How to Remove Moen Bathroom Faucet Handle? – Follow The Right Way

If you want to clean your Moen faucet, or maybe replace it, removing it on your own might be the better option. Removing your Moen bathroom faucet is very easy and simple. 

To remove the Moen bathroom faucet handle, start by using a strap wrench counter-clockwise on the bottom of the faucet handle to unfasten the faucet handle. Then remove the faucet spout using a hex key. Disassemble the faucet system using the hex key and take out the C-clips.

There are many different types of Moen faucet handles. Each is built differently. While some faucet handles are fixed with screws, some aren’t. The removal process in both these cases is different.

Some of the older models were not built to be removed separately, so when you want to take the faucet handle off, you will have to take apart the entire faucet system. 

In today’s article, we will be talking about how to remove Moen bathroom faucet handle and all the things you need to know. 

How To Remove Moen Bathroom Faucet Handle? 2 Easy Methods

How To Remove Moen Bathroom Faucet Handle

Removing a Moen bathtub faucet handle is not the easiest task ever. However, if you follow the steps below properly, you will be able to get the job done in minutes. Here is how you remove a Moen faucet handle:

Step 1: Unfasten The Faucet Handle

To unfasten the faucet handle, grab a wrench, and grab the bottom of the faucet handle using that. Twist counter-clockwise. Use pliers to remove the faucet handle trim. You can use faucet handle pullers as well. 

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Step 2: Remove The Faucet Spout

Twist the stopper red counter-clockwise, usually sitting beneath the sink, to unfasten it. Once the rod is unfastened, slowly pull it out from the top. Once that’s done, take a 5.5 mm hex key, and insert it right at the hole where the stopper rod was.

Make sure it is tight. Slowly turn the key counter-clockwise to unfasten the set screw and remove the spout. 

Step 3: Disassemble The Faucet

This is where you have to be very careful. After the spout removal, move on to the next setscrew and unfasten that using the hex key again. With all the key screws unfastened and loose, the faucet cartridge will be very shaky and wobbly. 

Step 4: Take Out C-clips

This is the last step of faucet removal. Once you have unfastened all the screws and look at the handles and locate the c-clip. Slowly take these out. Use a flat-headed screwdriver to pull it out. 

How To Remove Moen Bathroom Faucet Handle Without Screws?

How To Remove Moen Bathroom Faucet Handle Without Screws

The removal process of the Moen bathroom faucet handle without screws is comparatively easier than the one with screws.

Here’s how you remove screwless bathroom faucet handles:

Step 1: Locate The Caps Or Buttons

Faucet handles that don’t have screws are usually fixed with caps. The first step is to find and locate the caps. Look around the sides and you will see caps if it has any.  

Step 2: Take The Cap Out

Use a flat-headed screwdriver to take the cap out. Be very delicate while inserting the screwdriver as these caps can be very fragile. 

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Step 3: Pull Out The Screw

Once you have popped off the cap, there should be a screw underneath. Use a screwdriver to remove it.

Step 4: Proceed With Faucet Handle Removal

Once the screw is removed, your faucet handle is free. Pulling the handle with bare hands should remove it, but if it doesn’t, use pliers. If it still does not come out, use a faucet handle puller. 

How To Replace Moen Bathroom Faucet Handle?

How To Replace Moen Bathroom Faucet Handle

Once you are done removing the faucet handle, it is time to replace it with a new one. Installing a new bathroom faucet is pretty easy if you have removed the previous one by yourself. Because the installation process is exactly the removal process backward. Be sure to maintain the correct order. 

Best Moen Single Handle Bathroom Faucet

According to kitchen faucet depot, Moen is the biggest and the most trustworthy brand when it comes to faucets. So, answering this question with just one of the products from Moen is impossible. 

However, the Moen 7594EWSRS, a best seller from the brand with over 5,000 reviews on amazon seems to be the showstopper from this brand. 

Before you choose one faucet it’s better to know all the options available for moen bathroom sink faucet handle replacement. 

Related Questions

1. How To Remove The Moen Kitchen Faucet Handle Without Screws?

Ans: Moen kitchen faucet handle without screws removal process is quite similar to the Moen bathroom faucet handle without screws removal process. Here is how to do it:

  • Turn off the waterline.
  • Locate the cap. Use a screwdriver to take it off. 
  • Pull out the screw underneath the cap. 
  • Remove the faucet handle. 
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2. How To Remove Moen Bathroom Faucet Handle Hex Key?

Ans: Hex keys are usually used to unfasten all the set screws in a faucet handle. These come in sets where each key has a different diameter. To remove a stuck hex key, just use a couple of drops of lubricant, or any sort of oil that will help it to penetrate through the rod.  

3. How To Tighten The Moen Bathroom Faucet Handle?

Ans: Tightening a loose bathroom faucet is super easy. Once you remove the faucet handle, you will be able to find the screw that keeps the faucet stem in place. Tighten that with a screwdriver or a hex key and you will be good to go. 


Removing a bathroom faucet handle is a pretty easy task. Although I have mentioned it in the beginning, some of the older models from Moen are not exactly the ideal faucets to take apart by yourself. These need to be disassembled entirely just to remove the faucet handles. 

You can end up hurting yourself, ruining the faucet forever, and also ruin your sink along with it. This is why you should be very careful when you are doing it on your own. Professional help is always recommended on how to fix moen bathroom faucet handle. 

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