PVC Cleaner VS Primer: List of Pros and Cons

There are a lot of you out there who don’t know the difference between a PVC cleaner and a primer. And if you do know then maybe you don’t know which one’s the best one for you. To solve all these dilemmas and to put an end to the argument once and for all we have one special article for you.

So the question boils down to one crucial point: PVC cleaner vs Primer– which product to go for?

To know the right answer it’s important to have an idea of the pros and cons of each product. Like the PVC cleaner; pros- easy usage, cheap and cons- fume creation, water problems. On the other hand, for primer; pros- smooth joining, variety and cons- toxicity, lengthy process.

To know more in detail let’s have a look at them individually, shall we?

PVC Cleaner VS Primer

PVC cleaner: The pipe’s true mate

The first thing that we’ll focus on is the PVC cleaner. So let’s have a look at its pros and cons. 

Recommended PVC Cleaner Products :

  1. Oatey 30782 Clear Cleaner
  2. Oatey 30750 PVC Cleaner.

Pros: The good side

It’s better to start with the good things first. To keep things positive. And that’s why we present to you the list of all the pros that PVC cleaner has. 

Easy to operate

The first quality that makes the PVC cleaner stand out is that it’s very easy to use. So, one look at the manual and you’re good to use it on the pipes. Yes, it’s that simple.

Which means even a beginner can do it.

Inexpensive and convenient

Another pro of this product is the fact that it’s cheap. A lot of you will be able to afford it since it costs 8 to 20 dollars. Yes, a whole bucket of PVC cleaner will only cost you a few dollars.

Cons: The deal breakers

That’s enough on the praises, don’t you agree? It’s time to be more realistic now. Let’s talk about the bad side of the PVC cleaner, shall we?

Doesn’t work in water-based areas

A lot of people don’t recommend PVC cleaner. That’s because they don’t work well in water-based places. So, the toilets are a big red zone for your cleaner.

Creates fumes

Another deal-breaker is that the product exhales some harmful fumes. And these fumes can prove to be quite deadly for a few of its users. So, be careful around them.

Primer: The essential product for painting

The next thing to talk about is the PVC primer. Now, these products are widely known for their amazing characteristics of joining the pipe to the wall. 

However, they have other sides to their task as well. So, why don’t we take a look at them? This will help you distinguish between the PVC cleaner and primer.

Recommended Product for PVC primer :

  1. Clear PVC Primer
  2. Oatey 31014 PVC Regular Cement

Pros: The reason to go for priming

Firstly, let’s discuss why it’s a good idea to prime the pipes. Then we can slowly make our path to the bad sides. Sounds good?

Let’s start then.

Joins the pipe smoothly

The main reason to use a primer is that it does a splendid job of joining the pipes. After it’s usage you’ll see that the pipes fit into the wall like a hand fits into a glove.

Has a lot of brands to choose from

However, the best part about the primer is that there are a lot of brands to choose from. Since the option is endless you can go for anything to suit your liking.

Cons: To not prime

Like all products even the primer has flaws. So, let’s have a closer look at these flaws. Shall we?

Toxic in nature

The biggest drawback of the primer is that it’s toxic. So, you have to be careful when you handle this harmful object.

Lengthy process

Another dealbreaker of primer is that it needs a lot of coating. So, if you want to prime it’ll take at least a few hours.

PVC Cleaner vs Primer: The final showdown

UsageIt’s used to clean pipesIt’s used to join pipes.
CostComparatively cheaperA bit expensive
TimeNot a lengthy process It has a lengthy process.
HarmfulnessCreates  fumesToxic in nature


Question: Do I need to use primer on PVC?

Answer: Although it is not mandatory to use a primer on PVC we recommend you to do it either way. That’s because the primer can soften the surface on the PVC pipes and provide an even surface for the solvent cement to work on. So, be sure to use a primer the next time you work with a PVC pipe.

Question: What happens if you don’t use primer on PVC?

Answer: You see the primer works as a base of protection for all the PVC pipes. Now in case if you don’t apply it the pipe will rip off from the wall after a certain amount of time. The PVC cannot bond with the wall without a primer.

Question: What will remove PVC primer?

Answer: The nail polish remover that you use to sweep away your nail polish can be used to remove PVC primer. Other than that, you can also use methyl ethyl ketone to clean off the PVC primer once and for all. Don’t worry; it might sound technical but it’s a product that you can find in your paint cupboards. Just have a look.

PVC Cleaner VS Primer
PVC Cleaner VS Primer

To Sum Up

That’s our take on PVC cleaner vs primer. We hope you have a better idea of what to go for now. But if you still have confusion then we recommend you to stick to primer.

But make sure you pick a good brand. Otherwise, you will regret it later.

With that being said we’ll say our goodbyes here. Hope you have a good day. Bye-bye! 

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