How to Paint Dormers on a Steep Roof? 6 Simple Steps To Follow

Dormers are great for bringing out the aesthetics of a house. They even keep away the gloomy vibe from the room by letting in extra light. 

However, the problem appears when you try to paint it. Painting on a roof that steep can be quite a challenge. So, how to paint dormers on a steep roof?

Well, there are a few steps you have to follow. In this well-crafted piece, we’ve discussed everything from how to paint a dormer to what things you need to paint it and can also help how to paint a rusty steel roof for your home.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in-

Things You Need to Paint a Dormer

Every home project is different. But at the end of the day, they all need some common materials to get it properly done. So, here’s what you need-

Lifts and ladders

Lifts and ladders

When you’re thinking of painting a dormer that’s on a steep roof, lifts and ladders are a must. If your house is very tall, you might even need a lift. 

While you can rent out all these things, but still reconsider if you’re working at such heights.

For now, here are some of the best ladders for painting –

Prep Materials

Preparing the area for painting is the first step of the job. To do so, you need cleaning agents. A few scrub brushes, pieces of clean cloth, TSP(trisodium phosphate), spray nozzle, etc. 

Although you should keep some masking tape around so that you can protect the glass panels. 


Dormer windows are severely weathered areas. So, it’s obvious they need all the protection they can get. Other than protecting, using a primer will provide a smooth surface for you to work on. 

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However, there are some things you have to remember when buying primers. Let’s say you’ll be using acrylic latex paint on your dormer windows. In this case, you need acrylic resins primer. 

Otherwise, the paint won’t blend in perfectly with the primer. If you’re still in confusion, you can consult with your local paint stores. And if they can’t give you a solution, we’re always here for you in the comment section. 


Isn’t it obvious that you’ll need paint to paint a dormer window? Well, that’s why we’re talking about how to paint dormer windows. 

You see, dormer windows will stay outside. During their lifetime, they’ll face thunderstorms, rain, scorching heat of the sun and the list goes on. 

The main point is, that you need to ensure that your windows get the best paint there is. And in today’s market, the best paint for outdoor is acrylic latex paint. 

A good quality acrylic latex paint will hold on to the wall a lot better than other paints. Moreover, it’ll show better colors and textures. If you pair it with an acrylic resins primer, it’ll be a perfect combination. 

Here is a nice image of how to clean dormer windows.

How to Paint Dormers on a Steep Roof
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How to Paint Dormers on a Steep Roof?

How to Paint Dormers on a Steep Roof

Painting on how to paint dormers on a two story steep roof is no easy task? There are multiple things you need to do. Most importantly, safety is the biggest concern here. If you somehow fall off the roof that you can get hurt pretty bad.

So, here is what you need to do for the roof painting platform

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Step 1: Climb Up The Ladder

Climb up the ladder

Before you climb up the ladder for painting gables steep roof, put on some protective gloves. It can be either latex or rubber gloves, doesn’t really matter actually. 

Then, take a one-quarter cup of TSP and mix it with one-gallon slightly warm water. After that, put the ladder in such a way it reaches to the dormer windows. 

Next, climb up the ladder slowly and carefully. You have to be extra careful for the best way to climb a steep roof because you’ll have the bucket in your other hand. 

Step 2: Clean The Dormer Windows 

clean dormer windows

First, you have to grab a sponge and dip it in the mixture you just made. Then, start rubbing it against the windows. 

After you’re done with the windows, move on to the sides where you plan to paint. Make sure you take your time to wash the area.

However, don’t rush it considering you’re a lot higher from the ground. One misstep can wreck it all.

Now, rinse the entire area with your garden hose. Remember that you have to climb down to get the hose. So, do it carefully. 

Finally, give the dormer windows some time to dry off properly. 

Our recommended models-

Best Window Cleaner: Windex Glass and Window Cleaner Spray Bottle

Step 3: Sand The Area You Plan To Paint


Sanding is quite necessary if you plan to repaint an area. Otherwise, the existing paint won’t come off. Most importantly, the paint won’t hold tightly. After a few months, it’ll come off like stickers.  

That’s why you should sand the entire area with 180-grit sandpaper. Make sure you rub every inch of the area you want to paint. 

Finally, take a piece of soft clean cloth and remove all the dust from the area. 

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Step 4: Mark The Area With Tape

window tape

Unless you mark the area with tape, you’ll paint dripping all over the glass. So, grab some masking tape and put it around the glass panel. 

Quick Pick: Best Tape for Windows: weather seal tape for windows

Step 5: Apply primer

trim brush and latex primer

Now, take a trim brush and dip it with a latex primer. You see, without the primer, the paint won’t hold on for too long. So, if you want a perfect finish, using a primer is a must. 

Finally, allow the primer to dry for at least an hour or two. 

Step 6: Apply Paint

apply window paint

In order to paint it efficiently, you’ll need a 3-inch nylon paintbrush. After you’ve bought it, dip it in a bucket of acrylic latex paint and start applying on the area. 

After waiting for an hour or two, apply a second coat

Now, you can apply another color of paint if you want some variety(most people do). The process is the same as before. 

Finally, you can take off the masking tape. In fact, you should remember to take off the masking tape before the paint dries. 

Before We Go

So, that’s all we had to say about how to paint dormers on a steep roof. By now, you’ve figured it out that painting a dormer isn’t an easy task. But with proper guidance, you can do it quite efficiently. 

Good luck with the process of how to paint dormers on a steep roof with foam rubber!

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