How To Remove Latex Paint From Wall [4 Easy Methods]

Painting your home interior can give a fresh new look to your house. But you’ve to get rid of the old gloomy latex wall paint before that. 

So, how to remove latex paint from wall?

There are a few methods you can apply to remove latex paint off the wall. Firstly, try to manually scrape it off the wall. If it doesn’t work well, apply chemicals to remove the paint.  You can use ammonia and water mixture, rubbing alcohol, or paint stripping gel.

These are the possible solutions for the issue. But to know how these solutions work, read on till the end. We’ve much more information ready for you. 

So, let’s begin!

How To Remove Latex Paint On Wall?

How To Remove Latex Paint From Wall

Removing latex paint can be quite a hassle. It’s not an easy job. Plus if you’re not prepared and not knowledgeable about it, it’ll tire you out. To remove the latex paint, there are some methods you can follow-

Method-1: Removing Latex Paint From Interior Wall

how to remove paint from interior walls

Nowadays, a really common question is- how to remove paint from interior walls?

Well, you can do it by using a plastic paint scraper, wire brush, and sandpaper. But the process is a bit more complex. To know more, read along the step-by-step method described below.

Here is the best latex paint remover: Citristrip Paint & Varnish Stripping Gel.

Another best latex paint stripper: Super Remover New Generation Paint Stripper.

Step-1: Scrap Off The Loosened Paint

plastic scraper wire brush

Lay a cloth to cover the floor to catch the scrapped paints. Take a wire brush and brush it over the wall. The paint that has started to loosen will fall off the wall. 

Use the plastic scraper to scrape off the remaining paints from the wall. Not all of it will come off. Some of the paint will be stubborn and won’t budge at all.

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We’ve mentioned both the best wire brush and best plastic scraper to help you out-

MERIT PRO 00402 Wire Brush. Lavaxon Wire Brush
FOSHIO Plastic Razor Blade Scraper.  Plastic Razor Blade Scraper.

Use them to complete the task!

Step-2: Soften The Paint

How to Clean Drywall

Now, you’ve to soften the paint where it doesn’t come off easily. To do that, apply hot water to the drywall. 

Keep it soaked for half an hour. It’ll soften as you let it saturate.

Step-3: Remove The Paint

how to remove paint from drywall

Start scraping the paints again. You’ll see those stubborn paints are coming off the wall. Some places might still have paint on them. Use a sanding block to remove them. 

Even if all of it doesn’t come off, don’t worry. It’s not necessary to wipe off all the old paints. You just need a smooth wall to apply the next coat of paintings. 

Step-4: Smoothen The Wall

medium grit or fine grit sandpaper

Take the sanding block and start scrubbing it all over the wall. It will smoothen the uneven surface. You can use medium-grit or fine-grit sandpaper to do the job.

Hopefully, you’ve gotten rid of the latex paint on the wall. 

Method-2: Using Ammonia To Remove Latex Paint On The Wall

Ammonia helps greatly to remove latex paint from the wall. Here’s how you can apply it –

Step-1: Make The Solution

make solution

First, use ⅓ of ammonia in ⅔ of hot water. The water should be lukewarm. 

Mix them well. After that, let it sit for 5 minutes before applying it to the paint.

Step-2: Apply The Solution

Take a sponge and dip it in the solution now. Use the sponge to scrub on the painted wall. You don’t need to scrub it hard. Just go over the painted areas. 

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Let the ammonia sit on the paint for 5 minutes. Now, use a plastic paint scraper and scrape the wall. The paint will easily come off.

Method-3: Using Stripping Gel To Remove Paint From Interior Wall

This is the most popular and conventional method to remove latex paint. It takes less time and effort to remove the paint from the wall. Here’s what you’re gonna need-

  • A paintbrush
  • Plastic paint scraper
  • Paint stripping gel
paint brush paint scraper paint stripping gel

Step-1: Applying Paint Stripping Gel

This step will help you if you want to know how to strip latex paint from walls.

Well, firstly, lay a cloth on the floor to protect it from the paint stripper. Then take a paintbrush and dip it in the stripping gel. 

Start applying it over the whole wall. Now, let it sit on the paint. Read the manufacturer’s instructions to know how long it has to rest.

It’s better to use stripper gel instead of liquid. Using a liquid stripper can make your house messy. It might drip off the wall and damage your floor as well.

Step-2: Remove The Paint

Now, take a plastic paint scraper and start scraping the wall. The paint will come off easily. You can also use an oscillating tool to scrape off the paint.

It’s an effective method to remove latex paint from the interior and plaster walls.

Method-4: Removing Dried Latex Paint of Wallpaper

Wondering, how to remove dried latex paint from wallpaper?

Well, you can use household rubbing alcohol for this method. All you need is some rubbing alcohol and a sponge.

Step-1: Apply Alcohol

Take a sponge and pour some rubbing alcohol into it. Let it saturate the sponge. Now, press the sponge over the painted area. Keep it still for a minute. 

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Step-2: Remove The Paint

Start scrubbing the affected area with a sponge. You’ll see the paint is getting off the wallpaper. 

This process might be time-consuming as you’ve to go over the full wall. But it’s effective on any surface. 

Extra Tips

Now, you might need some more info on the issue. So, here are some facts you should remember while removing latex paints-

  • Don’t sand too old paints. Some of the old paints are lead-based. It can become toxic if you sand it.
  • Don’t incinerate the scrapped paints as they’re inflammable. 
  • Wear a mask while sanding the wall
  • Try to work in a well-ventilated place.

You can try any of these four methods on your latex-painted wall. Hopefully, they’ll work well for you.


Question: What are the disadvantages of latex paint?

Answer: latex paint generally can’t be used on metal or wood. As it may cause rust problems and swelling of woods.

Here is a nice video on how to remove dried latex paint from wood.

Question: Can latex and acrylic paint be mixed?

Answer: yes. Since both are water-based, you can mix them. You won’t go through any trouble. Just make sure to mix them properly.

Question: How to remove latex paint from plaster walls?

Answer: Use a putty knife to gently scrape the paint from plaster walls. It’s better to use a plastic knife than using a metal one.


That was all from us about how to remove latex paint from wall. Feasibly, these methods will be of good use to you.

See you in another post on how to get paint off walls. Till then take care.

Good luck with the steps on how to remove latex paint from plastic.

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