How To Stop Dust Sticking to Car? 5 Easy Solutions

You clean your car regularly. But it still attracts dust again without any transparent reason. It gets really annoying! Doesn’t it?

So, how to stop dust sticking to car?

First of all, try to avoid waxing your car. Secondly, consider using a duster for your car. Additionally, don’t forget to try a quick detailer. Not only that but apply ceramic coating to your car as well. Finally, you should buy a car capsule. This is quite good for your can in many ways.

This piece of information is not adequate for you. So, make sure to stay back to know the solutions properly!

Sounds about right? Let’s get into it then!

How To Stop Dust From Sticking to Car?

how to stop dust sticking to car

The directions to follow for the solution are quite simple. However, they need to be followed properly. So, the directions are provided below.

Direction 1: Avoid Wax

A quite common concern is how to keep dust off a black car? Well, just avoid waxing your car.

Waxing is a serious issue for cars. Because it sticks dust to your car. You know, to add wax to the paint, you use a foam applicator pad. As a result, static electricity is formed. Besides, clear coatings are used on today’s automobiles. 

That is why these can have their own static charge. So, touching them merely attracts more dust. Other wax-related elements can have an impact on the level of static.

Additionally, dust can be created by high humidity levels in the air. Not only that but dust can also stick because of the way you apply wax. Because it’s usual to rub the paint extremely aggressively and too fast. So, theoretically, if you slow down the process, you can create less static. Hence, your car attracts less dust.

Direction 2: Use A Duster

People also ask, how to stop dust sticking to car interior?

Try a merino wool duster with special details. This type of duster is perfect for dusting your car and its interior. 

But remember one thing! It’s best if you do it before putting the car in the garage. Now, getting back to the direction again. Merino wool is a safe and effective way to remove surface grime. This way the paint will not be scratched as well. 

So, take the duster. Then rotate its handle back and forth before each use. This way you can lose any dirt particles caught in the wool hairs. 

Direction 3: Trying Quick Detailer

A waterless vehicle wash soap is often referred to as a quick detailer. It might be positioned as a product that may be used in between normal washes. And you’ll end up scratching your paint in the end. 

Scratches will result from rubbing the product over a dirty car that hasn’t been washed. It would also produce swirl markings. After you’ve washed your automobile, it’s far better to use a rapid detailer. 

Because this will prevent dust from accumulating on the paint. So, this would provide a smooth surface that will repel dust better. Make sure to use this product just after you’ve done your weekly maintenance wash.

Direction 4: Applying Ceramic Coating

Not only will a high-quality ceramic coating prevent dust from your car. But it will also improve its appearance. 

Furthermore, it will provide far more protection than waxing. You can easily swipe the paint with a ceramic coating. Even if there is a small amount of dirt, you can swipe it. 

There won’t be any water spots left over because of the hydrophobic qualities. UV protection is also improved with ceramic coatings. Plus it outlasts waxes in terms of durability too. 

This means you can avoid decontaminating and waxing your paint for a longer period of time. Moreover, it makes cleaning your car a lot easier. In addition, there will be more water sheeting. This speeds up the washing process. 

Direction 5: Buying A Car Capsule

Now, do you need more help regarding- how to stop dirt sticking to car?

For a guaranteed result, you can invest in a car capsule. Because this will prevent dust from settling on your car. This is for those who are serious about cars. Because car capsules are a bit expensive.  

Now, the automobile capsule is constructed of tough transparent plastic. This provides a sterile atmosphere, preventing pollutants from entering your vehicle. So, it’s like a huge tent that shields your car at all times. 

Furthermore, the car capsule has an integrated fan that rotates the air three to four times each hour. This is also what stops the capsule from collapsing by keeping it full of air. 

So, these are the directions to stop dust from sticking to your car.

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Question: Does ceramic coating attract dust?

Answer: Yes, ceramic coating attracts dust. This coating has a surface of high energy. As a result, it attracts dust. This is the same reason why this coating repels water.

Question: Why does dust stick to my car?

Answer: Well, the main reason for this is waxing your car. Waxing your car simply creates friction which attracts dust to your car. So, in order to resolve this, you must avoid waxing.

Question: Is dust bad for car paint?

Answer: The dust might make your clear coat look dull. You may see that your car has been exposed. Take it to a self-service vehicle wash in that instance. Then squirt it away. But don’t try to remove it. Because the dust is abrasive and can scratch the paint, it should be avoided.

Final Words

Now, you know how to stop dust sticking to car! We hope our directions are quite simple and easy to follow.

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