Can You Use Toilet Tablets In A Pool: Should You Go For It?

Pools get stinky if it’s not washed properly. But sometimes we are short of pool cleaning material. However, we might have toilet tablets instead of pool cleaners. Therefore you might want to make use of it for pool cleaning purposes.

So you might wonder, can you use toilet tablets in a pool? 

Toilet cleaners are good at removing toilet stains effectively. You can also apply this cleaner in cleaning the pool. But determining the exact amount of it is very tedious and time-consuming. Also, they are not very effective in disinfecting pool water. They are also quite expensive to buy.

That’s not all we’ve gathered for you to inform us. To learn more about the fact you can go through our detailed article. We give you the word that you won’t regret.

So, without talking more let’s get into the details.

AspectsChlorine TabletsPool-Specific TabletsProsCons
PurposeNoYesDesigned for pool waterNot specifically for toilet use
DisinfectionYesYesKills bacteria and virusesMay not address specific toilet needs
Cleaning EfficiencyHighHighEffectively cleans pool waterMay not effectively clean toilets
Water ClarityMaintainsMaintainsHelps keep pool water clearMay not improve toilet water clarity
CostLowerHigherMore affordable optionRelatively more expensive
Toilet Bowl StainsNoYesDoes not address toilet stainsCan help with toilet bowl cleanliness
Easy to UseYesYesConvenient and simple to useRequires placing tablets in toilets
Safe for Pool SystemYesYesCompatible with pool systemsMay not be suitable for pool systems

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What Toilet Tablets Do And How to Use It?

Toilet tablets are also known as in-tank toilet cleaners. They look like a round-shaped blue-colored wheel that is made of a specific chemical. However, its main ingredient is chlorine bleach, which is a corrosive type of chemical. 

Each toilet tablet can last up to 3 months enabling you 10 flushes each day. Also, these toilet tablets like Clorox come in different variants. One produces blue coloured water and another one is almost colourless. 

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Blue Clorox tablets create blue stains on the toilets. Removing blue stains from the toilet bowl can be a really tedious task. That’s why people prefer to use white Clorox tablets instead of blue ones. 

Check the list below to find the best products within your expenses: 

Product 1- Clorox Ultra Clean Toilet Tablets Bleach. 
Product 2- Clorox Ultra Clean Toilet Tablets. 

However, its usage is quite simple. Just put it into the flush tank and it’ll last for several months. When you flush your toilet they mix with the water and release the chemical to get mixed. Now, this mixture removes the toilet stains ignoring how intense the stain is.

This is the general overview of toilet tablets and their usage. Our motive to discuss this point was to introduce you to its detailed user manual. Now as you’re done with this segment let’s answer our question accordingly. 

Can You Use Toilet Tablets in Pools?

Can You Use Toilet Tablets In A Pool

The answer is positive means you can use these tablets in the pool. But there remain some points to focus on. 

To get our answer we’ll divide this segment into some subsegments. Before applying toilet tablets in pools you should keep some points in mind. 

So, without further explanation let’s spill the beans-

If we have commonsense we can easily compare the sizes of a pool and a toilet. Now think if you need to clean your pool using toilet tablets then how many of them you’ll need. 

Usually, a single toilet tablet lasts for a week. For a pool, you’ll need a lot of toilet tablets. Determining an exact amount is too tough to count. 

In addition, it’s proven that toilet tablets are not as beneficial as we think. 

According to users’ feedback, toilet tablets have some negative effects. Though they’re good at cleaning stains, they deteriorate gaskets and other toilet parts. Also, some others complained that toilet tablets spread odour smells. That makes your swimming in the pool uncomfortable. 

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In general, chlorine tablets are used in pools. They are 3-inches in size and contain 90% chlorine by volume. One single tablet is enough to clean 10000 gallons of pool water. Chlorine tablets also have bad smells but it’s not as intense as toilet tablets smell. 

Whatever the fact you consider, smell or tablet amount, chlorine tablets take the lead. Using toilet tablets like Clorox shouldn’t be a good choice. Because you’ll have to suffer a lot as it’ll impose a huge economic pressure for buying extra tablets.

 Toilet tablets are quite more expensive than pool cleaners. Also, you’ll need an insane amount of tablets to completely clean the pool water. 

The tablets are engineered to be effective for small scale operations. Quite similar to toilet bowl cleaners for RV and regular toilets.

Therefore you’ll have to sacrifice a large number of financial expenses to apply toilet tablets in the pool. In addition,  these tablets are not much stronger to clean the pool water. So they are not as efficient as a pool cleaner. 

After discussing all of the projected aspects we conclude. Using toilet tablets is possible but not encouraged. It is highly discouraged as we don’t see any single benefit to applying these on pools. 

Are bleach tablets bad for toilets?

Bleach tablets can be harmful to toilets as they may cause damage to the internal components and lead to costly repairs. Additionally, prolonged use may corrode pipes and negatively impact the environment.

What Are The Alternate Pool Cleaners?

Alternate Pool Cleaners

Now from our previous discussion, you might’ve known why we discourage using toilet tablets in the pool. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have any good alternatives. 

In those steps, we’ll let you know some great alternatives that can be used as pool cleaners. 

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Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide is one of the natural cleaners to be used instead of chlorine-based cleaner. You’ll need a 35% solution for 100 gallons of water. It is also used as an antiseptic and disinfectant.  

Polyhexamethylene guanidine

You can use that cleaning chemical instead of chlorine. They don’t oxidise in water rather react directly with water. Before applying in the pool, wash the pool properly. 

Baking Soda

It’s one of the most effective cleaning mixtures used in almost any kind of material. Baking soda also improves the stability and clarity of the newly cleaned pool. 

These all are the alternatives you can follow instead of toilet tablets. Hope you have got your query properly answered. 

Best leave in toilet bowl cleaner

Brand & Product NameFeaturesEffectivenessSafetyDuration
CleanMax Toilet CareSlow-release gel formulaExcellentNon-toxic, septic-safeUp to 2 months
FreshBowl CleanerHanging design, fragrant scentGoodEnvironmentally-friendlyUp to 4 weeks
PowerClean Bowl FreshCling gel technologyVery effectiveChlorine-freeUp to 3 months
EverClean LongLastBio-enzymatic cleaning actionHigh performanceEco-friendlyUp to 6 weeks
SparkleGuard Blue PodsConvenient drop-in podsDecentPhosphate-freeUp to 1 month

Question: Can you apply Clorox Tablets in the pool?

Answer: Yes you can. It is mainly used to maintain the balance of chlorine in pool water. A standard level of chlorine includes 1-4 ppm. If it isn’t maintained apply 2 tablets per 10000 gallons of pool water to retain the level with 1-4 ppm.

Question: Are toilet tablets worth using for toilet cleaning?

Answer: It’s very good at cleaning toilets but there is a catch. Though it’s good at cleaning toilets with fresh blue water, it’s chemical damages some toilet parts. It includes flappers, gaskets, washers etc. 

Question: Are toilet tablets the same as chlorine tablets?

Answer: Yes as they both contain the same chemical. Both of these tablets are good at cleaning pool water. But the point they differ is their concentration level. Though their base materials are the same, their concentration differs from each other. 

Question: Can you use pool chlorine tablets in a toilet?

Answer: No, pool chlorine tablets are not designed for toilet use and may not effectively clean or address specific toilet needs. It’s recommended to use toilet-specific cleaning products for optimal results.

Question: Can you use bleach tablets in a pool?

Answer: While bleach tablets may contain chlorine, they are not specifically formulated for use in pools and may not provide adequate disinfection or maintain water balance. It’s advisable to use pool-specific chlorine tablets or other recommended products for proper pool maintenance.

What are the benefits and potential drawbacks of using Lysol toilet pucks in your toilet?

Lysol toilet pucks offer effective cleaning and deodorizing for toilets, but their long-term use may cause damage to plumbing and the environment.


Now it’s time to wrap up our discussion. We’ve tried our best to depict every single significant point to clear your doubt. And by now you should get your answer on can you use toilet tablets in a pool

Best of luck!

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