How To Keep Glass Shower Doors Sparkling? [Simple Hacks]

A neat bathroom is part of the overall presentation of your house. But you can easily lose that if your shower doors get dirty. Also, if your date is coming over, the shower must look flawless. 

So, how to keep glass shower doors sparkling? 

You must clean your doors thoroughly with a natural cleaner at least once a month. Also, you can prevent build-up on your glass doors. However, making a habit of frequently cleaning your doors can save you time and effort. Lastly, you can use a protective coating on your shower doors. 

This was only a quick glimpse of what we’re gonna discuss here. Read along if you wish to know more. 

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Some Advantages of Having A Clean Shower

Who doesn’t like a clean house? We certainly do! And a clean house is always incomplete without a nice-looking shower. And a nice shower is impossible to have without clean glass doors! 

Here are some benefits that a clean shower can get you – 

  • Makes your bathroom aesthetic: A shower with flawless glass doors will enhance the overall looks. A clean shower also encourages a person to take a bath regularly.
  • Beneficial for health: Frequently cleaning your glass doors will get rid of unwanted germs, viruses, and bacterias. This lets you stay germ-free and healthy. 
  • No bathroom mold: A clean bathroom never has any chance to grow mold. Bathroom mold has an unpleasant smell and something you’d like to avoid. 

So, having a clean shower is more important than you think. Both aesthetically and hygienically! 

How To Get Glass Shower Doors Sparkling Clean?

how to keep glass shower doors sparkling

At first, water stains or soap marks may not seem like a big deal. But they can quickly become one. Also, these stains can damage your doors permanently. 

That’s why glass doors should be cleaned properly at least once a month. Also, there are multiple ways to keep your shower doors crystal clean. 

Among all the cleaning methods, glass cleaner is very popular. It’s also quite easy and only requires a microfiber cloth. 

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But wait, let me tell you something. Do you know that you can use various household items as cleaning solutions? 

Make Your Own Cleaning Solutions 

This will save your money and time significantly. Here are some items that are easily accessible as a natural solution. 

  • Baking Soda. 
  • White Vinegar.
  • Ammonia. 

You can use any one of them as a cleaning agent. Although, you’ve to maintain some rules when making them. 

Baking Soda

Take 1 and ⅔  cups of baking soda and put them in a bowl. Then add ½ cup of liquid soap. Some shampoo can be used as an alternative. You can also add 2 tsp white vinegar if you have them. 

Stir it properly and you just made yourself a nice cleaning agent. 

White Vinegar

Making a cleaner with white vinegar is pretty simple. First, get a bucket and fill 50% of it with water. 

The required vinegar amount in the solution is 1/10th of the total water amount. Stir slowly with a spoon and it’s ready to be used for cleaning! 


To use ammonia for cleaning, we have to make Ammonium Hydroxide. 

For this, you’ll need at least 2 liters of water. Now add 2 tsp ammonia to the solution and stir slowly. 

Ammonia has a strong odor and it may not be a pleasant one for you. So, be careful to not breathe the ammonia when adding it. 

If all these seem a big hassle to you, just buy a natural glass cleaner. Here are some of our preferred for the best bathroom tile cleaner – 

1. Rejuvenate Soap Scum Remover. 
2. Daily Shower Cleaner. 

 Now, you can get what you like and get started. 

Gather The Necessary Tools 

We may already have our cleaning solutions but these aren’t everything. Here, we’ve listed some other important tools that you’ll need. 

  • A spray bottle 
  • A natural solution (Baking Soda/Vinegar/Ammonia)
  • Non-abrasive sponge
  • A squeegee 
  • Non-abrasive towel 
  • A glass cleaner
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth 

Get these tools as soon as possible and we can get started! 

6 Steps Process for Washing Glass Shower Door

how to clean glass shower door

You might be wondering – how to get sparkling shower doors? Follow the instructions below to properly wash a glass shower door. It can be done in 6 simple steps. Here’s what you need to do- 

  1. Get a bucket of water and splash your glass completely. Do it until the glass gets completely wet. Make sure there aren’t any soap scum or other stains. 
  2. Now, spray the ammonia mixture or vinegar on the wet surface. Coat the glass completely. When done, let the vinegar soak for 10-15 minutes. The vinegar loosens the water stains and soap scums. 
  3. Take the sponge and start scrubbing your glass. Also, if you made a baking soda mixture, now’s the time to use it. Dip the sponge into the baking soda. The baking soda is abrasive. So it will get rid of every stain and soap scum. It’s also soft enough to not scratch your glass door.
  4. If you think you have scrubbed enough, rinse the glass door with cold water. If you missed any spot, just spray a little vinegar on it and scrub it out.
  5. Now get the microfiber cloth and dry it out. However, if you don’t have a microfiber cloth, just use a soft towel.
  6. If you have a glass cleaner, spray it out to have a shiny finish. Don’t forget to apply them to the hangers and handles. When you’re done, gently rub the places with a microfiber cloth.
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Now your glass door is crystal clear! Don’t forget to credit yourself after this because you’ve earned it! 

We recommend doing this procedure at least once a month. You can do this in your usual bathroom cleaning routine. 

3 Life Hacks On How To Keep Glass Shower Doors Clear

However, a full washing operation may feel like a lot of work. And truly speaking, it is! 

Since it consumes a lot of time, you may not want to do this ever again. 

1. Preventing Stain Accumulation on Glass Doors

Prevention is always the best policy. And the good news is this process doesn’t even take a minute to do it! 

Get a small squeegee from the nearest shop. It’s inexpensive and used for wiping surfaces. 

Wipe your glass doors after each shower. As a result, water and soap won’t have a chance to accumulate. And it only takes a minute! 

And the best news? It cuts down your cleaning time by a long shot. No accumulations mean no need for cleaning! 

2. Make A Habit of Frequent Cleaning

Frequently cleaning your glass doors effectively stops mold and fungi from growing. It’s a great habit. 

Many people take the initiative to clean every day with a squeegee but eventually stop doing it. That’s why you have to be determined and not quit. 

But, how do you keep glass shower doors sparkling?

The trick is to ensure the flawlessness by cleaning it often. Don’t worry though! 

After a while, post-shower cleaning will become a habit for you. 

It only takes a minute, you know! 

3. Use Protective Coating For Glass Doors

If squeegeeing seems too much of a bother to you, there are other ways. But this method is pretty expensive but more effective. 

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You can apply a protective coating on glass doors that prevents the accumulation of water. Some of these coatings can stay on for six months. 

However, do not apply it yourself. Because some coatings need extra finishes. Also, there are chances to permanently damage your glass door or void the warranty. 

So, contact a cleaning agency and they will apply the coating for you! 

Finally, all of these may seem bothersome or too time-consuming. Hence, don’t hesitate to call the professionals. 

Here are some of the best shower tile cleaners that you can get a very reasonable price.

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Related Questions

Question: Is Rain-X good for shower doors?

Answer: Rain-X is an excellent water repellent for shower doors. It can last up to six months. No water will ever accumulate in that period! 

Question: Does vinegar hurt glass?

Answer: No it doesn’t. But it can hurt mirrors or other wood finishes. Applying a proper vinegar solution will never hurt a glass door or window! 

Question: Do you have to rinse after cleaning with vinegar?

Answer: No you don’t need to rinse as long as the solution is pure white vinegar! However, if it’s mixed with other components like baking soda, then you’ll have to rinse. 

Parting Words

That’s all we could come up with on how to keep glass shower doors sparkling! Hopefully, you’ve found what you were searching for! 

So, were you able to clean your shower doors? Don’t hesitate to share your experience through the comment section below! 

Best of luck with nice steps on how to clean a ceramic tile shower! 

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