How To Remove Toilet Brush Head Stuck In Toilet? 3 Methods

A toilet brush is one of the most common tools to remove stubborn stains, poop stains, and water skid marks from the toilet bowl and seat. Its soft bristle hair helps clean the toilet without scratching.

But, if the brush is too old, or you forcibly rub the toilet, its head can get stuck in the toilet trap. In this case, your toilet flushing system will clog with it and stop working. 

If the toilet brush head stuck in toilet, you must remove it to unclog the flushing system. Primarily, you can use a plunger or a toilet auger to get back the stuck toilet brush. 

If both of them fail and the brush is stuck in the last phase of the toilet, you have to open the entire toilet to remove it. However, we have tailored this article with 3 useful methods to remove the stuck toilet brush from the toilet. Let’s start 

How To Remove Toilet Brush Head Stuck In Toilet?

Toilet Brush Head Stuck In Toilet

Toilet brush head stuck is not the only reason for your toilet clogging. Kids may also flush toys into the toilet while they use it, you may accidentally flushed toilet wand head, or a pile of toilet tissue can be flushed. 

No matter what the reasons are! Your toilet will be blocked and stop working until you remove the solid particles. There are 3 methods to unclog the toilet by removing the things. 

Method – 1 Using Plunger

Toilet plunger

A toilet plunger is one of the tools that are very helpful for dissolving soft particles like solid poops from the toilet. And it is the simplest way to remove the stuck toilet brush head. 

The things you’ll need

  • One torchlight
  • A toilet plunger
  • Two buckets of hot water
  • Waterproof hand gloves

Step 1: Identify the head’s position

You can’t remove the toilet brush head unless you know the exact position where it is stuck. So first, turn on the torchlight and hold it to the toilet bowl. Try to notice the toilet brush head location. 

Step 2: Pour hot water

If you find out the head’s location, wear hand gloves and pour the hot water into the bowl to make a heavy water flow.

Step 3: Use the plunger

Pick the toilet plunger, place it into the toilet bowl and press it with high pressure to reach the toilet head. If the bristles are removed from the head for plunging, they will go down the drain with the water flow. 

Without the bristles, the toilet brush head will be small in size. One more time, pour hot water into the bowl and again plunge the toilet. This time, the brush head will also go down into the drainage pipe. 

Method – 2 Using Toilet Auger

Toilet Auger

The toilet auger is a long and hook-type tool that is bendable and flexible. If you notice, you will find the toilet has multiple bends from the toilet bowl to the drain hose line. You can adjust its position with the toilet bends because of its flexibility.  

If the toilet plunger disappoints you, the auger can be an excellent alternative solution. Here are the steps to use it. 

The things you’ll need

  • A torchlight
  • A toilet auger
  • Hand gloves

Step 1: Use the auger

Wear gloves, determine the head’s location, and enter the auger’s hook end into the toilet bowl. Press the other end of the auger many times to reach the head.  

Step 2: Hook the head and bring it out

After reaching the head, start rounding the auger’s handle to hook the head. The more you round the auger’s hand, the more possibilities to hook the head with the auger. 

Once you feel that the auger is hooked with the head, roll up the auger. If the brush head comes with the auger, remove the auger from the toilet bowl. But, if the brush head doesn’t come, continue the process several times unless you bring out the brush head. 

However, if you fail to bring the brush head with the auger, you must follow the third and last method. 

Method – 3 Opening The Entire Toilet Installation System

Toilet Installation System

It is the most time-consuming method to remove the stuck brush head. But, yes, it saves your bucks as calling a professional plumber is very expensive. As it is a lengthy process, you need some equipment to do it. 

The things you need

  • A touch light
  • A disposable container
  • A screwdriver
  • Hand gloves (must)
  • Wax ring.

Step 1: Empty the toilet tank

First, wear hand gloves, turn off the toilet tank’s main water supply, and remove the water pipe. Open the tank lid and keep it aside. After that, scoop the tank’s water out with a disposable container to make it empty. Next, scoop the toilet bowl’s excess water with the container. 

Step 2: Open the screw

There are two screws into the toilet lower parts by which the toilet is installed. The screws are covered with caps. Remove the caps and open the screws with a screwdriver. Keep them in a safe place as you’ll need them when reinstalling the toilet. 

Step 3: Remove the toilet

Now, remove the toilet and keep it lying on one side. Then, turn on the torch light and observe the brush head’s location. Most probably, you’ll find it at the bottom of the last bend of the toilet bowl. Pick the brush head and put it into a plastic bag. 

Step 4: Change the old wax ring

When you remove the entire toilet, you’ll find the old wax ring is not more usable. So, it’s better to change the wax ring. Remove the old wax ring and put it into the same plastic bag where you put the brush head. Set a new wax ring into the place. If needed, you can set double wax rings. 

Step 5: Reinstall the toilet

Finally, set the toilet in the right place. As the toilet is heavy, you’ll find it difficult to place it in the exact location. If possible, seek help from your partner. 

After placing the toilet in the correct position, tightly secure the screws with the screwdriver that you opened. Cover the screws with the caps. 

Step 6: Reconnect the water supply

Join the waterline with the toilet tank and turn on the supply. Now, flush your toilet several times to check the flashing system. If everything is alright, replace the toilet tank’s lid on the tank. 

These are the 3 effective methods to remove the toilet brush head from the toilet without calling a plumber. 

Some Useful Tips

  • Don’t use any old toilet brushes to clean your toilet skid marks. Because the old brush loses its durability, it can get stuck in the toilet at any time.
  • Gently rub the toilet with the toilet brush, so it doesn’t scratch the toilet and lessens the chance of it getting stuck.  
  • Carefully use the toilet brush to avoid accidental toilet brush flushing issues. 
  • Always wear hand gloves while removing the clogged toilet to prevent germ contamination. 
  • If you are not confident in following the third method, don’t try it. Call any efficient and professional plumber to take care of this problem.


What happens if you flush something big down the toilet?

Initially, the flushed thing will clog the toilet. You have to push heavy water pressure to dissolve the thing and go down into the drainage hose. But, if the thing will not dissolve with water, you have to get it out from the toilet with a toilet auger. 

What to do if you flush a sponge down the toilet?

The sponge is a soft, lightweight and solid material that will not go too far if you flush it. You can use a plunger to create suction pressure to go it down. But, if the sponge is clogged in the toilet’s trapway, you can use the auger or snake to take it out. 

Will a toilet eventually unclog itself?

The answer is both yes and no. The toilet will unclog itself if it is clogged with poop, toilet paper, or biodegradable things. In that case, it can take up to 24 hours to unclog the toilet, depending on the things by which the toilet is clogged. 

But, if the toilet is clogged with non-biodegradable things, solid particles like toys, comb, or toilet brush head, then the toilet will not unclog itself. In that case, you have to remove the clogged items to unclog the toilet. 

Does hot water unclog a toilet?

If the toilet is clogged with biodegradable materials, then pouring hot water can help dissolve the things to unclog. But, if the toilet is clogged with non-biodegradable items, hot water can’t unclog itself. Instead, the hot water will crack the toilet and damage the porcelain. 

How do you get a stuck toilet brush out?

To get a stuck toilet brush out, use gloves and gently wiggle the brush back and forth while pulling upward.

What do you do with a dirty toilet brush?

To clean a dirty toilet brush, soak it in a solution of bleach and water or a cleaning solution, then rinse thoroughly and let it dry completely.

How long should you keep a toilet brush?

Toilet brushes should be replaced every six months to a year.

Should I throw away toilet brush?

If a toilet brush is frayed, broken or has become too dirty to clean, it should be thrown away and replaced.

Is it better to flush or throw away toilet paper?

It is better to throw away toilet paper in the trash rather than flushing it down the toilet to prevent clogs in pipes.

What is more hygienic than a toilet brush?

An alternative to a toilet brush is a silicone scrubber or disposable cleaning pads.

Should you flush every time you pee?

It is not necessary to flush every time you pee as long as you are using a clean toilet and keeping good hygiene.


Toilet brush head stuck in toilet can lead to a horrible situation unless you know how to remove it. But, if it happens, you should not panic, rather you should hold patience to unclog it. 

Hopefully, if you follow our guidelines, you can manage it easily. Just, you need to steadily follow the steps one after another.

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