How To Clean Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Rack?

If you use your kitchen every day, you need to know how to clean it. And if we’re being honest it’s not that hard to clean. 

However, the problem is, a regular cleaning with dishwashing soap won’t be that effective. So, how to clean stainless steel kitchen sink rack?

Based on our years of experience, we found one method to be very effective. Chances are you’ll find the ingredients in your home. 

Apart from that, we’ll also show you the benefits of a sink rack. So, without further delay, let’s get on the wagon-

Benefits of a Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Rack

How To Clean Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Rack

Kitchen sink racks are something everyone should have. Some manufacturers include it with the sink while others don’t. Either way, you should always get one for yourself for these reasons-

The sink stays protected

It doesn’t matter what material your sink is made out of, it can be damaged. In fact, stainless steel can get some pretty bad scratches. Also, your utensils are more than enough for marking your sink. 

This is where the sink rack comes in. It’ll keep all the utensils and other things out of the bottom of the sink. 

The best part is it can actually maintain the pristine condition of your sink for a much longer time. Moreover, you can replace it anytime you want as they don’t cost very much compared to a sink.

Draining is much easier

A lot of us have a bad habit of leaving dirty dishes on the sink. And after a while, the drain gets clogged up and we have to unclog it manually. 

For people like us, a kitchen sink rack is a must. With this thing, we don’t have to worry about draining anymore. Even if we keep dirty dishes, the oil or liquid will pass through the bottom sink without any hassle.

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Gives the sink a new look

As we’ve already mentioned that some sinks come with a sink rack. Even if yours don’t, you can always buy one that fits your sink perfectly. 

It won’t move an inch if you get the perfect size for you. Moreover, you can custom make the sinkhole to easily access it. 

Easy to clean

Cleaning a stainless steel sink rack is really easy. If your rack isn’t that big, you can actually wash it in dishwater. But yes, you do have to remove the rubber legs and side protections. 

However, if the sink rack is quite big, you can wash it with soap and water. Or you can always use your sink to wash the rack. 

Great for cleaning fruits and vegetables

See how we focused on only cleaning? It’s because you can clean fruits and vegetables comfortably on your sink rack. However, you shouldn’t keep those on the rack for long.

How to Clean Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Rack?

While kitchen sink racks are one of the best things for a sink, they can get very dirty very quickly. That’s why it’s important that you clean these regularly and you know how to clean stainless steel sink rack. Here’s how you can do it-

Step 1: Remove food scraps

First, you’ll have to remove all the food scraps from the rack. You’ll be surprised how dirty a sink rack can get after only 1 week of use.

Start off by washing off the food scraps with your sink’s hose. You can even use the sink faucet to do it. 

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Step 2: Apply baking soda

Baking Soda

2nd step If you ask us how to clean dish rack with baking soda. The answer is read in this step.

Apply baking soda all over the sink rack. Make sure that you reach each and every grid. Try to cover a thin layer of baking soda and that’ll do the trick. 

Here is our recommended Arm & Hammer Baking Soda product.

Step 3: Start scrubbing

rack scrubbing

After you wait for at least 10 to 15 minutes, you start scrubbing the sink rack. You can use anything from a clean cloth to a sponge. However, you do need to keep one thing in mind. 

When you’re scrubbing remember to brush according to the direction of the stainless steel grains. 

You see, baking soda is a kind of mildly abrasive cleaning agent so scrubbing the wrong way can put some nasty scratches on the sink rack. 

Our recommended modelsScrubbing Bubbles Kitchen Cleaner

Step 4: Rub a lemon

half lemon

If you ask us how to polish stainless steel sinks, the answer is lemons. 

So, go to your kitchen and cut a lemon in half. But don’t throw away the other piece as you’ll need both.

Now squeeze all the juice out of one lemon and put it over the baking soda. Ensure that you spread the juice all over the sink rack. 

After waiting for 5 to 10 minutes, you can start scrubbing the sink rack. By that time the lemon and baking will have completed their chemical reaction. 

When you start rubbing the rack, the lemon juice will work as a deodorizer. On the other hand, the baking soda will be polishing the stainless steel. 

Hopefully, you get a solution on how to clean a stainless steel sink with a lemon.

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Step 5: Pour white vinegar

white vinegar

If you ask us how to clean stainless steel sink with vinegar. Just read this step.

After rubbing for a complete 5 to 6 minutes, you can start pouring white vinegar over the baking soda. The minute you start pouring you’ll notice a lot of fizzing. 

Don’t worry as this will be happening because of the chemical reaction. Moreover, it’s an indication that the cleaning is going on. 

The best part about this is, the baking soda won’t clog the drain as it’ll dissolve with white vinegar. After you’re done rinse the sink rack in your sink. 

Here are some of our recommendations

Step 6: Pour olive oil

olive oil

This step is completely optional. You can actually skip it if you want, the matter’s completely in your hands. 

You see, pouring a few drops of olive oil can give your sink rack an excellent shine. After you pour the olive oil, take a piece of clean cloth and rub it thoroughly.  The olive oil is an idle one.

The end result is a beautiful and shiny sink rack that’ll make your day every time you look at it. 

Here is a helpful video on how to clean a sink grid/grate.


So, that’s all we had to say about how to clean stainless steel kitchen sink racks. Even though the process isn’t that hard, you have to follow it thoroughly. 

Share your experience with us in the comment section.

Good luck with the process of how to clean stainless steel racks.

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