5 Easy Steps Solution For How To Get Chapstick Out Of Carpet?

It’s really tough to keep carpets always presentable or brand new. You can’t prevent these unwanted stains. But what you can do is we can apply some simple DIY techniques to get rid of the problems.

So, how to get chapstick out of carpet?

Firstly, remove the oily greasy excess part of the chapstick stain.  You can then clean out the stain with a spoon. Apply a few drops of rubbing alcohol on the chapstick stains. Let the alcohol soak in the stain. Lastly, rinse the stain and let the carpet dry off.

This isn’t all. We have prepared a 5 step guide to resolve your stain problem. 

So, if you’ve some time, let’s have a look into the procedure-

Importance of Cleaning the Chapstick Out of The Carpet

Removing chapstick stains becomes a necessity when you accidentally drop them over your carpet. You can’t leave the balm over your beloved carpet for a long time. 

Because it can cause a permanent stain. That stain will ruin your carpet’s beauty. You’ll also feel uncomfortable while walking or sitting on it. 

Plus you don’t want your guests to see this awful looking stain on the carpet, do you? 

That’s why it’s important that you remove the stain as soon as possible.

How to Get Chapstick Out of Carpet

How to Get Chapstick Out of The Carpet?

Cleaning the chapstick stain out of your carpet is your priority task now. So, your first thought is probably, can chapstick stains be removed?

Yes, you can remove those stains by yourself. We are here to rescue your carpet from getting a permanent stain. You can easily remove those stains by following our instructions. 

Before jumping into the cleaning process, you’ll need some cleaning solvents and supplies. Don’t worry, you have all these items at your home right now! You just need to assemble them. 

These supplies are-

  • Paper Towels
  • Teaspoon (metal or plastic)
  • White Lint-Free Clothes
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Mild Dish Soap
  • Heavyweight Like Stack of Phone Books 

Are you ready with all the supplies? If the answer is affirmative, let’s jump into the wagon-

Step 1: Clean Excess Liquid Chapstick With Paper Towel

Firstly, find out if your carpet has long fibers. If yes, divide those fibers a bit with the help of your fingers. It will help you to identify the overall spreading area of chapstick more accurately. 

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Now, use a paper towel to clean up the excess melted chapstick over the carpet. Grab and lift the chapsticks straight up. You have to pick up as much chapstick as you can through this technique. 

To avoid the mess once again, use a fresh part of the paper towel each time. Clean the extra liquid until your carpet has nothing but the stains only. 

Step 2: Use Teaspoon to Remove Solid Chapstick

Cleaning the excess chapstick with a paper towel from the carpet fiber is done. But sometimes you’ll find the chapstick is already stiff enough. So, you might not be able to pick it up with a paper towel. If that happens, try the spoon technique. 

Wring up the remaining chapstick with the help of a spoon’s bowl. Use a metal spoon to complete the task. Scrape the hard part properly so no solid chapstick stays on the carpet. Use a paper towel to wipe up the products sticking on the spoon afterward. 

Now, remember one thing. You have to frequently clean the spoon while doing the task. This way you can avoid reapplying chapstick to the carpet. 

If your carpet has long fibers in it, grab those affected fibers with one hand. Pull them straight upwards and scrape the sides of those same fibers with your spoon. 

You can scrape that balm by holding the spoon in your other hand. Or you can call another person to help you. 

Step 3: Apply Rubbing Alcohol On The Stain

You’re finally done with the extra chapstick that was sticking to the carpet. Now, you will wipe the stains using rubbing alcohol

In case you’re confused, we’re providing some of the best rubbing alcohols down below-

Medical Grade Alcohol 

MaxTite Isopropyl Alcohol.


Duda Energy


Hopefully, you’ve bought the proper rubbing alcohol. Now, let’s get back to work-

Firstly, grab a lint-free white cloth. Pour 3 drops of rubbing alcohol onto the fresh cloth. Don’t use excess alcohol unless it’s needed. Because it may harm your carpet’s durability. 

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Next, wet the stained part of your carpet by dabbing with the damp cloth. Apply the rubbing alcohol all over the stained mark. 

Then let the stain absorb alcohol. Move the carpet fibers through your fingers a bit to work the alcohol in. But be careful so the chapstick doesn’t spread once again.

After applying leave the alcohol to sit for a minute or so. No need to wait for too long. You can wait a maximum of 4-5 minutes. 

Then wipe off the alcohol. To rinse the stain take some lukewarm water. Grab another fresh cloth and damp it into lukewarm water. Wipe those spotted areas. 

Or you can also pour that hot water onto the stained zone. Just a small amount of water to the wet fiber without dumping the carpet itself.

After that, it’s blotting time. Continue the blotting process through a dry lint-free white piece of cloth. Clean the spotted areas until no more chapstick comes up. 

Step 4: Extra Cleaning Process if The Stain Still Remains

The process explained above should be enough to remove chapstick stains. But sometimes you may find some leftover stains. So, you have to work a bit more. But don’t worry, it’s an easy process. 

Just clean out the remaining chapstick by using mild dish soap. Take a small-sized bowl and pour a cup of water. Then add a  squirt of mild dish soap- likely ¼ teaspoon at most. Give a stir to the liquid and mix!

Now, soak a lint-free white cloth into the mixture and pat the stained zone repeatedly. The soap foam will remove the spots when you continuously dab the marked area. 

If your carpet has a large stain, start the cleaning process from the outside edges. Then gradually move towards the center. This will help to prevent the lip balm from spreading. 

When you finally discover there is no stain on the carpet, it’s rinsing time. Pour a small amount of lukewarm water over it. Then rinse up the soapy ground by using a lint-free white cloth. Rinse the stained zone twice.

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Step 5: Soak Water from Carpet

As the rinsing process is done, soak the water out of the carpet fibers. For that, put a stack of folded paper towels atop the damp zone. 

Furthermore, add any type of heavyweight over the towels. You can even use a stack of phone books to create pressure. 

Now, leave this setting for 30 minutes or so. When the towels are quite wet, change those according to their wetness. Repeat the process 3-4 times until your carpet fibers rinse the water out. 

Finally, leave the carpet to open air so it can air dry. It will take 30 minutes to an hour or so to dry itself. 

You’ve now got rid of the chapstick stain from your beloved carpet! 


Question: Does chapstick ruin clothes in the dryer?

Answer: Yes, chapsticks can definitely ruin your clothes in the dryer. It can create a whole mess in your clothes. To clean melted chapsticks from clothes you have to wash them again. You might go through multiple washing processes to clean up the mess. You might need to clean those melted chapsticks from the dryer as well. 

Question: How to get ChapStick out of my dryer?

Answer: Well, it’s an easy method to clean out chapstick from your dryer. You can just simply rub the spots through warm water and some laundry detergent. If the melted chapstick is waxier, applying vinegar will clean the surface really fast.

Question: Will OxiClean remove chapstick?

Answer: Yes, OxiClean can remove chapstick from your clothes. Because it’s an oxygen-based bleach solution. To use it, mix the solution into warm water. Then submerge the clothes in water and wait for at least 2 hours. If the stain is stubborn to get off, leave it overnight. Further, wash the stained clothes. Then your garment will get back to its previous condition. 

Final Words

We think you have your answer for, how to get chapstick out of carpet?

We are really hopeful about your success in cleansing those chapstick stains. Let us know how your overall experience was by leaving a comment down below.

Wish you all the luck!

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