5 Easy Steps on How to Clean up after Stump Grinding?

The aftermath of stump grinding is pretty annoying. But if you stay put then you’re doomed. Because the debris will not only make your backyard look ugly but will also take away the nitrogen from the soil. Therefore, you need to act quickly.

So, how to clean up after stump grinding properly?

At first, you need to start cleaning the debris with a shovel and a rake. Then you can either discard the debris or reuse it for a cause. Next, move on to filling up the hole with dirt or soil. Lastly, you can grow a new tree in that spot. If you aren’t interested in planting a tree then you can simply grow grass.

In this article, we’ve discussed the steps in detail for your better understanding. If you’ve got some time then do check it out.

Anyways, let’s get into the details-

How to Clean up after Stump Grinding (Tricks Included)

How to Clean up after Stump Grinding

Now you might question yourself what to do after stump grinding? Well, it is obvious that you need to clean up the sawdust/debris.

Cleaning up the scraps is not that easy. It takes a lot of work and time to clean the mess.

But here, we’ve tried to make the stump grinding debris removal process easy for you to understand. So, if you follow these simple steps, you can save your precious time. 

Get the Essential Tools

You need to be fully prepared before attempting to remove the remains. You’ll see a lot of wood chips, rocks, pebbles, and dirt. You can get cuts if you try to remove them without any protection or tools.

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Thus, we’ve provided the necessary tools you’ll need-

  • Hand gloves. 
  • Boots.
  • A shovel.
  • A rake.
  • A garbage carrier trolley.
  • Extra soil or dirt.
  • Grass or tree seeds.

Here are some of our recommendations-

Now hurry! Get the tools ready.

Clear out the Area

After getting all the necessary tools, you need to start the cleaning process as soon as possible. So, put on your hand gloves, boots, and grab the shovel to clear the area. 

Clear out the debris slowly and put it on the garbage trolley. Use a rake to remove rocks and pebbles. We admit that this is a lengthy process but keep on filling up the trolley till all the scraps are cleared up. 

Discard or Reuse the Debris?

Now after clearing out the area. We’ll be left with a lot of sawdust or debris. So, what to do?

Well, there are some useful things the sawdust can be used for. Or you can ask the trash company in your area if they can take the debris. If they accept the offer then discard the debris!

Fill in the Hole

The sawdust from the tree stump is gone but there’s a hole in your backyard. Well, gear up! Because you need to fill in the hole now. How to fill the hole after stump grinding?

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It’s very simple! You can use dirt to get the job done. You can also use soil. If you decide to use soil then use good quality topsoil. You might not know what topsoil means. 

Well, it’s the upper part of the soil which is composed of-

  • Minerals
  • Organic matter
  • Air 
  • Water
  • Gas.

Topsoil is the best if you want to grow plants or grass. Now, pick up a generous amount of soil and slowly fill in the hole. 

Grow a New Tree or Grass

Grow a New Tree or Grass

We’re done with cleaning, reusing/discarding, and filling in the hole. Even after all this, your backyard can look a little bit empty. 

To make your backyard look better, you can start planting after the stump grinding. You can either grow a new tree or grass on that spot. But be sure to remove the roots of the old tree before planting a new one. And use the same type of grass you already have in your backyard so that it blends in seamlessly.

We’ve recommended some beautiful plants you could sow down below-

Seed 1 
Seed 2 

After spreading the seeds over the topsoil, you have to water the soil. Try to check the soil frequently, add water if needed. Then when the grassroots or the new small plant says hello, look after them just like you did with the soil.


Question: How to clean up wood chips from stump grinding?

Answer: You need to put on your hand gloves and boots before starting the cleaning process. Start cleaning the wood chips with a shovel and a rake. Then place the chips on the garbage carrier.

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Question: Does stump grinding create a mess?

Answer: Yes it does make a mess. The stump grinder turns the tree stump into wood chips. After the grinding, there will also be a hole. So, you’ll get a small mess and a hole in your backyard after stump grinding.

Question: How to clean up after stump removal?

Answer: It’s similar to how one cleans up after stump grinding. Clear out the area and fill in the hole with dirt or topsoil. Later on, you can grow grass or plants on the soil.

Question: Can you use a stump grinder in the rain?

Answer: Yes you can use it but it will need for waiting to dry.

Here is a piece of helpful information on how to plant grass after stump grinding?


So, that’s all we could provide on how to clean up after stump grinding. Now it’s your time to shine. 

Did you find the article helpful? 

Let us know by commenting down below. We appreciate your every feedback. And lastly, good luck cleaning up with nice steps on how to grow grass after stump grinding!

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