Speedheater VS Silent Paint Remover: The Ultimate Showdown

The painting process can be one tricky job to achieve. Every step of it has to be done perfectly. So, to achieve an amazingly painted wall you need to start by choosing the best paint remover. That’s why you march yourself out to the store and the shopkeeper shows you alternatives for removing paint.

Speedheater vs silent paint remover– that’s one hard choice to make, isn’t it?

The choice will be clear once you know the pros and cons of both products. Like for speed heater; pros- smooth finishing, safety options, speedy cleaning whereas cons- creates fumes and lengthy learning process. And for silent paint remover, pros- an easy process, silent process and cons- slow process and expensive.

Speedheater VS Silent Paint Remover
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With that being said, let’s start the comparison.

Speedheater: The rumbling machine

The speed heater 1100 is one of the most recommended products out there for removing paint. But you still want to know more about it just to be sure that it’s the right one for you.

So, for a better understanding and to make things easier for you let’s look at this product’s pros and cons.

Our recommended product :

Pros: Reasons to grab yourself a speed heater

Alright. Let’s start with the reasons for choosing this beast of a product. The list will be a bit long so have a bit of patience.

Finishing: Leaves the wall smooth

The best deal about a speed heater is that it does an awesome job when it comes to finishing. By that, we mean that it’ll ensure that you have a smooth wall to work with later on.

And isn’t that what we all want at the end of the day?

Safety: For your protection

The speed heater is designed in such a way that it won’t harm your skin. The temperature is set to be just right so your walls get stripped off of paint but it does not burn off your hands.

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Speedy: Helps you get the work done fast

Another great aspect of a speed heater is that it’s huge. That’s why it covers a lot of space at once and your work is completed in a blink of an eye.

So, if you’re looking to trim down your working hours go for this product.

Clean: Doesn’t create a mess

The last reason to buy a speed heater is that it keeps the entire process clean. By that we mean it won’t leave any sticky liquid as a residue or a big pile of mess to clean up later.

If you only have a piece of cloth lying on the ground from before then all you need to do is throw away all the paint residue from it. And your walls and floor look tidy and clean.

Cons: All the wrongs with a speed heater

Enough with all the pros of speed heaters. Now let’s look at some of the reasons why people recommend not buying this handy product.

Creates fumes

The biggest deal-breaker of this product is the fact that it produces fumes. This can cause breathing problems for a lot of its users. That’s why people don’t tend to buy it that much.

Learning process

Another reason why people don’t choose the speed heater is that there is a lot to learn before you can use it. It’s not a tool that can be handled by an amateur.

Silent paint remover: The silent killer

Secondly, let’s look at the pros and cons of another famous product: silent paint remover.

Our recommended product :

Pros: Praises for a silent paint remover

As usual, we’ll start off with the pros at first. In this part, we’ll give you all the reasons for buying this amazing product. So, let’s get started.

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Does not create a lot of noise

As the name suggests, this product is known for removing paint without creating a racket. So, if you’re not a fan of loud noises then this is the one for you.

Easy process

Another reason to buy this product at once is that it’s beginner-friendly. Yes, even a first-timer can use it after going through the manual once.

Cons: The reasons for being a dealbreaker

Lastly, let’s talk about the reason why silent paint remover is not recommended by a lot of people.

Overly pricey

The silent paint remover is known to cost from 400 to750 dollars. So, if you want to save your wallet then don’t buy this product.

Slow process

Another dealbreaker for the silent paint remover is that it’s very slow. So, your arms might start aching while you slowly remove all the paint from the wall.

Speedheater vs silent paint remover: Total comparison

FinishingLeaves a smooth finishingThe finishing is often rough
CostMid ranged: 40 to 60 dollarsVer expensive:400 to 750 dollars
Rate of workWorks comparatively fasterNeeds a long time to finish the job
ResidueProduces fumes as a residueLeaves no residue

Safety Comparison Between The Two Products

How Safe Is Each Product For Users?

Both products are relatively safe for users since they don’t use flames or chemicals that pose risks of fires or toxic fumes. However, there are still some minor risks associated with using both products since they release high temperatures that can cause burns if not handled correctly.

What Safety Features Are Included In Each Product?

Speedheater comes equipped with temperature sensors that automatically shut down the device when it reaches a certain temperature limit to prevent overheating. It also comes with a protective shield to prevent accidental contact with hot surfaces. In contrast, Silent Paint Remover has a similar protective shield and also has an auto-shutoff feature when the device is not in use for extended periods.

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What Are The Risks?

The primary risk associated with both products is burns due to accidental contact with hot surfaces. Another risk is that users can damage surfaces if they use too much force or pressure when scraping paint off.


Question: What is the easiest way to strip paint off wood?

Answer: All you need is sandpaper and you’re good to scrape away all the paint from wood. The sandpaper has such a texture that it can rub away all the stubborn paint from the wood in the blink of an eye.

Question: How do you strip paint naturally?

Answer: To remove paint naturally all you need is vinegar, warm water, and baking soda. Then mix them to create a good mixture. And later on, splash them on the parts where you want to remove paint from and see the magic yourself.

Question: Does baking soda remove paint?

Answer: Yes, baking soda has some great chemicals embedded in them that works wonders when you want to remove paint. Pair them up with some hot water and you’ll see the work in action yourself. Give it a try to see if it works.

To wrap up

That’s all we have for our side-by-side comparison on speedheater vs silent paint remover. If it were us we would definitely go for a speed heater. What would you choose?

Nevertheless, one last piece of advice from our side is to make sure that you use a drop cloth while removing the paint Otherwise, your entire house will be one big pile of mess.

With that being said, we take our leave. Have a good day. Bye-bye!

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