How to Remove Sticky Poop From Toilet Bowl? 5 Easy Methods

Seeing sticky poop in your toilet bowl can be quite disgusting and stressful for many. But don’t panic, because it can be readily removed.

So, the question is, how to remove sticky poop from toilet bowl?

Firstly, Scrubbing your toilet with a toilet brush can remove the sticky poop. Also, using toilet cleaners or unorthodox methods like vinegar and baking soda works too. As weird as it seems, pouring Coca-Cola can also help remove the sticky poop. Lastly, a more aggressive approach is using borax, white vinegar, and hot water.

Don’t be concerned if you’re still confused. We have discussed all the methods in detail for your better understanding.

So, without further ado, let’s get down to business.

Use a Toilet BrushScrubbing the affected area with a toilet brush and some cleaner can help remove sticky poop stains.
Try a Pumice StoneA pumice stone can be used to gently scrub away stubborn poop stains without scratching the toilet bowl.
Use Baking Soda and VinegarA mixture of baking soda and vinegar can be an effective natural cleaner for removing sticky poop stains.
Try a Commercial CleanerThere are many toilet bowl cleaners on the market that are specifically designed to remove tough stains, including sticky poop stains.
Consider BleachBleach can be a powerful cleaner, but it’s important to use it carefully and follow the instructions on the label.
Hire a ProfessionalIf all else fails, consider hiring a professional cleaning service to tackle the sticky poop stains in your toilet bowl.

How to Remove Sticky Poop From Toilet Bowl

How to Remove Sticky Poop From Toilet Bowl

Seeing poop stuck on your toilet bowl can be quite disgusting and stressful. Moreover, It can be a bit tricky to remove sticky poop from your toilet bowl.

However, there are a few proven ways of removing sticky feces from the toilet bowl.

Now, we are going to guide you through all the different methods.

Method 1: Scrub the Toilet Bowl

This is a really easy procedure that only requires a toilet brush. First, flush the toilet once to soften the poop that is stuck on the toilet bowl.

After that, take a toilet brush and scrub away the poop gently.

Lastly, flush the toilet once again to finish off the cleaning process.

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Keep in mind that, if the poop is too old it might take multiple flushes. You can flush once and then wait to flush again so that the poop softens.

This way you can remove the sticky poop very easily with a scrub.

Method 2: Using a Toilet Cleaner

Stains and mineral deposits are easily removed with regular toilet cleaners. For sticky poop, you can simply put some toilet cleaner on it.

Flush the toilet first to soften the poop then put some toilet cleaner on it. After putting toilet cleaner on the poop, wait for half an hour or more. This will loosen the sticky poop from the surface of the bowl.

Later, simply flush the toilet and the poop will be flushed away. This will also clean the toilet bowl surface to prevent poop from sticking.

If the poop still doesn’t go away, let the toilet cleaner sit overnight. Flush the toilet the next day and hopefully, the poop will be gone this time.

Here are a couple of recommended toilet cleaners-

Product 1 
Product 2 

If it still doesn’t work, using a toilet brush will do the trick.

Method 3: Apply Vinegar and Baking Soda

Even though this method is a bit unorthodox, it’s very effective. Apply vinegar and baking soda on the poop and let it do its work overnight.

Flush the toilet in the morning and this will remove the poop.

This also prevents poop from sticking in the future. Applying these to substances prevents calcium buildup in the toilet bowl. As a result, poop will not stick to the toilet bowl.

The right ratio of this mixture is 2:1 of baking soda and vinegar respectively. This solution also does a great job of removing old stains from the toilet bowl.

Method 4: Using Coca-Cola

You might find it weird but Coca-Cola is very effective in cleaning your toilet bowl. It can be a very effective bleaching agent for cleaning your toilet bowl.

Cleaning you toilet with Coca-Cola is very simple. Pour some Coca-Cola as you would use a toilet cleaner. Let it sit overnight and scrub away the poop with a toilet brush. Lastly, flush the toilet to finish the cleaning process.

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The carbonic acid of Coca-Cola helps remove any stain or mineral deposit from the toilet. It will also give your toilet a glossy surface and prevent poop from sticking.

Moreover, Coca-cola is cheaper than any toilet cleaner so it is also very economical.

Method 5: Borax, White Vinegar, and Hot Water

This method is quite aggressive but very effective. A liter of hot water, a cup of washing vinegar, and 4 teaspoons of powdered borax are all you need.

 But gloves and a mask are recommended for your safety.

To begin, pour in the vinegar and set aside for 20 minutes. Then add the borax powder and the liter of hot water after 15 minutes.

Using a toilet brush or scouring pad, remove the sticky poop and pull the flush. This method should remove any sticky poop on your toilet bowl.

How to Prevent Poop from Sticking

There are several reasons behind your poop being sticky. Some of them can be prevented easily and some can be a matter of concern.

Let’s discuss it in detail now.

Strengthening Your Flush

A weak flush can be a reason for your poop to stick on the toilet bowl. If the flush is weak then there might be a residue of the poop left.

This promotes your poop to stick more on the toilet bowl. Therefore, strengthening your flush can prevent this.

Cleaning Your Toilet More Often

Keeping your toilet clean prevents the building up of the poop in the toilet bowl. Thus, cleaning your toilet more often will keep the surface of the toilet smooth.

So it’ll also prevent your poop from sticking easily and help in sliding down.

Using Toilet Tablets

Using toilet tablets to keep your toilet bowl clean is a smart idea. The cleaner your toiler bowl is, the lesser chance there is for poop to stick.

It gives your toilet a cleaning with every flush. It’s so amazing that you might think of using it on a pool as well. Then you wanna make sure if you can use a toilet tablet in a pool. (internal link)

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Flushing the Toilet Before Use

Water will remain on the surface of the toilet bowl if the toilet is flushed before usage. This will help the poop to slide away easily instead of sticking to the surface. This solution can be quite effective even though it’s very easy.

Improving Your Diet

This is one of the important reasons behind having sticky poop. This often happens because of very fatty diets and a lack of fiber in the diet.

So, if you are struggling with sticky poop this might be a reason. If not treated, this can lead to increased health risks.

Question: Can there be any problem with my toilet?

Answer: Yes, there can be a problem with your toilet because of which your poop sticks. Your toilet can have defects which might cause this problem. Here I’ve talked about toilet problems in details.

Question: Is it necessary for me to clean my toilet on a regular basis?

Answer: Typically, cleaning your toilet once a week is enough. As we discussed before in the essay, keeping your toilet clean is crucial. Sometimes it may also depend on how much the toilet is being used and We recommend reading a toilet clean.

Question: What else can I use to prevent poop from sticking?

Answer: To keep poop from sticking to your toilet bowl, spray it with non-sticking spray. This has proven to be quite helpful in keeping the bowl from becoming sticky.

Question: Why won’t my regular toilet cleaner remove sticky poop stains?

Answer: Regular toilet cleaners may not be strong enough to remove stubborn poop stains. You may need to try a more powerful cleaner or a natural cleaning solution.

Question: Is it safe to use a pumice stone on my toilet bowl?

Answer: Yes, a pumice stone can be a safe and effective way to remove sticky poop stains from your toilet bowl, as long as you use it gently and avoid scratching the porcelain.

Question: Can I use bleach to remove poop stains from my toilet bowl?

Answer: Yes, bleach can be an effective cleaner for removing sticky poop stains, but it’s important to use it carefully and follow the instructions on the label to avoid damage to your toilet bowl or harm to yourself.

Question: How can I prevent sticky poop stains from forming in my toilet bowl?

Answer: One way to prevent sticky poop stains is to use a toilet bowl cleaner regularly and to flush thoroughly after each use. You can also try using a toilet bowl cleaner that is specifically designed to prevent stains and buildup.


That’s all we’ve got today on how to remove sticky poop from a toilet bowl. Hopefully, you now know how to get the sticky poop out of the toilet.

If the situation persists, get help from a specialist. Also, please let us know if you have any questions in the comments section.

Best wishes, and I’ll see you in an upcoming article!

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