Suitable Bathroom Cleaning Methods with Children Around

Bathrooms need a regular basis cleaning to keep them free from germs. But it becomes a hard nut to crack while we have children in the house. Their careless activities and dirty bathroom both are hazardous for children. 

So what are the suitable bathroom cleaning methods with children around?

Wash each of the bathroom materials simultaneously. You can play some fun games with your children while cleaning the bathrooms. Also, make use of kids friendly cleaning products to ensure your kid’s safety. 

This little info is not adequate to answer all of your queries. We have an exhaustive article to cover each of the queries you can have over this concern.

So, let’s spill the beans-

Bathroom Cleaning Methods

Best Ways to Clean For Bathroom Cleaning Methods

The bathroom is one of the most high-traffic places in the house. Whether to take our regular baths or get rid of our all day long tiredness, the bathroom plays a vital role.

As it’s used the most, that also infers that it gets dirty quite easily. Also, we’ve children in our house for whom hygiene is a must. 

Therefore we must clean the bathroom regularly to maintain a hygienic environment for all. 

But there are some issues to be discussed. In most families we’ve children. They also use the bathroom for taking their baths. But they are not as careful as adults in maintaining a proper hygienic environment.

That’s why we should make them understand the importance of maintaining proper hygiene and safety. 

Cleaning the bathroom takes a long time. But if you follow a technique you can save a lot of time.

Usually, the kids took their baths in the bathtub. So while taking their bath if we can manage it, it’d save a huge time.

Another point is the irrelevant way of cleaning the bathroom. Wrong cleaning materials and methods aren’t adequate to clean the filth and odour fumes accurately. 

In this regard, we feel the urge on how to clean the bathrooms efficiently. Also, we should learn how to teach the kids to maintain proper hygiene habits in bathrooms. 

In this section, we’ll focus on how efficiently we can clean the bathroom with kids. Also, we’ll learn about how to teach hygiene habits to the children. 

So without bragging more let’s start the discussion.

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Step 1: Gather Your Tools and Cleaning Ingredients

A bathroom contains a lot more equipment rather than just bathtubs. And cleaning a bathroom denotes washing off each of these pieces of equipment.

As there are different types of equipment, we’ll need a bunch of cleaning materials for natual cleaning products with children. The suited list is depicted below:

  • Bucket or Container.
  • Paper Towel.
  • Bleaching Powder or Soda.
  • Wash Cloths.
  • Trash Bags.
  • Toilet Papers.
  • Toilet Cleaners.
  • Glass Cleaners.
  • Kitchen Scrubber.
  • Lemon / Bicarb mix

Are you frightened watching that huge list? Don’t worry. We will cover the usage of these materials in separate sections. So you’ll get to know how and when to use which materials.

Step 2: Clean The Bathtub Before Kids Get in

During bath time for the children’s, a little effort can do a lot. When the kids finish taking their regular baths they need assistance to get changed. 

Therefore if we clean our bathtubs before every bath we can maintain a routine in washing them. In such a manner, your bathtubs will remain germ-free and provide a safe place to take kids’ baths.

For that case, we’ll use some eco and kids friendly cleaner. So you need not worry much about kids’ safety.

Now the question arises what’s the eco and kids friendly way to clean bathrooms?

Well for this we need some equipment that has already been mentioned in the previous step. So now we’ll learn how to do it- 

  1. First, choose an eco-friendly cleaner. You might include eco store, Earth Choice or Murchison-Hume. 
  2. Now mix lemon juice into one of these eco-friendly cleaners. Form the cleansing paste and rub it over the bathtub. 

If you wash off the bathtub in this manner, twice a week, it should shine as new. Also, you can enjoy a safe place for children to freely take their baths. 

Step 3: Engage the Kids in Scrub Games

Kids’ instinct loves to play different games. They become delighted whenever they can engage themselves in any funny amusement. 

Scrub games are such a concept that can make them happy. This game is similar to a sliding game. Where someone ran from far and slid over a long distance. 

Generally, people slide over their legs. But in our case, we’ll use our hands to slide. 

The idea is pretty straightforward. We will pour a little surface cleaner over the bathroom surface. Then will provide the kids with wiping cloths. 

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Now simply slide over the surface thinking like you’re playing the sliding game. Initially, you should instruct your kids on how to play the game. Then tell your kids to follow as you have done. 

Your kids will accomplish the task with fun without giving you any pain. Thus your kids will become your helping hand and will make your work more feasible.

Step 4: Wash off The Toilets

While your kids are busy cleaning the bathtub or bathroom surface you might look at other stuff. You can now focus on cleaning the toilets.

Toilets are another place that is used the most and gets dirty too fast. And that’s why we think it should be cleaned regularly.

If your toilets have sticky and dark stains better to pour bleaching powder or harpic over them. Wait for some minutes and meanwhile clean the outer surface of the toilet. 

Wipe around the outer surface and scrub them using hard-bristled brushes. Then take another brush to scrub the inside of the toilet. Also, clean the hood of the high commodes that also get dirty due to frequent usage.

If all the inner and outer areas are properly washed, take some water and blow over the cleansing area. You might need several buckets of water to fully wash off the residuals. 

After everything is cleaned off, take some toilet paper and wipe it around that area to dry them up. Then put them into the bowl and flush them off. Your toilet should spark as bright as before.

Step 5: Cleaning The Basin

This is another important portion of a bathroom. Frequent usage of the basin makes it dirty and some nasty stains break the natural glance. 

So you should clean them twice a week to sustain its glance. You can also engage your children in that task by playing some interesting games. 

“20 Questions” is a good choice to play while washing the basin with children. You can use any bathroom cleaner except bleaching powder. Because sometimes bleaching powder deteriorates the natural coruscate of basins that are hard to revive. 

So it’s safe to avoid bleach or soda in case you wash the basins. Also, don’t forget to clean the drain pipe and the plughole. Long usage creates a clog of dirt inside the drain pipe. 

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Pour hot water through the drain pipe in order to unclog the basin drain. Your basin snow glows like a new arrival. 

Step 6: Swabbing The Mirrors

Mirrors get too turbid due to moisture and long term usage. Slight caring touch can make it much better. 

Cleaning a mirror is not a tedious task like the other materials. You’ll need some glass cleaners and a wiping cloth. 

Spray the glass cleaner evenly throughout the whole mirror surface. Take your wipe cloth and mob around to accurately clean the whole surface.

Later wash it using tap water to remove the residuals created by the glass cleaner. Lastly, use kitchen paper or a towel to absorb the water droplets lying over the glass. 

One great alternative to using a mop or wipe cloth can be SonicScrubber for glass cleaning. It’ll take care of all the nooks and crannies where regular mops can’t reach.

While you have children around, you can easily wash off your bathroom without any hassle. These methods will save both your time and money. 


Question: At what stage kids should start cleaning their bathrooms?

Answer: 10 and above. Kids of pre-teens can clean sinks, mirrors, or even toilets with proper cleaning materials. Also, they should know how to clean with a scrub brush, toilet brush and sponge. 

Question: How often bathrooms should be cleaned? 

Answer: At least once a week. Bathrooms are the ultimate source of bacteria. Bacteria can be found even at six feet distance of the toilet and sink. So wash them frequently to get rid of the bacterial adverse impact. 

Question: Can we put bleach on the toilet?

Answer: Yes. You can pour bleach over the toilet. Also, it can be applied to the sink but with diluted water. It’s an efficient natural cleanser to clean intense stains from toilets and sinks. 


We discussed a lot about your query and it’s time to wrap up everything. Hope you’re satisfied with the answers regarding suitable bathroom cleaning methods with children around. Follow each of our directed methods to get the best results. 

Best of luck! 

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