accessible for youngsters. On the other hand, elongated models might be more suitable for adults or the elderly because of the additional support and comfort they provide.

Additionally, individuals with certain physical conditions or mobility challenges might find elongated bowls easier to use.

All in all, the choice between an elongated or round toilet bowl comes down to personal preference, bathroom space, budget constraints, and the specific needs of the users.

A visual comparison of an elongated and a round toilet bowl side by side, demonstrating their different shapes and sizes.

Ultimately, the diversity of toilet bowls in terms of their shape – elongated or round – is a reminder that we have extensive choices when it comes to selecting household fixtures.

However, the best choice is a careful balance between cost, space availability, comfort, and aesthetics.

Different user categories might also weigh these factors differently – families with young children might prioritize safety and comfort, while the elderly may focus on ease of use.

In essence, understanding the intricacies of our seemingly mundane household fixtures like the toilet bowl, allows us to refine our living spaces to reflect our needs more precisely. So, as you mull over your toilet bowl selection, remember – the right choice can significantly enhance your bathroom experience.

What is a toilet seat ?

A toilet seat is a removable cover for the toilet bowl that provides a comfortable seating surface. It’s essential for hygiene and comfort during toilet use.

What is a bidet ?

A bidet is a plumbing fixture often found in elongated toilet bowls. It is used for personal hygiene after using the toilet, providing a gentle stream of water for cleaning.

How do you activate the flushing mechanism of a toilet bowl?

You can activate the flushing mechanism of a toilet bowl by using the flush handle or button, typically located on the front or top of the toilet tank.

What is a water tank in a toilet ?

The water tank is the reservoir located behind the toilet bowl that stores water for flushing. It provides the necessary water pressure to clear waste from the bowl during flushing.

What is the toilet bowl rim ?

The toilet bowl rim is the upper edge of the toilet bowl where water flows during flushing. It helps distribute water evenly for efficient cleaning and removal of waste.

What is the purpose of a toilet bowl trap?

The toilet bowl trap is the curved section of the toilet bowl that prevents sewer gases from entering the bathroom. It also maintains a water seal to prevent odors from escaping the sewer system.

What is a toilet bowl brush ?

A toilet bowl brush is a cleaning tool used to scrub the inside of the toilet bowl. It helps remove stains, residue, and bacteria, keeping the toilet clean and hygienic.

What is a toilet paper holder ?

A toilet paper holder is a device attached to the wall near the toilet bowl to hold and dispense toilet paper. It ensures easy access to toilet paper for personal hygiene after using the toilet.

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